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With 'Unlawful' Use of Force in Gaza, Israeli Forces Injure Hundreds of Palestinians as March of Great Return Continues


With 'Unlawful' Use of Force in Gaza, Israeli Forces Injure Hundreds of Palestinians as March of Great Return Continues

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

As the March of Great Return continued along the Israeli border on Friday, Gaza health officials reported that Israeli forces ignored international calls for restraint and injured more th


Nothing says “we disapprove” better than turning off the money spigot.


So, the rotten and empty politicians in this country that pretend to want to intervene in Syria on human rights grounds and pretend to care about people in Syria (instead of them just being pieces on their chessboard), say nothing at all about this. The people in this government are horrible human beings, and it’s frustrating that we can’t just clean house and get rid of all of these monsters. Israel wouldn’t be doing this, they couldn’t, if we didn’t support them and provide cover for them like we do. I am deeply sorry to the Palestinian people. Not that it matters to them, but I am morally responsible for what my government does, and my country voted people into office that then appointed war criminals and sociopaths to be in charge of our war machine. My society produced this horror show and is deeply immoral, and our democracy doesn’t work.


“But first, it will require a movement to push Congress and the president to uphold those laws.”

Unfortunately, the Congress and the executive are all owned by the arms merchants and banksters who make trillions in profit by selling arms to any butcher who is willing to pay, so those laws are worth about as much as the Constitution and Bill of Rights are under this Nazi government.
*Another thing to consider. As these offenses are met with little or no protest in foreign lands, or in the courts still available in this country, that may well be used as a legal precedent for the same thing to happen as protests grow in the US Reich.
*“What do you mean, it is illegal to shoot protesters in New York, Dallas or San Francisco? We’ve been selling arms and ammo to states who use them on protesters in Palestine and Yemen for years and it has never been found illegal there!”
*“Case dismissed.”
*If I had realized I was going to have to relive the '30s and '40s again in this country, I think I’d have torn up my ticket and cashed in my chips long ago.


Yeh, we need another investigation of the war crimes and crimes against humanity that the the Zionist apartheid entity called 'Israel" has been perpetrating on behalf of Western capitalism against Palestine.

Meanwhile our erstwhile ‘progressive’ leader Bernie Sanders is tweeting on the issue. Way to go Bern. Tweet away. At least you’ve figured out the attention span of a critical mass of the U.S. citizenry.

Until the U.S. and West stop funding the fascist apartheid “State” of Israel and all of its horrors, the slaughters will continue, the oppression will continue, the enslavement of the Palestinian people, the bombings of Lebanese, Syrians, et.al. will continue, nuclear blackmail will continue.

The rest is BS.

(Hey, I could at least tweet the last line. I’m learning, just like Bernie.)



Palestinians have been oppressing Jews for centuries.

In 1839, the British consul, William Young, said that the poor Jew in Jerusalem…lives from day to day in terror of his life…Young attributed the plight of the Jew in Jerusalem to “the blind hatred and ignorant prejudice of a fanatical populace,”

New York Times December 29, 1878
Crowded together in the worst lodgings, or in the dark cellars under a synagogue building, without food, fuel, or water –even water at Jerusalem being a commodity of price – numbers died of starvation and various diseases, while others went raving mad. Those who could labor were denied employment by the bigotry of the Mussulmans and of the Oriental Christians.

Notice the date. This was before the first Zionists arrived in Palestine. Notice the word bigotry.

Jews had lived for centuries in Hebron & Gaza until they were ethnically cleansed from those areas in 1929.
During the week of riots from 23 to 29 August, 133 Jews were killed by Arabs and 339 others were injured,

and now Palestinians oppress Israelis

Running over Israelis is oppression.
Stabbing Israelis is oppression.
Shooting Israelis is oppression.
Firing rockets at Israelis is oppression.
Blowing up Israelis is oppression.
Throwing rocks at Israelis is oppression.


How should a country defend itself against invaders throwing rocks & Molotov cocktails?


The New York Times ran an article that really describes exactly what is going on. I can’t remember anything like this ever taking place before.


Is that like when Israel “opressed” Rachel Corrie?

Is that like when Israel “oppressed” the USS Liberty?


Death to the Oppressors.


Bernie Sanders should learn one more thing. He should give up his dual citizenship with Israel.


This is fake news put forward on a Diane Rehm Show on NPR in 2015. Rehm was wrong and apologized and that was the end of it, other than Zionists falsely accusing her of anti-Semitism rather than poor fact-checking. Please don’t spread this like it’s a fact unless you have actual evidence to the contrary.


Palestinians couldn’t have been persecuting Israelis if they lived elsewhere. That article you mention dating to 1878 has to be yellow journalism. At that time, Palestine was ruled by Great Britain. Britain allowed Jews from around the world to live there and gradually displaced Palestinians to make room for them. Israel has been doing that since 1948, the year of its independence.


I suspect you know how and it isn’t with snipers murdering people


These killings are war crimes and should be prosecuted. The US should stop payments and military sales, until Israel agrees to a fair two state solution.


Imagine you are asked to watch a short video (above) in which six people-three in white shirts and three in black shirts-pass basketballs around. While you watch, you must keep a silent count of the number of passes made by the people in white shirts. At some point, a gorilla strolls into the middle of the action, faces the camera and thumps its chest, and then leaves, spending nine seconds on screen. Would you see the gorilla?

Almost everyone has the intuition that the answer is “yes, of course I would.” How could something so obvious go completely unnoticed? But when we did this experiment at Harvard University several years ago, we found that half of the people who watched the video and counted the passes missed the gorilla. It was as though the gorilla was invisible.


The US told Israel that there were no American ships within 100 miles.


In 1878, Palestine was not ruled by Great Britain. It was ruled by the Ottomans.

“There is not a solitary village throughout its whole extent – not for thirty miles in either direction. …One may ride ten miles (16 km) hereabouts and not see ten human beings.” …these unpeopled deserts, these rusty mounds of barrenness…" -Mark Twain

There was certainly room for both peoples.


I don’t know. Please tell me.


What good would it do for Israel to agree to a fair two state solution when Palestinian leaders want the conflict to continue. Palestinians leaders have become very wealthy. Arafat had a net worth of $1 billion, Abbas $100 million, Abu Marzouk $2-3 billion, Khaled Mashaal, $2.6 billion. It literally pays not to make peace.

Israel was ranked 29 out of 167 on The Economist’s Democracy Index.
That’s better than Belgium, Greece, Cyprus & at least a dozen other European countries.

Fascism is the opposite of democracy.

Do you know what the Palestinian Authority does with your tax dollars? It pays people to murder Jews. The more Jews they kill, the more money they get.


Yes it was sparsely populated. But I have read that the early Zionists told people that the land was completely empty to get them to emigrate. This is analogous to what happened in the US when they tried to get people to go west. They told them about the Rocky Mountains but not about the Sierra Nevada range. That was an unpleasant surprise they were completely unprepared for after they made it almost to the west coast and thought the worst over. I believe many Jews arrived in Palestine and were surprised to find that anyone lived there at all.