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With US Dropping 'More and More Bombs,' Afghan Civilian Deaths Hit Record High in 2018

With US Dropping 'More and More Bombs,' Afghan Civilian Deaths Hit Record High in 2018

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

U.S. airstrikes contributed to a somber milestone in 2018: the highest number of civilians were killed in the war since records began a decade ago.

Since 1965 we have witnessed an unacceptable number of civilian deaths during conflicts. For fifty years now we keep hearing the same answer to the dilemma. A need to be more careful, more vigilant, more compassionate.
It’s called indiscriminate actions. imo

Stop calling it war or conflict. The US is illegally entering countries and KILLING civilians.

WHy is CD making it sound like its a… woops! sorry folks, we need to be more careful when we bomb your countries back into the stone age???

BullShit! America is the biggest threat to freedom, democracy, LIFE, in the world…but hey…if we didn’t do it some bad guys would.

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Only about 10% of the people murdered by American airstrikes are intended targets, which appear to be selected by a dart toss in the first place.
That means 90% of the people killed by the bombs which are dropped every 12 minutes are civilians.
If America changed tactics and instead began targeting civilians they would likely kill an equal number of “terrorists” by sheer accident.

Those 900 dead children were killed in the commission of a crime that is being committed by the United States and our Allies.The crime is robbery of a countries natural resources. Do you think the US would be in Afghanistan if oil was not in the ground? Afghanistan had nothing to do with 9/11. Afghanistan never threatened us,or our friends in any way. Afghanistan never did anything to us. If you believe the bull shit that our military is protecting freedom and democracy around the world, I got a bridge that you may be interested in buying in Brooklyn. For the last 40 years our soldiers have been dying in order to protect and enhance rich peoples holdings. They have not been protecting our freedom. They have caused us to be feared and hated all over the world. Many people are living in a delusion, as they wave their little American Flags, and praise the wonders of our self. We killed 900 little kids last year.

Many of those people waving the little flags will respond to my post by saying, “Go live in Canada than.”