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With Vote Looming, Anti-War Groups Call on Nation to Demand Congress End US-Backed Slaughter in Yemen


With Vote Looming, Anti-War Groups Call on Nation to Demand Congress End US-Backed Slaughter in Yemen

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

With a vote expected later on Tuesday, and as the Senate debates a joint resolution that aims to end U.S. support for the Saudi-led bombing of Yemen, peace advocates are urging Americans to immediately call their representatives in Congress to back the legislation.


Only way we will stop selling weapons to Saudi Arabia.is to stop the war profiteers WHO BENEFIT FROM SELLING THE WEAPONS TO SAUDI ARABIA. .


Let’s start with the F-35 and see where Sanders comes down on that.


Sanders approved the sale of the f-35’s once so I think we know how he will come down.


Disaster for who? Certainly not for the wealthy war corporation stockholders who will pay their congressmen to vote this bill down.


And the only way to do that is to publicly fund elections.


I have no idea how he will come down. As times change, so do people’s opinions.


Lets hope so!


Stop Weapons Proliferation.

Stop War.

Spread Peace and Joy.

It’ll give everyone a raise.


“DEMAND”?! How do you DEMAND anything from a Fascist establishment hell-bent on society’s destruction due to greed?!


With regard to how Bernie has answered the question about the F-35 in 2014, here is one ariticle: http://gui.afsc.org/birddog/bernie-sanders-lockheed-martin-f-35-jets-vermont


You and I know the only peaceful way is total gridlock in DC because of million (+) protesters. You’re right, there’s no way to demand anything through our so called representatives.


Thanks for the link. I watched it and wow. Sanders’ answer to the problem is exactly what the MIC wants to here. He doesn’t understand that by accepting the deal, he indentured the whole state of Vermont to them for a few jobs. This has been done in almost every state in the country, insuring they will always have control and votes for their projects. Depressing, not what I would have expected from him.


I’m glad Bernie is doing this.


I despise the MIC, war, and weapons. I wish none of it existed.

I’m not an expert - on the surface I disagree with Bernie about it being in VT but as he said it will be somewhere. Cop out - maybe. Realistic - maybe. Bernie does think we spend too much on the military and it should be cut - he states that in the text of the link I posted previously. He stated it last night, too, and apparently 1.7 million people heard it. That’s a good thing. https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/bernie-sanders-economic-inequality-town-hall-million-viewers_us_5ab08fb6e4b0e862383ab6b4

And now, he is part of the topic of this article and has this: Senate Joint Resolution 54 - sponsored by Sens. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), Chris Murphy (D-Conn.), and Mike Lee (R-Utah).

Here’s another article part 1 of 4 discussing the pros and cons the F-35 issue in VT.


From Part 3 of 4:

""Ice cream magnate Ben Cohen said Thursday he will be driving around Burlington beginning at noon on Saturday with a huge mobile-mounted sound system designed to simulate the roar of an F-35 taking off.

“The problem is that people can’t imagine the severity of this jet blast,” said the co-founder of Ben & Jerry’s. “You read the words and it says ‘115 decibels,’ but nobody has any idea what that means. It’s more than hearing, its feeling. My understanding is it’s a very visceral experience with troubling health effects.”

While Pomerleau diverges from Sanders on many matters, he applauds the senator’s support for the F-35. Cohen, meanwhile, who stumped across the country on behalf of Sanders during his 2016 presidential bid, said he’s disappointed with his friend’s outlook on this issue.

“I agree with and support Bernie 99 percent of the time,” Cohen said. “This happens to be the one issue that we disagree on.”"

Even his most ardent supporters don’t always agree with him.




Our wars have gone on way to long. Now weapons alot stronger. Man has not been nice to the planet


Just exactly who is Senator Sanders talking to?.The Congress that won’t pay attention to him, or the people who can’t do a damn thing about it?


That does make it a bit more difficult doesn’t it:)


I saw that with Cohen, think he was arrested for it.
He’s right about the noise. I stayed at a home about a 1/2 mile from Oceana Air Base in VA Beach. The whole house shuddered violently when they went by. It was crazy.


I don’t doubt it. It sounds horrible - and that’s only flying over. I can’t even imagine what the poor people in war-torn countries deal with. I try to have hope and work to change things but sometimes I hate this place.