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With Voting Rights Protections Gutted, Polling Places Shuttered on 'Massive Scale'


With Voting Rights Protections Gutted, Polling Places Shuttered on 'Massive Scale'

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Voters in U.S. counties previously covered by the Voting Rights Act (VRA) will have at least 868 fewer places to cast ballots in the 2016 election than they did previously, according to a new analysis released Friday.


Democrats may not be too democratic, but SCOTUS Republicans outwardly hate democracy.


supreme court is a disgusting joke


Ok, I'm sorry but I'm laughing right now and crying a bit too, but more so laughing, at this debacle of a voting process. Everything about the primary and this election has been botched or down right illegal. OMG we don't really have the will to do this right anymore. No one cares because every one in congress quit caring some years ago.
Well, one good thing, the more chaos the easier it is to swing the election. When this whole charade is through we still won't know who really won. Like we don't know who won the primary.
Just another way to hollow out the only visible form of democracy we have. That feeling you have that the country is falling apart is real.


Hey African American voter, did you get the message yet? Actually, there are two messages being sent to any black person attempting to vote this sorry assed election year 2016. The first message is the same old one you should be accustomed to by now, American conservatives and all other manner of racist assholes don't want you to vote. The second is more subtle, but just as awful as the first. The Democratic Party, you know, the party that you as a voting block has hitched your wagon to, only wants your votes every four years during the democratic primaries. That fact should have been made abundantly clear by the inaction of the current democratic president, ironically an African American, by his stunning silence on this issue, especially reflected by his justice dept, ironically also run by fellow African Americans. This could have and should have been made a major issue the last four years, and in particular in this election cycle. Yet the silence from Obama, Holder, and now Lynch, is deafening.
These facts, mixed with the Obama administration and DNCs gross incompetence in dealing with the poisoning of an entire African American city in Flint, and it should be plainly obvious to African Americans that, if you don't help yourselves, and get out and vote in droves, despite all the obstacles placed in your way, then you deserve what you get.
What, you didnt see this coming? Every day since LBJ signed the civil rights voting act of 1965, the white power structure of the USA has been trying think of a way to place African Americans back in chains. If trump wins, and the senate remains in republican hands, the next four years could be the hardest the African American community have endured since 1865.


The Democratic Party, under LBJ, passed the Voting Rights Act, creating the split between Dixicrats who went Republican, and northern and western Democrats. A Supreme Court, in a 5-4 majority, gutted one of the acts most important provisions. As you know, the Obama justice department defended the act, as did Democrats in Congress, but the conservative appointees saw fit to do what they wanted to do. Currently, the DOJ is putting poll watchers in North Carolina and has brought suit against several states. Here's an update on the voting section's activities:


This gets to another important point. Congress funds what the executive branch does. If Republicans continue to control Congress, nobody can expect to keep the voting rights section funded. This situation gets worse of the executive branch is overseen by someone with no interest in voting rights to begin with.


They are winning the war financially, also. Although many of the people in those states feel they are fiscal conservatives and complain about the federal government, they take more from the government than they contribute in taxes.


Both of the major candidates, as well as Obama and past presidents, tell us we are or have been the greatest democracy in the world. Voting restrictions are only one part of this fallacy of American exceptionalism.


"With Voting Rights Protections Gutted, Polling Places Shuttered on 'Massive Scale'"

Well, looked up NC cuz that was the first ,mention in the article and the State Board of Elections press release says otherwise. Either the CD article or the NC State Board of Elections spreading false information.



"You deserve what you get". We don't deserve you.


The right wing is running scared or they wouldn't be going to these lengths to prevent people of color from voting. Keep the pressure on and don't let up!


Trump was right, but it's him and his party that are destroying the vote. Repubs have been doing this for ages. Just ask Karl Rove. We'll see how it goes, but how can it be claimed that election results are legit.


Thank You.


There is no law that requires appointees to the US Supreme Court to be intelligent!


Times have changed. The questions are, why would people of color be targeted, by whom, and for what purpose? America is its economic/class system today. Decades of research have shown that most voting choices come down to economic issues. Not race. Until the 1990s, it made sense that Republicans would attempt to block the votes of the poor, who overwhelmingly voted Dem. Since B. Clinton, however, Democrats took the lead in waging the war on the poor, the elderly poor, and the disabled, to the general disinterest of modern liberals.

The great majority of US poor are white, and this time, few are voting Dem. Republicans know this.


Why should people of color vote Democrat? I doubt that they all think alike, and research shows that most voting choices come down to economic issues. I've noticed throughout this election cycle that people are clinging to old stereotypes that no longer apply.




On the up side, perhaps this is an indication that voting can make a difference…
("If voting changed anything, they'd make it illegal." - Emma Goldman)


White people froze out the Native Americans and then gave them blankets which were infected with diseases. White people signed treaties with Native Americans which took away their hunting rights and then they feed them poisonous meats. Whites kill and steal from their own relatives everyday in America. White people, historically, seem trapped in thievery and genocide. Why wouldn't white people deny " the other " and non-property owning minorities the right to vote. That seems pretty mild in comparison to trying to murder or steal from you, I'd wager.


Indeed, Dede.