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With 'Valentine to Corruption,' Trump Officially Kills Big Oil Transparency


With 'Valentine to Corruption,' Trump Officially Kills Big Oil Transparency

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

In a move global rights groups are decrying as a Valentine's Day gift to Big Oil, President Donald Trump on Tuesday officially voided a rule that forced extractive industries to disclose payments made to foreign governments.


In case anyone wants a quick access to major points in the current status and legal case for Standing Rock


Get ready for 10 dollars a gallon gas plus carbon tax


The acronym MOTSS normally refers to gay or bisexual encounters or relationships.

But in the DT Reality TV President Reighn, I could use it for every policy article I see on DT: More Of The Same Shit


Like I have been posting ever since Trump decided to run for POTUS, this was purely a business decision,of an ego maniac designed to make the 1% rich.. richer. Does anyone doubt it?

Unfortunately folks, this nightmare is just beginning. You have not seen anything yet!


The 'Corrupter-in-Chief' strikes again. Will someone please explain to me how this is 'not' illegal or unethical.

Should every state in the nation begin to create it's own Militia to protect its citizens against our corrupted governments' actions?

There is no telling what they're going to do next. We may as well be prepared.


What or why do you say this... ?... I have my ideas.. but...


Yeah, I know.... do you know what I am really afraid of..... THE FUTURE DESTALIZATION THAT MAY BE ON THE HORIZON..... and when that happens... it won't be every man for him/herself... all pioneer like and having a good ol' fashion time... nope... once the whole civilization shebang goes to pot.... THERE GO ALL THOSE NUCLEAR POWER PLANTS...


They really do have us by the balls.... if we REVOLT.... WHO'S GOING TO BABY SIT THOSE NUKE PLANTS...??


"...the years-long lobby effort against it was led by ExxonMobil under the leadership of former CEO and newly-confirmed Secretary of State Rex Tillerson." That is soo jacked up.


Its proof the republicans are corrupt.


We have to hope that the blue collar workers who voted for him become disenchanted with him and disloyal and don't vote to reelect him. When they see their wages not increase any during rump's reign, perhaps they will understand they were lied to.


Score another victory for the Confessions of An Economic Hitman. Even I can be taught about the slimy dark agenda of The Mammon Corporate Empire. Public Citizen #1 read and enjoy and build a solar panel from scratch. Not that expensive. Empower yourself with power and national security!


Was anything else expected from the ginger pig and his 1% regime of billionaires and corporate shills? This and all the other atrocities from this regime and only weeks into the pathological emperor's reign of terror! We see clear their depraved intentions and await the Standing Rock and other atrocities against Mother Earth Gaia from the odious trump & co!

The poster-child for collusion between oil corporations and states is the case of Royal Dutch Shell exploiting and polluting the Ogoni Region (Ogoniland) of the Niger Delta Nigeria. Their complicity/collusion in the murder of civil rights activist and renowned leader Ken Saro-Wiwa!



Connecting the dots ...on Trumps voiding of the Cardin-Luger amendment, which was a rule that required large "extractive industry corporations to disclose payments to foreign countries." (quoted from http://www.commondreams.org/news/2017/02/14/valentine-corruption-trump-officially-kills-big-oil-transparency by Lauren McCauley). So here are the obvious dots, I think, we ought to connect:

Rex Tillerson is Trumps somewhat odd pick for Secretary of State;
Odd only until you come to find Tillerson has been hobnobbing all around the elites of Russia because, as Exxon CEO he wanted to develop the vast Siberian oil fields, and;
Quite possibly getting "most favored Huge Extractive MNC status for Exxon's bid might have taken some, how do you say it, Russian styled wheel greasing, which:
Wouldn't look so good for Tillerson or the Trump administration if that pesky transparency "over-regulation" were allowed to reveal such shennanigans. Alleged shennanigans, of course.