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With VOICE Agency, Trump Continues 'Nativist Demonization' of Immigrants


With VOICE Agency, Trump Continues 'Nativist Demonization' of Immigrants

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Groans and boos greeted President Donald Trump's announcement of an Orwellian new government agency—"VOICE (Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement)"—during his address to Congress Tuesday night.


And yet, much of the media, which have been demonized by Trump since he started his campaign, are all talking about how “presidential” he sounded. David Duke’s speech in Ralph Reed’s suit.

I’m sickened.


OK, at first I found this the most alarming piece of what I heard last night as just blather:

But now I looked at the actual memo. The “to that end” is introduced with reference to victims of crime simply being denied information about perpetrators because of “privacy act” protections. And the VOICE section of the Kelly memo ends with this (emphasis added):

Nothing herein may be construed to authorize disclosures that are prohibited by law or may relate to information that is Classified, Sensitive but Unclassified (SBU), Law Enforcement Sensitive (LES), For Official Use Only (FOUO), or similarly designated information that may relate to national security, law enforcement, or intelligence programs or operations, or disclosures that are reasonably likely to cause harm to any person.

In other words, … yes, just blather. It puts an acronym to a big empty hole. The only alarming thing about it is that the section begins with an unfounded assertion that “Criminal aliens routinely victimize Americans and other legal residents.” Let’s call on Secy Kelly to back that up.


The fact that the MSM legitimized Trumps speech as " Presidential " proves Trump was absolutely correct when he labeled the MSM as : " the enemy of the people".


So are you saying that VOICE is harmless and totally non-racist-profiling?


I’m saying it appears to be toothless posturing. I said nothing about its racism, but I can’t see how it might be used for profiling. Read the memo.


So the reallocation of resources does not bother you? The acronym itself does not bother you? You really think watering down of privacy act provisions is a good thing (immigration status is irrelevant to a criminal prosecution) - and do you really think those standard caveats really mean anything to an ICE thug?

And why all the groans from the skilled legislators and activists in the chamber and gallery if it is so harmless?


There’s nothing toothless about it. Trump has already harmed immigrants by throwing such dark shade on them in his speech. And he’s already let loose a horde of ICE agents on communities all across the land in a Gestapo manhunt for illegal immigrants. This is just the tip of the iceberg , the beginning of a new era wherein all human feeling has frozen up.


Indeed, the acronym bothers me. I’m trying to write a Facebook note about it, in between other things. I’d need to know exactly what “resources” are being reallocated how to know whether there’s anything to be bothered by. Sounds to me as though it’s just providing information. Anyone under arrest in the US has constitutional rights to counsel; they can’t reallocate those resources. My exact point is that Kelly starts by saying ‘let’s drop privacy-act protections for these baddies,’ and then says ‘but of course we can’t undo law all by ourselves.’ Once again, if I were one of the footsoldiers, I’d be scratching my head and wondering just what has changed or how I’m supposed to go about implementing this. The groans may well have indicated that, like you and me, they hadn’t read this particular (2/17) memo. Who can keep up with all the blather?


My point is that “VOICE” is window-dressing. Of course, what it’s hiding is the scary stuff.


Like I said in another thread, this seems designed to encourage hate crimes against immigrants.


I see recycled Willie Horton strategy in Mr. Trump’s saying bad things about (why doesn’t he just say Brown People and be done with it) immigrants and never saying anything good.

Albert Einstein was an immigrant. His English wasn’t that good. He had fled Nazi Germany, apparently to save his own life.


More attention to crimes committed by white supremacists please. If Trump was really interested in safety he would pay more attention to the criminal acts of these people than simply using him as his political base. Instead he is picking on the people that many of his white supporters hate the most. The president of hate and fear and little else so far.





A ‘Bigot’ will always surround themselves will other like minded people, just as Trump has.

"Haters and Bullies are always cowards, you know. They like to pick on little guys. "~Scylar Tiberius~


What they are doing is reallocating resources AWAY from helping people and toward a do-nothing office with a fancy acronym.

Not exactly harmless.


Here’s my Facebook note, proposing we replace the acronym with

Vigilant Order for Immigrant Caring and Engagement


I welcome shared commitment (and editing for the acronym).


Anyone who is not white and rich is not human to these people including Devos.


That would be great: take the billionaires, bankers, rich investors, oil kings and queens, materialists, and Earth haters please.


I agree.