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With Underwater Blasting Plans, 'Unacceptable Risk' Awaits Atlantic Marine Life


With Underwater Blasting Plans, 'Unacceptable Risk' Awaits Atlantic Marine Life

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

When the Obama administration announced earlier this month that it was reversing its plans to open the mid- and south-Atlantic to oil and gas drilling, environmental groups cheered.


How typical of the Obama administration - arguably the most ignorant environmental failure of our time! The record of an industry/exploitation shill, not a steward!

From near total lack of wilderness and habitat protection, endangered species listings under the ESA, overall failure of wildlife protections especially continued wolf, wild mustang, large predator, and bison slaughters, as well as Obama's refusal to ban deadly seismic blasting by the oil & gas industry or include the Gulf in his BS "ban" on offshore drilling - what good is his "ban" when seismic blasting continues?? Seems suspicious don't it!? Complicit and pre-meditated is more like it!

Prez Obama's wild animal protection, as well as overall environmental, record is shameful and pathetic! He has NO "environmental legacy" other than one of ignorance and overt failure!


Remember, in a "Corporate State" such as the US Fourth Reich, nothing has value except profit. That includes We the People of the World, animals, forests, heritage sites, nature in general.
* If there is a potential profit, nothing on the planet is important if it stands in the way. And they, the 0.001% own most governments and regulatory agencies lock, stock and barrel. A few bribes and payoffs and its a done deal.


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Some where some place at some point in time some engineers got together to develop this technology. The use of loud sounds underwater has long been known to devastate sea going species . No one can be oblivous to it yet these "engineers and scientists" decided that using this air gun would be a great way of finding oil. It not just the using of these air guns underwater that at issue here, it the very process and mindset that leads to that technology being developed in the first place.

Not caring one whit for the consequences of one actions and how they will affect the natural world is the thought process of a sociopath. These technocrats and engineers and peoples pursuing these technologies for the sake of profits are not that different then are the Scientists devloping the latest bomb technology to kill peoples en masse. It all for "profits" sake and profits rule over all. It a sickness. Given how the "profits" to be made Profit IS a dirty word..


How we have been played, duped and had by the Obama charade!

What a terrific deception that team has pulled over on the trusting, ignorant people of this country. He masqueraded as the politician who understood, sympathized and agreed with the concerns of millions who voted for him with relief and "hope". Including environmental concerns which anyone who cares about life on this planet feels.

How does this truly insane, life-hating, money-worshipping initiative compute with Obama's ocean task force?


I think we should be able to bring gigantic class-action suits against public servants who defraud us in this way. Would love to wipe out the post-White House gravy train for these criminals.