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With Vote to Kill Guidance Against Racist Auto Lending, Senate GOP Takes War on Regulations to 'Vicious' New Level


With Vote to Kill Guidance Against Racist Auto Lending, Senate GOP Takes War on Regulations to 'Vicious' New Level

Jake Johnson, staff writer

In a "precedent-shattering" 51-47 vote on Wednesday that could set the stage for the GOP to kill a slew of longstanding consumer and environmental regulations, Senate Republicans—joined by Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.)—approved a measure to repeal a 2013 CFPB guidance aimed at protecting minorities from auto lending discrimination.


Deregulating racism…beautiful just beautiful. You have to hand it to the fascists, they are some unrelenting evil motherfuckers. Allow systemic racism as means to foster racism as a means to divide the people as a means to control the people. Genius, pure evil genius. On the other side…me and about 12 others that read Common Dreams and 325 million sheep. It don’t look very promising people.


Let’s tear it apart limb from limb this fine outstanding republic, let’s make america great again, shall we?

Sick & Evil.


Not too promising I agree. But are there only 12?


Many more, I believe. Hell, there are more than 12 trolls who visit on a fairly regular basis.


This seems to have something for the white nationalists who support Trump and for the libertarians backed by the Koch brothers. It hurts blacks and frees business from government regulations. More for the KKK and their ill to celebrate and more for the Tea Party to celebrate as well.


Anyone with the least bit of financing background knows this brings back the $ 995.00 charges to have The Protection Package ( Armor-All in a rattle can ). Which lenders will finance, of course. That Bumper-to Bumper wraparound warranty is only $3000. And, doesn’t cover much, if anything, the Factory Warranty already does. SWEEEETT!!
And, the points … ( reserve ) kicks back even more money, money, $$$.
The Repo Man is loving this, too.
And on, and on, it goes…
" the money is not in the cure, it’s in the disease ".
Chris Rock
" EpiPen Babe & Sen.Joe Daddy " or what we like to call, Pigs In A Racket.


There are less then 325 million sheep. Millions are resisting.


Sure they are. And those “resisters” will all vote either Democrat or Republican the next time around. Some resistance.


Well, it’s come full cycle back to the laissez faire of the 1890’s. I suppose we’ll have to put all the regulations back in place when the corporate predators create such havoc that the environment and businesses suffer once again. It’s really exhausting to have to deal with those meatheads all the time…pushy, arrogant, annoying, ignorant, and utterly, relentlessly self-centered.


“America, where are you now, don’t you care about your sons and daughters. Don’t you know we need you now, we can’t fight alone against the monster.” - Steppenwolf


Evil bastards.


Voting for Democrats is one one form of resisting. But it is also calling one’s representatives often, going out into the streets with signs, asking tough questions at town hall meeting, basically demonstrating an opposition to Trump, donating to organizations opposing Trump, writing letters to the editor or posting comments on the internet opposing Trump. And, expressing opposition to Trump to family and friends.Importantly, it needs to pay off in the election in November. At last count 43 Republicans in the House have decided not to run probably in large part because of the resistance. In special elections a Democrat was elected to the Senate in Alabama and a Democrat was elected to the House in a Pennsylvania district that Trump won by 20 points. And the Democrats have a won a large majority of the special elections for the state legislatures. Despite a take over of the Republican Party by white nationalists and the Tea Party some people are still arguing that the two parties are basically the same. I don’t expect these people to admit that they are wrong. I think they will continue saying that no matter how much evidence there is to the contrary. It is sort of like the climate denier will not admit they are wrong no matter what evidence is presented.


Some people will NEVER wake up to the simple fact that both the Democrats and Republicans serve only their corporate oligarch owners and not the citizens. Voting for Democrats IS NOT a form of resistance. It is ENABLING the destruction of the USA on behalf of the oligarchs. But like I said, some people will never wake up to that fact. The Stockholm Syndrome is alive and well in the USA and the corporate oligarchs are laughing all the way to their Wall Street Banks.


And your continued support for the Democrats is a perfect example of that.


I voted for Stein the past two elections, voted for Nader when he ran. Should have sat out the 1992 election instead of casting a vote for Clinton, more so a vote against Poppy. That was a stupid vote seeing as how evil he was shown to be. Stupid evil candidates bring out the stupid clueless voters. By stupid I mean deceived.


hey, I like that… “by stupid I mean deceived”… very good…


Reslobberblubicans? We the people need to take it to the next level against Trump and his Trumpbots in congress. They are a government of the corporations, by the corporations and for the corporations. They are of the rich, by the rich and for the rich. This is the richest president and richest White House cabinet in our entire history. What makes this situation even worse is the Democrats wanting emulate the Republicans in order to win future elections.

The point I want to make is that the Democratic Party was successful in uniting behind Barrack Obama for two terms in the White House. This country needs a party that is pro diversity against sexism and racism. Democrats made a huge mistake in running Hillary Clinton in 2016, what could be called a real insider. What happened next in the 2016 election was the lowest voter turn out in 70 years. Both candidates did not excite voters to show up at the ballot boxes and vote. WE CAN’T LET THAT HAPPEN AGAIN. Democrats need to be pro diversity and anti sexism. We desperately need as a nation to give Trump a loud and clear message in 2020 by voting him out of office. The big question is how to excite voters to show up and actually vote at the ballot boxes against the Trump, racism and sexism.


That is because people do not understand the overlying/underlying cause… well, first it is the flaws in the human race… you know… greed, power mongering… etc… but then… it morphs into the whole shebang of … the existence of Industrial Civilization in the first place… and that of the Capitalist system that keeps it all going… it’s wholistic thinking… that they have trouble with…


What this country needs is… oh do not get me started… how about NO PARTIES… I mean… I even switched to the green party and wow… what a shocker I got… n o understanding of the under lying systems flaws at all… like… there should be no centralized government… no globalized system… no MASS PRODUCTION OF ANYTHING… I have read a bit about Anarchy… which if I quote this correctly… " Anarchy is not the absence of Rule… BUT the absence of RULERS… "…