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With US 'Drilling Towards Disaster,' Report Warns Anything Less Than Urgent Green New Deal Will Be 'Too Little, Too Late'

With US 'Drilling Towards Disaster,' Report Warns Anything Less Than Urgent Green New Deal Will Be 'Too Little, Too Late'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

As the scientific community warns the world must dramatically and rapidly slash carbon emissions to avert global climate disaster, the United States is expanding fossil fuel extraction far more quickly than any other nation and is on pace to account for 60 percent of the global growth in oil and gas production between now and 2030.


In so many ways, the US is a rogue nation.


Cutting production is the right thing to do. The thing with markets is that cutting supply increases the price of a product due to scarcity. Less may be then consumed because of excessive cost.
But cutting consumption increases availability of a product and causes its price to go down, but not much, because at lower costs, more is bought again.

The world must all cut production. Right now the US may be leading drilling plans, but around the world all coastal nations are looking at drilling. For some nations not yet drilling, they are waiting for prices to rise so that their drilling may be profitable. This is a problem in Russia and Venezuela, whereas Saudi oil is cheap to extract.

And consumption of oil products–gas, oil, plastic,…–must be deterred by a huuuge change in attitudes of countries and people everywhere.


These scientists might as well be talking to a wall, the runaway train has picked up speed and is headed right for a cliff. Anyone having kids right now are out of their minds.


First of all we need to stop talking about FFs as if they were an “elective”, or as if we are “addicted”, or as if we can just switch to something “greener” or “renewable”.

Everything, and I mean everything is dependent on FFs so lets start acting as if reality matters and propose real changes that take that into consideration.

Virtually every “solution” proposed involves ramping up industrial production, jobs for all, new infrastructure, all of which will increase emissions and push us over the cliff (if we haven’t already gone over).

First and foremost we need to stop doing all the nonessential FF based activities, I’m talking about radical conservation, 75% reduction in FF consumption tomorrow, which puts 75% of the population out of work so we need to figure out how to make sure everyone is OK! That alone might give us a chance but it represents the biggest shift in human society in history…times 10.


I just read that food stamps will run out in March for everyone.

This is about to get desperate, and history teaches us what happens next.

In other words people need to stop having children.


People don’t see the cliff, Jef, so they are going to walk. right. over. it.

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This trump regime and its extremist appointee cabinet is clearly the most ignorant and destructive of the Common Good to serve special interests and the 1% in American history. The “War on Science” is a war on citizens all over America, buffaloed and lied into seeing/believing this cretin and his tools are not the corrupt, destructive, politically and self-interest motivated idiots, fools, and pathological liars they are. Their MO is to target the most vulnerable as any bully does. Two years will see the end of our republic and most of Mother Earth’s other life forms and livable planet.

"Donald Trump’s administration is cutting programs scientists say are proven to protect Americans, from pollution safeguards to teen pregnancy prevention and healthier school lunches, with effects that could last for years.

Experts who have worked in the federal government under Republicans and Democrats say both have sometimes put politics ahead of science but none have done so as blatantly as Trump. And they warn the consequences could continue long into the future.

“It’s as egregious as I’ve ever seen it, starting from the very top with the president just denying the existence of science, manipulating the system on behalf of special interests”


But then there is March.

“The swirling winds tens of thousands of feet high in the sky above the Arctic — the dreaded polar vortex — broke apart into three parts to ring in 2019. Now the eastern half of the United States is about to feel the consequences.”

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In the case of fracking, a lot of the GHG release happens during production and distribution, before the FF are burned. Got to keep it in the ground.


40 million hungry people, yikes! the Bastile’s about to fall!

I contacted various government offices about this. The responses ranged from vague to dismal. My state tried to say not to worry, the money will be there, although they did not say how.

Others said, given Trump, the money will not be there, and he will not care.

So yes, panic sets in of course, and history teaches us what happens next.


People are converting to solar and solar related jobs are increasing. So what do you see wrong with a huge investment by the government in green jobs instead of supporting that fucking racist MAFIA terrorist state of Israel and pentagon waste???
No big change shift in or any jobs lost just jobs exchanged for better higher paying green jobs. So quit the bull shit scare mongering.


In most parts of the world, there would be organized violence in the streets over such a thing.

But In the USA, there will be nothing. The conditioning of the USAn people to a state of self-imposed helplessness and the successful obliteration of all last traces of this thing called “solidarity”, will prevent any action at all. Some of the poor will just blame themselves as they starve, others will steal or join criminal gangs to get what they need to survive, (the favelas of star-capitalist pupil Brazil are a good model) and a police-state backlash will follow.

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If “people stop having children” an irreversible demographic collapse to human extinction would only be 40 years away. Even authoritarian China never considered a “no child rule” and has even gotten rid of their one-child rule due to a dangerously large percentage of aging, post-fertility childless population that will lead to irreversible path to both economic collapse (nobody young or well enough to work) and population crash. So you really need to present a slightly more well-thought-out proposal.

We have adapted to other changes before, to some extent anyway. We have embraced recycling, we drove our cars less and have built "auto ride sharing, park and ride, lots. We have bought smaller cars for a period, and are switching to non petro vehicles. We insulated our homes and are using more and more alternative heating and cooling fuels, and much more.
The common thread though is that we are not giving up enough, making changes fast enough, and stupidly not staying in concert with the rest of the industrialized world.
Going down once, going down twice, where the fuck is the life guard?


How many concessions do they make before realizing they should be running our government full speed instead.
I wonder if Ray-gun would have been thinking, “Mr. Trump, don’t build that wall?”

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DRILL, BABY DRILL! Until the disaster of drilling kills our planet! In the meantime BUILD, BABY BUILD! A 2000 mile worthless, wall that costs $5.7 billion. Talk about asinine priorities!