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With Walkout and Rally Planned for Monday, Teachers' Anger Over Low Pay and Lack of Funding Spreads to Colorado


With Walkout and Rally Planned for Monday, Teachers' Anger Over Low Pay and Lack of Funding Spreads to Colorado

Julia Conley, staff writer

Colorado's teachers' union expects more than 400 teachers at a rally that's planned for Monday at the state's Capitol in Denver.

Across the country, teachers have been striking and lobbying their state legislators for fair pay and labor conditions. The latest state: Colorado.https://t.co/LIT98JJu58


Instead of fighting for higher teacher pay and funding of schools, including rebuilding crumbling infrastructure, a path of Austerity (cut taxes, starve governments, push charters, deny funding increases or justify funding decreases based on fucking nationalized tests) has been pursued by both Republicans and Corporate State Democrats.

Imagine what shiny new Austerity is in store with the latest round of tax cuts!

Home school! Oh yes, I forgot. The other tactic to tear down a public school system.

Standardized testing, the kind started by George W. Bush that resulted in “teaching to the test” has been one of the most successful right wing agendas ever undertaken.


This is a direct attack on the citizenry of America.

Not the walkout. But the total strategic lack of funding of public education — the continued “dumbing-down” of the general populace and erosion of critical thinking skills and general knowledge of what it means to be a responsible human and citizen is rotting the country’s foundation as a democracy.

Public education and the teachers who provide it truly are the initial and most fundamental protectors of freedom. They need to be payed as such.


100% correct and thank you.


I taught engineering at the junior to doctoral levels in two land-grant universities for a quarter of a century, which is approximately one generation. The erosion of critical thinking skills was phenomenal. Between changes in parenting norms, cell phones, dumbing down of curricula, (other) faculty using too much technology (and poorly, at that) in prerequisite courses, and who knows what else, the slide in student quality was inevitable. I took an early exit because this trend (along with that of the dismissal of my chosen field, the environment, at state and federal levels–part of the neoliberal takedown of the country). Watching this process unfold I decided not to parent children and to advise my students to not seek careers in academia. The decline in this country is a real tragedy. I guess I’ll have to listen to:

while imagining unicorns.


This historic wave of teachers’ strikes should be the top domestic news story across the country. If you get your news from Fox, you don’t even know its happening unless you are personally affected by it. Other mainstream outlets are barely better. They don’t want us to think about this first important salvo against corporate/wealthy tax giveaways. The big headline story across the entire news spectrum is what did Comey say about Trump and what did Trump say about Comey. The only thing I agree with Trump on is that we are inundated with Fake News.


And now we have DeVos, put in place to try to complete the annihilation of our public school systems.
I’d like to see teachers across the country, walk-out in support.


Actually these charters were pushed around the time of Reagan ( second term) and Daddy Warlocks Bush.


One has to wonder- out of all matters- why do they hate teachers? Oh, I forgot- they want to dumb down the public and collect more profits. Except- when not enough people in the USA are working- who will invest in their companies? Duh- not everybody in China and India is rich.


Trillions for endless war and arms industry, predatory banker bailouts, lower taxation for billionaires, corporate subsidies and tax cuts, and little for PUBLIC education and America’s future! The ruling class shows its agenda clearly and we must show our support for the 99% and public education, health care, and so much else! Fight the power!


When families must, out of necessity, see both parents work and in single parent families where the parent/guardian must work to make ends meet, who the hell is going to be able to homeschool their kids?


I would wager that you sent more than a lucky few out into the world better prepared than they were upon arrival at your door. Your “academic” offspring.


I wonder how America can be made, “great again” if public schools haven’t the funds to provide a contemporary education for America’s children? Surely administrators can sense how unfair it is for teachers, who have their own expenses, to, out of compassionate care for their students, provide them with school essentials.


Yes, and Obama did as well. One big clustercluck of attacks against public schools.


I have friends, a married couple who are both extremely intelligent and well educated. They are also very creative, both professional artists.

They, aligned with that philosophy of valuing creativity decided to take a shot at home schooling. It didn’t last a year.

They have a whole new appreciation for the public school that their kid goes to. A good one at that.


I have worked in schools- do not understand that at all , and never did.


Thank you. I sure hope so.


Bomb Syria. Impeach Trump. Ignore this. Mainstream media at its finest. But even so, if they can do it, we can to!


It’s great for a rich ruling class in need of ignorant workers to exploit. Workers who will never be citizens because they have neither the time, nor the energy, nor the basic education to fight back. Lucky for us, humanity is and always will be resistant to the efforts of a few to control everything and everyone.