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With Warren Sidestepped, Wall Streets Execs Cheer Biden's Pick of Harris for VP

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/12/warren-sidestepped-wall-streets-execs-cheer-bidens-pick-harris-vp


I told my sister, just wait, this is all a media frenzy, Liz and Bernie will laugh this off.

And then you pulled back your hand. And 1,000 snake emojis launched.

After acting as a DNC torpedo, you thought the billionaires would forgive you? You’re not in the Club, Liz. You’re a contractor. You were my second choice. You had our love and respect. Jamie Diamond will blackball you forever.


It was never going to be anyone even remotely progressive. I predicted over a year ago that if Biden was the nominee Harris would be his running mate. It’s a perfect oligarchy match: an East Coast corporate whore and a West Coast corporate whore, and also a cop. Authoritarian wet dream. Still not “Ridin’ With Biden”. Crash and burn the party so commoners can take it over for us. #NeverBiden.


2024–time for a Greene-Socialist ticket. We are many and they are few and mortal too. All we need is courage, unity to come together and send the capitalists packing. Mother Earth simply cannot afford their greed.


With DNC/Biden/Harris, “What Wallstreet wants, Wallstreet gets.”


Wall Street cheering Harris is all you need to know when it comes to corruption and business as usual .
More importantly than that ,is NOT focusing on Biden And Harris as a suitable solution to Trump but as a temporary detour to get rid of Trump.
The DNC Needs to continue what seems like their strategy to keep Biden and his partner in crime out of the press and public view .
Let the disdain for Trump pile up to a level where the majority of people will believe Biden is actually a good choice . He’s not , he’s only the guy that will take votes from Trump and remove him . but to do that he needs to stay out of view . If he is elected THEN his removal can start .
With Biden there MIGHT still be a planet left after four years to save ,
but with Trump it’s almost guaranteed there won’t be anything left that
will be able to support life .
Do NOt make the mistake of not voting at all because your high and mighty morals are in jeopardy .


I often wonder if I will ever be able to vote “for” something again - so sick and tired of voting “against” something over and over and over…


There are good reasons Warren shouldn’t have been picked that have nothing to do with her politics, but are so often overlooked in these discussions.

First and most obviously - having two old, white Northeasterners on a national ticket isn’t good strategy if you want to maximize turnout in swing states.

Secondly, Warren consistently underperforms as a campaigner. This was well-documented before the primary


and it played out again during the primary when she disastrously switched positions on several issues and took third place in her own state. She doesn’t appeal to rural voters or independents (neither will Harris), and she doesn’t complement Biden with any demographic except college-educated liberals - most of whom will happily vote for Harris.

Progressives have to stop thinking that who is in the White House defines the limits of what we can achieve. Biden was never going to pick anyone who supports the Left. Let’s move on.


Good advice. Many don’t think their vote will do any good when they have to choose someone they can’t stand. Too bad we have to do the lesser of two evils over and over again, but we really have to until we get it right.


Is it possible for Attorney General Liz Warren?

just to make sure you all know–the Democrats have doubled down on corporate power over the needs of the people --Again–this pick is the woman who when she had one of the main criminals in the current Republican administration(Mnuchin) in her power to prosecute for the illegal throwing of people from their homes–had the goods on him --her staff was ready to proceed and she let him go , then took campaign money from his bank for her Senate run–so our only alternative to Trump is war mongering corporate toadies with NO plan to address the pandemic -NO medicare for all-no green new deal-NO end the the war mongering --only the campaign slogan “I’m not Trump” to lead us into the depth of the 6th Great Extinction and the collapse of our ecosystems for the profits of the corporations and their money powering of BOTH parties–now happening in the world near you


Warren needs to hang tight in the US Senate until Taxachusetts has a D governor.

If Biden beats Trump, hopefully Newsome will appoint Loretta Sanchez to complete Harris’ Senate term (Democrat Sanchez lost the 2016 Senate race to Harris).

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Biden has promised to veto M4A if congress passes it. I’d call that a limit on what progressives can achieve on healthcare. Biden supports endless wars, supports wall street and insurance companies, private prisons, oligarchy, police state, etc. I’d say he, along with congress, severely limit what progressives can achieve. Time to move on to a third party.


Oh Liz! You sold out for the VP spot, turned your back on Bernie and the movement, made the phony sexist Bernie charge, forever stained your standing with progressives, and were never, ever really on the list of possible VP picks. What a fool you are; completely lacking in political instincts.


Oh Wall Street execs just wait, Warren will become the Treasury Secretary. Whoa unto you greedy bastards.

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No, no Secretary of he treasury it is.

Maybe we can enlist some advice from the Lebanese and get either of the corrupt administrations that win in November to step down before 2024.


Lots of tricky machinations there to get a senile candidate elected. A simpler way to ensure lots of votes would be to embrace M4A and denounce 4everWars…


That pretty well sums it up. I think I will go back and re-read Chris Hedges’s article again to lift my spirits…

Agree, but lets be fair, Biden/Harris do have two campaign slogans, the “I’m not Trump” you bring up, and the other, said in a whisper to Wall Street, “Nothing Will Change”.