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With War Now Displacing 60 Million, Time for World to 'Reaffirm Its Humanity'


With War Now Displacing 60 Million, Time for World to 'Reaffirm Its Humanity'

Jon Queally, staff writer

Citing nearly unprecedent levels of conflict and instability across the world, the heads of both the United Nations and the International Red Cross on Saturday issued a rare joint call warning that nations and global leaders must dramatically step up efforts to scale back wars and miltary actions that are causing massive human suffering while ripping apart families, communities, entire nations, and regions.


Interesting the headline is "war" singular, not "wars" although plural is used in the article. Yes, we are in a WORLD WAR (singular) although it is not being broadcast as such.


An when's the last time the UN condemned the US for its actions in the Mideast and beyond. They gotta know who's responsible for the bulk of the world's turmoil and yet remain silent.

What's the purpose of the UN anyway?


Wars over diminishing resources will displace large populations, stretching institutions and human services to the breaking point. That's when the dieoff begins.


Exactly. The population increases at three additional people per second. Resources are quickly running out. The climate has changed.

This adds up to one thing. If people want to reaffirm humanity they will stop having children.


Oh right, this is all the fault of the US. It has nothing to do with world overpopulation, climate change and total ignorance of people towards the limits of growth.

Just keep having more kids and blame someone else.


If the UN really did it's job it would point out that the world is quickly running out of enough resources to feed 8 billion people. They would promote planned parenthood and sex education to stop the increase of population, which is now at three additional people PER SECOND.

They would tell people around the world that growth is limited to resources.

Instead, let's blame the US for everything. Because thinking is hard.


Gee I wonder if overpopulation and the limits to growth have anything to do with this?

I wonder if people trying to blame everything but that has anything to do with this?


Thank you.

Overpopulation. Climate Change. Limits to Growth.

This is just the beginning of the wars.

Unless people question having more children, this is going to get much worse.


The preponderance of the Arms Trade is also a factor. If nations with criminal elites (operating like drug lords inside ghettos) were not given the chance to purchase intense weaponry (with much of it being left behind to arm the next set of "insurgents"), conflicts would never take on this level of disproportionate force.

There is also a profound metaphysical relationship between disruptions of geological systems and organized human conflict. Yogananda explained this--at length--to a U.N. Assembly back in l949. I have also added it to the comment threads on many prior occasions.


You've been neutered - yes?


Without any justification what-so-ever the government of the United States and its corporate, criminal conspirators have created a ruthless, global genocide of all peoples seeking better lives under democratic principles. Leading the wave of unconscionable blood letting is a secretive cabal ruling the former republic of the United States. Not since America's genocidal conduct against Native Americans has there ever been such a wide spread government policy to ruthlessly kill innocents in such numbers.

Were there a God the murderers would already have been swept up in a rapture express straight to hell.




Welcome to the New American Century. Unsurpassed moral leadership bringing American values to the ignorant masses.

Through a "smart-bomb" sight. At the muzzle of a gun. Yesirree Bob, EXCEPTIONAL world leadership. At double-time now, advance to the rear.


There is plenty for everyone it is just a distribution problem both physical and planned.


Militarism is the true American God, just open one eye and look around. God guns and glory.


Really? How does that work exactly?

The population is growing at three additional people per second. We're not at 8 billion people.

Now, show me how you distribute enough for everyone.


The military brought the resources necessary for you to type this on your computer. Through violence we gather resources. As population grows, so does the violence.

Now, how do you stop that if not by checking population growth?


Endgame, aren't you forgetting overconsumption--consuming way over what you need to live?


Once having swum to the lifeboat and pulled aboard, they were among the first to argue that there wasn't enough food and water for all the people in the boat already and that no one else should be brought aboard.

I am amazed at how many supposed progressives are caught up with depopulation scenarios. The article talks about reducing war and people immediately think about reducing population. You guys worry me about that association.

We need to socialize capitalism and learn a more humane ethos towards supporting people. We can make a solar and wind powered capitalism instead of a fossil fuel based version. We can clean up the oceans and feed another few billions with ease if we chose to.

Stop war... it destroys more than just what is being targeted. It is destroying the future too.