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With Vows of Collective Power, Trump Opponents Plan for 'Day After Friday'


With Vows of Collective Power, Trump Opponents Plan for 'Day After Friday'

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

On Thursday, the day before President-elect Donald Trump is sworn in amid global protests and boycotts, his opponents are looking beyond inauguration day actions to create long-term strategies to resist the incoming right-wing agenda.


Good idea. Curiously, where were these people during the last 8 years of Obama's war crimes and crimes against humanity and obscene inequality, or the previous 8 years of Cheney/Bush numerous lies, war crimes and crimes against humanity, or the previous 8 years of Clinton's crimes, Bush's crimes, Reagan's, crimes, Carter's crimes, etc. etc.? I guess it is probably better late than never, but sure could have used these people during the numerous crimes of Pax Americana...


A whole bunch of these people have absolutely been fighting against the things you cite all of these years.

Where exactly have you been?

There are going to be a lot of actions, that will keep you busy denouncing them.


What good is resistance without an alternative?

Online Direct Democracy


I don't understand. It isn't as if these platforms can't be taken down. It isn't as if voting on the internet couldn't or wouldn't be hacked by the NSA, et al.

I also don't understand why it is so predictable, that every time some movement of resistance starts to happen, many on the left immediately discredit such a movement.


The day after the inauguration Trump goes on vacation, indicating that he's got no idea of the responsibility he's taken on.

Also, from what I'm hearing, the WH isn't staffed. It could be that tomorrow, there will effectively not be an Executive branch.

Do I need to say it? This. Is. Not. Normal.


Peg this Emperor's ass to the wall!


Interestingly, I have observed very few Democrats attending protests against Obama's Killer Drones and or sharing a jail cell with me....


That's fine, I denounce all who serve the interests of war criminals. Obama expanded upon the crimes of Cheney/Bush. Trump will expand upon the crimes of Obama. Probably safe to say that you won't be around.


Well, there is the "left" and then there is the fake left comprised of Democrats and the lessor evil types...


To your first objection, I provided an informative link. If you watched "Snowden", you will note that the NSA's "total information awareness" means it can hack anything, including voting machines and vote counts of all sorts. Snowden recommends encryption for online security.

To your second, "progressive" implies progress, to make things better, to move forward, as opposed to "conservative" that implies status quo, to keep things static or move backwards. Progressives welcome constructive criticism. Regressive conservatives do not.


He also seems to think it's a Monday to Friday job.


A little self serving with the definitions.


How so?


Move to Amend's recent message to their base called on their supporters to "build a wall of resistance so that Trump's tower of sadistic babble crumbles against it. A wall so deep and broad, it will be the best wall ever!"


"The authors are part of a team of former congressional staffers under President Barack Obama who witnessed the rise of the Tea Party in 2009 and are now aiming to use the conservative movement's tactics against them. " Seems like a whole bunch of these people are people who worked under Obama facilitating and or being complicit in his numerous war crimes and crimes against humanity. And I have not seen one of them protesting Obama's numerous crimes...


Wow, you are just chock full of judgements there buddy. Bugger off.

I mean, you can just judge all those showing up to resist Trump as not having resisted anything you cite.

Is there a shrine somewhere that I can light a candle to honor your supremacy of activism?


I'm the last person that needs informed of the crimes of Obama.

You did not specify in your initial comment who "these people" were. I share your condemnation of those who have facilitated the crimes of Bush, Obama, Clinton, and the rest, but you made your comment to an article detailing scores of groups resisting, thus my defense of them.


You are a resistance God, no doubt.

Where have I come to the defense of Democrats?


I suggest you go to every demonstration you have time for, with a bullhorn, an tell all of them off.

Resist the resistance, and berate those who are finally seeing the light!!!