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With Voters 'Feeling the Bern,' Support for Sanders Gains Momentum


With Voters 'Feeling the Bern,' Support for Sanders Gains Momentum

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders seems to be inspiring more and more voters to "feel the Bern."

Though Hillary Clinton is still the leading Democratic candidate, support for Sanders is on the rise, a new CNN/ORC poll (pdf) shows. Among Democrats and Democratic-leaning voters, Clinton leads Sanders 47 percent to 29 percent.


Bernie is the Obama of 2016!


Chuy Garcia was outspent by Ram ( It To Me ) Emanuel about 7 to 1. He lost about 57% to 43%. Chuy didn’t help Chuy that much, either. But DoprahTown made it a referendum on OhBummer, really. If Hillary thinks she can win dogcatcher without Bernie’s votes, she needs to grab Maureen Dowd and come to Oregon. We have some " calming brownies " they can eat. Trust us, Maureen, we won’t leave you to your own devices unless you want a little privacy. :wink: And, " underground punk rock show "; this guy ate way too many brownies, cut him off. I thought I was at The Book Club meeting at my Bernie events. s/


I’m sure the nay-sayers, “just don’t vote” clowns, and Hll-shills will be out in force bashing Bernie for one thing or another calling him names and castigating him for failures imagined or perhaps actual, but there seem to be a lot of people who can see thru the BS character-assassination of the only candidate who articulates most of the issues we need to change and hear - the others we will press Bernie to change his position…


We have a cure for what ails people like you: go take a hike.


And, you propose what exactly, to fix all these ills? Oh, right, Jill Stein. And, backhanding Bernie with his big problem; Jill Stein’s big problem is the same as Ralph’s was. Where you in favor, and did you check off on your tax return, the concept of public funding of elections? In all my years " putting your money where your mouth is " still runs the show. ( This purity act of the GPers is wearing thin, really. They will keep washing their hands, as Pontius Pilot did, and take no responsibility for their actions in 2000. I guess, in retrospect, that’s pretty understandable given the results. ) That’s what we’ve got. Do I like it, hell no. We are in a " mafia capitalism " system. By all means, be my guest, go shoot Al Capone. Figuratively speaking, of course. Tell me how that works out for you.


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You forgot to mention the ‘calming brownies’ are legal here. :slight_smile:


All the Home Econ grad bakers are working 80 hrs a week, already. Sheeesh! :wink:


Speaking of breaking phases… you and hottopic could try a different approach. And, neither of you probably could waddle-off to a protest or an act of civil disobedience. Unless the fridge is nearby, of course. Waddle-off/Cut and paste/Denial phase. You both sound like you were shrink-wrapped after grad school.


Aw, come on hottopic. We’re starting a special group, “Burnouts for Bernie” just for people like you; People disgusted with the left wing of the corporate party, people who believed in Obama and had their hopes shattered. People afraid to believe again.

Yes the system is corrupt. Yes, there’s good reason to believe that the Dems are using Bernie, that they’ll ditch him at the first opportunity. There’s a chance he could turn into the anti-Bernie if elected, in the way that candidate Obama metastasized into President Obama.

But even if the worst all came to pass, Bernie is the most Progressive Voice on the National Stage now and certainly the most progressive Democratic candidate within my lifetime.

Wouldn’t you like to see more press coverage of issues progressives care about?

Wouldn’t you like to embrace hope instead of cynicism?

“Burnouts for Bernie” - You should join.


You don’t mean that as a compliment, do you?


Well, it’s legal to grow and hold, but we won’t be able to legally buy it until October 1st, when recreational pot will be on sale to the public at existing medical marijuana dispensaries.

And of course, people in Oregon wouldn’t even think of violating federal law by driving over the bridges to Washington State and buying it there, where sales are legal.

Oh wait, I guess I had to think about that to write it.

Just a short drive over the bridge…



Bernie is trying to get somewhere in our totally FUBAR system. He has decided to lead an effort to try and take back one of the two successful parties “for the people”. He knows that if he had stayed an independent in a Presidential run, he’d be as ignored as the Green Party is every four years (I ought to know, I’ve been voting for them for most of the last 15 years).

No, I’m not “convertible” to Hillary. Bernie may have had to declare loyalty to whoever the Dem nominee is, but the rest of us didn’t, and many of us won’t. Even though I have no interest in BDSM in the bedroom, I seem to have developed a real devotion to it politically. However, I’m allowing a glimmer of hope that from all of his years of winning campaigns in fairly conservative, rural Vermont, Bernie has a real idea for how to make this work on a national level. So far, it seems to be working. We’ll see what happens when the snow flies. I tend to think that a Sanders’ “endorsement” of Hillary as the nominee would be fairly perfunctory and not include any actual campaigning for her.


Or one may, like going to a carnival where one knows the games are fixed, buy some popcorn and enjoy the bright flashing lights, the overly loud music and the patter of the barkers as they try to draw the rubes into their web.


Maybe you took the red pill and I took the blue pill. Maybe you’re a burnout and I’m tilting at windmills. Maybe it’s that I still have hope things can be changed and you don’t. Could be any, all or none of these.

I’ve found that beliefs change over time and they’re often a journey along a continuum, that there’s a trajectory we follow as we age.

Was I a better person at one age or another because of what I believed?

I don’t think so. I think kindness and compassion trump belief and the things we argue about here don’t necessarily reflect how we treat others. Don’t necessarily reflect what counts.

But it’s still fun.

I wish you well.


…if he is being disingenuous about many of the domestic policies he has mentioned…

I believe that Sanders’ vote, just last year, in favor of over $8 Billion in cuts to food stamps, and his revolting excuse-making (I’ll try and get funding reinstated for poor hungry kids in VT… but fuck the kids in New Hampshire!) tell us exactly how much a “socialist” the Bern artist really is. And what his real agenda is, as he funnels disaffected liberals back into HRC’s fold.


Well, I think some people, not me of course, but some OTHER people who smoked a lot of pot when they were young and have the chance to do it legally now think it will be some magical time machine/fountain of youth that will transport them back to the 60’s.

And it didn’t - I mean won’t - work out that way. It’s just pot, not some magical elixir.


All Obama did was ride a wave of “Believe in Change” after 8 years of Bush and his wars and attacks on our constitution and liberties. He spoke little of actual progressive issues. Bernie, may not be perfect in the eyes of all progressives, but he is light years ahead of Obama and any other “electable” Presidential candidate we have ever had in my voting lifetime. Progressives, let’s not do to him like we did to the Ralph Nader because his election strategy focus is on the bread and butter economic issues that most Americans will vote on! He will be still be the best President we have ever had on the military and foreign policy!


Unfortunately, that is exactly what Dennis Kucinich did. Within days after losing the nomination, his people were calling me for donations and support for the Democratic nominee! that pissed me off! But let’s stop making meaningless excuses for not supporting Bernie!