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With Veiled Regime Change Threats, Trump and NeoCons Blasted for Exploiting Iran Protests


With Veiled Regime Change Threats, Trump and NeoCons Blasted for Exploiting Iran Protests

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Amid political unrest, war-hungry hawks in the United States condemned for pretending to care for Iranian people and human rights


The Fourth Reich will again try to change things… Watch.:v:


During the former protests during Obama and the present protest, the people in the streets have made it very clear that any interference by the US will be counterproductive because they will join with the military to fight American aggression. The protesters don’t like the way America has been treating them anymore than the leadership does, and they want the Americans to butt out.

Obama was bright enough to realize this and kept his peace. Dotard hasn’t got a clue and is beating his man boobs in an attempt to seem like a man. This is just one of the ways that adults differ from little children.


Translation: Trump needs Amerika to change the regime of Iran so we can loot their wealth!


Will John McCain stand with the protesters here in the United States when We the People come knocking on their doors to oust them and change this greedy corrupt regime?


I’m certain the Neocons (who Trump so eagerly services, contrary to alt-left popular belief) wish to install a more brutal version of the Shah previously installed by the US, the Brits, and compromised Iranians.

I’m sure the NSA will help any new Shah with the surveillance required to really make it work next time, and the US can send its best and brightest torture experts from the CIA and US military.

Nothing but good times ahead for the psychopaths of Empire building. Death, destruction, deceit, and most important of all to them, mountain upon mountains of dollars, or whatever currency.


War is the only thing the USA makes and exports these days. The US Empire is the world’s number one terrorist organization. It’s time for the world to do to the USA what it did to the Nazi regime in Germany. Stop the monstrous USA and its oligarch owners now before it/they manage to destroy most life on earth when it/they finally launche a nuclear war to end all wars. Their insane pursuit of abstract wealth knows no bounds.


I little editing to make a point.


See the Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity Memo to the President on Iran.


I am constantly amazed by the left’s willingness to support one of the worlds only Theocracies, and a thuggish repressive government to boot, while being hypervigilant against any sign of church/state collusion in this country. If the Iranian people one day throw out the Supreme Leader…if will be no thanks to the left in this country. We should be supporting the people’s right to self determination, even if it means being on the same page as people you oppose… :confused:


DT uses twitter to masturbate his ego. Gross!


They’re in support of the people, not their government.

Perhaps you’ve seen this sticker, “I love my country
but fear my government”. It’s been around for at least a decade.


Funny remarks from the Republicans’ clown house. Bolton, McCain and Graham; the three Empire stooges who aren’t named Trump. These bozos sleep through the election ( almost ) in Honduras? How about the asshat power play by MBS regarding Lebanon? Or, the bombing and genocidal attacks in Yemen by MBS, as well. And, …
Nikki Haley is quite ambitious and plays the Useful Idiot like Pence, only in a skirt. Must be truthiness since Albright and Clinton were so warm and fuzzy in their MENA formulations. Probably just an odd coincidence that both are raging evangelicals singing along with Netanyahu’s old Zionist choir.
It would be nice if someone on the Democratic side said something refreshing like, " Give it a rest ". But, the Neos own The Uniparty and that’s just a fact.

  1. Be vigilant against the war party exploiting the situation for their own gains.

  2. Give your support to the brave protesters. Especially the women. Theocracy is hell.


Yeah, right. I’ve seen no support for the people. Only railing against the interference of the U.S. Maybe you can point me to some sites that actually do what you say they do. :slight_smile:


Bligh is back. Notice words like hypocrisy and two-faced are directed to the left, mostly. He pretends to " love the people " even though the article states the protests’ motivations/demands are murky, according to Iranians who know their own country better than Bligh does.
What’s this crud about a theocratic state when Saudi Arabia and the GCC are neck deep in Wahabbist dreck. Did you forget about the elections in Iran about 24 months ago? Bligh yi, yi, yi yi yi yi…here we go, again.


I am half Iranian but born in the US and don’t know the language or culture but have been exposed to more info about Iran than your typical person here in the US. My impression is that Reza Marashi is correct when he says (in an opinion piece today) “The problems are Iranian, the protestors are Iranian, and the solution will be Iranian.“ Our hands are almost fully tied due to past mistakes in the 50s and after. All we can do is push for fair trade policies and apologize more sincerely for the 1953 act of stupidity and illegality. No direct help or any conceivable indirect help is either wanted by the protestors nor could we help them if they did want it.

I agree with those who say we should use leverage to help people in other countries like Saudi Arabia where we should have leverage (though unfortunately no better morals in the case of war on Yemen). I also agree the current Iranian government is lousy and I wish that type of theocracy on no one. What do you propose to do that isn’t going to backfire?


Aaaannnd…I see you’re back too. :slight_smile: The motivations of the people are only “murky” to those that are being willfully blind. An unelected, religious based, “Supreme Leader” who makes all the important decisions. A “President” that is neither head of government (he can be overruled) or head of State. “Religious Police” that can , and will, beat and arrest women that show an ankle in public. What’s not to like? It is only “crud” about a theocratic state when you support that very same theocratic state. And yes, I have spoken out frequently and loudly about the retrobates in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia innumerable times. I call hypocrisy where I see it, whether left or right.


Well, thank you for an actual thoughtful response. I believe we should support people against theocracy’s in any country…particularly the two most theocratic states in the world, Saudi Arabia and Iran.


I’m not seeing praise or support for the Iranian government in this article or these comments. Please point me to the comments or part of the article which you think were doing that?
Also, what is the point of using divisive phrases like ‘the left’ when this is clearly a human issue?