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With Walkout and Rally Planned for Monday, Teachers' Anger Over Low Pay and Lack of Funding Spreads to Colorado


Why don’t we send the teachers to Syria? The Dems, and Repubs just spent $200 million of tax payer dollars there over the weekend. I am sure that $200 million would be more than enough. We could also send the people from Flint Michigan that need clean water there also. Let’s see $50 million for the people of Flint’s water, and $150 million for the teachers. I bet that would cover it. How about the homeless people in Los Angeles. We could break a bone off for them also. Damn I am smart. I should run for office…


The matter of parent support is vital and may well determine outcomes.


The MSM is general has said little about real domestic news- now it’s Micheal Cohen and Stormy Daniels.


True- but the aging population is caring little about education and more about retirement and captial gains.


Really??? Most humans are greedy.


Your name does matter a lot!


Great post about the couple who are now public school fans. Over 90% of the school aged population attend public.


Plus who is qualified to teach everything? Maybe the wealthy who hire their own everything to work for them


Banker bailouts and more corruption, and people being angry at the wrong people rather than the pols and Wall Street.


They do not care about the USA- only their own bank accounts.


OK, mealouts, all the more reason to engage presumably younger parents as kindred stakeholders…


Ha- it sounds good- but many are too “busy” to even bother or expect too much- like having the school feed the kids breakfast or act as babysitters before school even opens. ( And we’re not even talking about those who have emergency situations ).


No, easier called for than done…in NYC where I teach, some teachers in my union caucus work w/parents on issues of school closings, ‘opting out’ of standardized tests, and ‘restorative justice’ circles that aim to reduce suspensions of people of color. But most teachers are not active in the above, and I’d say parent-teacher links are overall weak.

Gun violence - as it affects low income people/people of color in NYC - seems a promising point for teachers and parents to come together on - was prominently sounded in the NY March for Our Lives march. We’ll see.


Yes, definitely need more connections between parents and teachers. After all parents are the first teachers, and the ones to continually be in a students’s life. I give you all the credit for teaching in NYC>


True. And also selfless. Good reason to build cultures that discourage greed and encourage compassion.


Yes, and thank you for your reply. Now, Colorado Rethugs want to call teachers who strike criminals, and want to make that a criminal offense! Sure, they bail out the real criminals on Wall Street, but then demonize teachers who educate and care about people for much less money than other professionals.