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With Voting Rights at Risk Across US, International Monitors Called to Help


With Voting Rights at Risk Across US, International Monitors Called to Help

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

With the right to vote "more vulnerable now than at any time in the past 50 years," an American civil rights coalition is calling for an increase in international election monitors during the 2016 election.


After Hillary rigged and stole the Democratic nomination for President, it is a little late to call in International Monitors, but in this case better late than not at all. It would take only tampering with a few voting machines in major cities in swing states to swing the election to Hillary should it be going against her ---and her Clinton campaign has the staff and plenty of experience.


Thanks to the Republicans, our country is close to becoming a full blown fascist dictatorship.
If you can't win an election because the majority of voters disagree with you, then take the people's vote away and only allow those on your side to vote.
Republican governor's and legislatures have done that with mastery.


Hahaha. We are a banana republic


A slap in the face to Obummer, who "assures" us that that our elections can't be rigged. I believe that's called deliberate blindness. Thanks for calling in the monitors - we need them.


I am outraged, OUTRAGED!, that so many states are trying to intimidate voters. Let's continue fighting for empowering voters so they can cast their electronic ballots, and have the machines subsequently "flip" their votes in favor of whoever is the corporate sponsored establishment candidate. That's how democracy is supposed to work!

I can't believe all this bs...


To quell your outrage, real or imagined, let's try paper ballots.


I remember CBS news covering a Russian-sponsored election just after Russian troops took over the Crimea, a Ukranian peninsula. At the polling station the poll workers were all in their places, but unfortunately there were no voters at all at the polling place. Mr. Putin won that election in a landslide.

Elections in the USA have a slightly different problem. Pollsters have become notably accurate in calling elections with exit polls, except in a certain few states the actual vote tallies differ rather violently with all of the major exit polls, they always jump in the conservative direction and they never jump when the conservative candidate already has the election sewn up. These states are almost always using black box electronic voting machines. If we do have international monitors, I wish that they'd look into this curious behavior.


Nicole Sandler - Radio or Not progressive news podcast, now maybe called The Nicole Sandler show - has shared several times over the last year or so what she was told by a Carter family member involved in Jimmy Carter's global 'election watch' foundation. It seems the case that the Foundation's monitoring protocol begins with assumption and criteria that the nation to be observed have a uniform structure across the nation for it's elections. The US elections, even Federal, are structured by each state and aren't necessarily the same (if I understand correctly). Examples: Some jurisdictions, even within states, use electronic machines with capability to provide some kind of print out, and others use e.machines without that capacity. Felons who've finished sentence and probation requirements can vote here but not there. And so on. I guess the 'manpower' to sort out all the rules prior to monitoring an election is unavailable. (??).

This makes me think the US can at the very least request an outside 'assessment' of flaws in the US system. Within the US, election watch groups are well aware of flaws and anti-democratic practices, but surely it would boost attention and offer extra validation if outside-the-nation groups could issue quality reports.

That we'd continue to hear and even promote the myth of America as a leading 'democracy' is painfully absurd. One tires of being satisfied with the ironic humor.


Some Democrats have helped in this farce. I am outraged, also.


Voting, shmoting.

We're Number One.


Truly they are patriots.


They should have been here for the Bush appointment or the Hillary crowning in the primary. If they come just looking for voter suppression laws it will be a waste of time. Voting machines have to be eliminated for starters and exit polls need to be watched closely. California was a joke.
There will be much to watch for if they come as none of our past elections have been free of fraud. Well maybe Obomber but it would have been hard to see since he had so many voting for him.
We need thousands of watchers.


I just saw her on C-Span. She is tops. Imagine what a Stein/Sanders ticket would bring! I'd even be excited about this election. A Democrat, whom I shall not name, told Bernie if he didn't endorse Hillary, he's lose his seats on many important committees. This is Democracy?


Hi Imhtep, Congressman Bob "Freedom Fries" Ney Ohio (R), introduced to America, the vote flipping electronic voter machines with the " Helping America Vote Act", right after hanging chads Florida. By the way, Bush beat Kerry in 2004 in Ohio on a late night vote flip. Is anybody listening, in Washington State voting is Postal-Voting. Everything, everything, voting lines, voter I.D. laws, vote flipping machines, etc. does not happen here. Voting in in Washington State, Oregon, and in Colorado is Postal-Voting. The rest of America, wake-up and smell the coffee. Also, Canada I hear is totally paper ballot, from the Yukon to Nova Scotia,. no problem in Canada.


He also said it might just take a year or two to clean up BP's gusher in the Gulf.

Willfully blind or just ignorant about oil spills and election fraud -- the result is the same.