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With US Prison Strike on Third Day, Reports of Hunger Strikes and Work Stoppages Nationwide

With US Prison Strike on Third Day, Reports of Hunger Strikes and Work Stoppages Nationwide

Julia Conley, staff writer

Details of the nationwide prison strike, now in its third day, are gradually emerging from institutions where inmates are staging hunger strikes, refusing to work, and participating in sit-ins to protest unjust sentencing laws, poor living conditions, and the continued existence of slavery within the nation's carceral system.


The fact that the prisoners did something wrong and are already being actively punished does not justify any authority to abuse their rights as individual beings.


For profit prisons do not require the humans they employ to treat the inmates they oversee as fellow humans.

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Wow, you’re ignorance has no bounds. You’re “not sure why jobs that can be done by non felons are given to these guys”, look up the word greed, or slave labor.
Just so you’ll know, this comment came from a 15 year Professional Firefighter.

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The Prisons are self perpetuating businesses.Private prisons are paid by the state to house and oversee larger and larger inmate populations.No incentive to rehabilitate.The work that is done by inmates rarely give the inmate access to technical skills. If we made use of the time by encouraging inmates to participate in programs that might give them some job skills once released we would be ahead of the game. Prisons hold mostly poor men and women who already had the disadvantage of growing up poor,but education is the one activity that can produce some long term rewards for everyone involved.Health care is usually not available but who cares these are criminals.Basic human rights do not apply.Violent inmates have special restrictions. It can not be solved over night but we did not get here overnight.Generations of neglect and incarceration are the two enduring hallmarks of our penal institutions.


The drug war on Americans was created to fill American prisons with black and brown slaves for corporations to exploit. America, “beacon of human rights” is a bastion of human wrongs, especially in the prison industry. They make $50,000 a year to house human beings in horrific conditions, calling it a “corrections system.” It corrects NOTHING and does far more harm to life than most of the drugs people are incarcerated for.
Making obscene profits from such human suffering is as immoral as it gets. Tens of thousands of people are in solitary confinement, sometimes for DECADES! The prison industry has to keep its beds 90% full to make top profit, so it sends Congress more and more laws to pass to keep their evil business viable. They do nothing to rehabilitate, which would be best for the national public safety, but they want their beds full, so they make sure the inmates have virtually zero chance of making it on the outside so the revolving door works well for them in the profit department.


Private prisons costs taxpayers $50,000 a year per inmate to keep humans in horrific conditions. One Florida man who was supposed to get out, was found in the shower scalded to death. His skin came off with his shoes when the took them off his body. Abuse is rampant. Anal rape is a national joke. I’m all for keeping murderers and rapists off the streets, but sending someone to prison for smoking marijuana or doing drugs is an absolutely bogus way to spend tax dollars. People go to prison for marijuana in Arizona, but can go to stores and buy it for recreational use at dispensaries in California, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, and Alaska. Switch that to alcohol and you can see the problem. If America is so free, why can’t people use drugs if they want? It would drop the black market right out of the whole shebang, just like it did when prohibition was repealed. And then we wouldn’t be wasting 50 grand a year on housing someone who smokes pot or uses cocaine. Spend that money on drug rehab and/or college and we’d all be better off. But no, we charge insane amounts for college and spend insane amounts on prisons, because most Americans are as misinformed and wrong-headed as you are. Prison in not a resort. It’s hell, and it shouldn’t be if they’re going to call it a “corrections” system. Call it what it is. A mass profit, slave labor resource for corporate power, just like all of America’s systems.

Sad thing too, many people in American prisons are innocent because of the bogus injustice system. Plea bargains for two or three or ten years rather than risk life in prison for something you didn’t do is a COMMON THING here in the land of the free!

The bottom line is that inmates deserve to be treated with respect. If you want people to act respectfully when they get out, they have to see that model while they’re inside. Expecting someone to respond to mass insane abuse for years and act normally when they come out of that hell, is as stupid as it gets. Just from the public safety standpoint it would behoove the BoP to set up systems that would ensure inmates knew how to behave rather than how to abuse when they get out.

We’ll talk about the government running drugs into miserably created inner cities another time. Nothing is like it looks on the surface of this incredibly corrupt nation. You can bet that the almighty dollar will always come first though. All dollars, no sense.


cclue and dopfa –
Thank you for the additional information on what actually is happening within
these prisons which the article really doesn’t cover –

Organizers of the strike have released a list of 10 demands, including an end to prison slavery, sentencing reforms that would allow all prisoners access to rehabilitation and the possibility of parole, and an end to racist over-policing, over-charging, and over-sentencing of black and brown prisoners, which has contributed to the United States’ disproportionately black and Latino prison population.

Often what really happens more resembles torture.

Beatings and rape of prisoners – and the supplying of female prisoners to guards – are not
unusual. More than a quarter of a million cases of rape in our prisoners every year.
And when these men are released from prison one of the first things they do is rape a woman
to prove their manhood. Violence only breeds more violence for all of us.

Additionally, something just under 500,000 prisoners are released every year back into our
societies without the benefit of programs of rehabilitation. More of the insanity of the right wing
which continues to push for more brutality against prisoners.

American citizens are now reacting to the actual shooting of young black males in our societies
on city streets going on for quite some years now. What clearer signal of this emboldening of
racism and white supremacy in the US by the rise of the right wing.

I consider myself pretty right wing. But I can see that there is something seriously wrong with our whole prison system. For-profit prisons are just wrong. A corporation should not be rewarded by the government for each new inmate. And there are so many non-violent drug “criminals” incarcerated, it is shameful. These people are not harmful to society, only to themselves. Having the prisoners work, while serving their sentence, is a good thing, but they should be paid. I don’t see why their pay could not get deposited into an account for them that then becomes all theirs when they are released. And then … talk about rape culture.

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You know the “white supremacy” thing is a joke, right? If you are talking about actual white supremacists, there are very few in the US. They are on the fringe of society and have no real power. If you’re talking about majority privilege, If you go to Japan, you will encounter Japanese privilege. If you go to Argentina, you will encounter Argentine privilege. However, there are plenty of white folks here who will laugh in your face if you tell them they have white privilege. There are many more white people on welfare than other ethnicities.

Inhumanity for profit is ingrained in the Slave Master Mentality of many politicians in the parties of the Duopoly who enable and promote this warehousing of human beings.

Supporting a right wing agenda will only keep this going.

Break away from the inhumanity.

Chose another path.

Lisa –

No – I don’t think that “White Male Supremacy” is a joke – and hard to understand why you
would think that.

They are on the fringe of society and have no real power.

Evidently you’ve never heard of Patriarchy which is a system which continues to run most
of our societies all over the world, including the US . . .

"Patriarchy is a political system just like Colonialism was a political system."

Also notice that there is no Equal Rights Amendment in effect in the US for female equality.

Slavery was once Constitutionally correct – gender inequality remains so.

“Christianity” is organized patriarchal religion – which is basic male-supremacy.
The Vatican continues to deny the full personhood of females as it acknowledges the full personhood of males. And the Vatican is recognized as a “sovereign nation” with voting rights in the United Nations.

If you look at our Congress you will also see its dominated by white males and who are mainly “Christians.”

The Catholic Church used tax-exempt dollars to campaign against the ERA.

Females in the US have an 11X greater risk of being killed by a male with a gun than women in other wealthy countries.

Coincidentally, most of those locked up in our prisons are people of color due to our fake Drug War.

Yes, there are many “white” women and children on welfare, but the usual right wing propaganda has been
that is “black” women who are the “Welfare Queens” in the US.

And the White male supremacist in the White House – Trump – is going to use Kavanaugh to overturn the right to birth control and abortion in the US.

Keep laughing – until it hurts.

Almost 50 years ago my older brother got arrested in Georgia and my parents got a call from the sheriff demanding money to let Johnny go or he world be sentenced to the chain gang.He was hitchhiking and someone gave him alcohol and he started a fight with the local police.My mother told the sheriff he was only 16 but the sheriff said since it took 4 deputies to subdue him he was a man.Mom and Dad sent the money and Johnny was out, on a bus back home.But he was white and so I think that had a lot to do with how he was treated.He later enlisted in the army reserve but died at 21 of cancer. I do wonder how many young men loss it all dealing with law enforcement people who have a profit motive.