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With Women and Doctors in Danger, House GOP Called to End 'Witch Hunt'



Why don't they make such a big fuss about viagra then? Sheesh!


Well, Viagra is appreciated by women too and it sure beats fashioning a splint with a pencil or two. :laughing:


There was a wire report on these pages today about the TSCA (Toxic Substances Control Act) and the bill now before Congress to modernize it. Without going into the details, it led me to research the topic some more. I found an article in the Hill urging Gop members to demand specific language to "protect the life of the fetus", even though fetuses and small children are protected in the imperfect bill. Those words are codewords to undermine the rights of women. The GOP will never stop its crusade against abortion. We will just have to wait for them to fade away into irrelevancy. Considering who they are about to nominate, I don't think we'll be waiting that long.


Not waiting...voting BLUE in 2016, sending $$$ to Dem women running for Congress.


Todays GOP Congresscritters who this letter compares with commie fighter Joseph McCarthy will wear that comparison as a badge of honor.


The majority of Countries are liberalizing abortion laws outside some small few, this even in Nations in areas traditionally against it in places like Africa.

It hard to come to grips as to the underlying reasons as to why the USA is bucking the trend here.


The oppression of women's health clinics has always been class warfare. Any female in any family of a Congresscritter can get whatever aid she needs including an abortion. It has been thus for at least a hundred years. For the one percent there has always been doctors willing to provide service whether it was legal or not. A female from the 1% could go to Europe or Japan on a "shopping trip' and return with nobody the wiser. A poor woman on the other hand has to jump many hurdles to obtain an abortion and their providers are harassed out of the service. What a wonderful country.


Whatever works, but I still think Viagra beats any kind of splint, and am sure that most women would agree with me. smiling_imp:


The underlying reason is glaringly obvious and simple. It is: the religious right wing messianic nuts who basically control the country overall. Most other countries and regions have been moving steadily away from letting their religious nuts run the show. The US is moving in the opposite even as more and more of us are coming out as'nonreligious' or atheists.


Not only that, but the pretense of saving infant lives is so hypocritical from these alleged christians who care NOT AT ALL about infants, pregnant women or anyone else in Palestine, Libya, Syria, Iraq,Iran, Venezuela, Argentina, Colombia and all the other countries being "aided" by the humanitarian murders of the US and Israeli "defense forces".


Yes you have defined the problem but not why the difference. As you point out the USA when compared to other countries is moving in the opposite direction when it comes to putting those Religious people in control. What exactly drives that given it claimed the USA founded on the principle of separation of Church and State.?

I just find it very interesting that here in Canada when a person runs for Prime Minister, what his or her religion is and whether ot not he or she served in the Military is rarely raised whereas in the USA it can be central to a campaign. Historically we come from more or less the same stock. Does it in fact boil down to the Puritans as the first Colonists in the 13 colonies?


Most people who post in this forum are clueless about the organized power and stealth of Christian Fundamentalists. They are to America what the Taliban is to Afghanistan; and the American version is DEAD SET upon establishing a Christian Theocracy in this nation.

They are so hell-bent on this objective and so certain that "God wants them to do it" that the notion of other people having other ideas about God, spirituality, and how to make decisions about their own bodies (and reproductive destinies) is not only alien to them, it's 100% irrelevant.

To these zealots--and they are many--other people can only be free if they accept the "one true Christian" path. And therefore, they will enforce this path.

Everything going on from the defunding of public schools (in order to siphon huge sums to Christian Charter schools), and Catholic hospitals denying women birth control as well as abortions, and now Christian Corporations denying employees birth control, added to this McCarthy like CHILL and SHAMING campaign (which indeed DOES put the diminishing number of doctors providing abortions at risk) are examples of Church melding with State.

There is no sin too great (nor not shown to become a historical certainty) when people think God gives them permission to trample over other peoples' minds, bodies, lands, and human rights.

This is a VERY dangerous slope and sociopaths like Paul Ryan are 100% with "the program." Trump is faking it because he wants to occupy the White House since he sees himself as a natural born boss & ruler.


Please read my post. You forgot about the enormous political and economic power of the Christian Right, or better stated, Christian Reich.


Class warfare is the EFFECT of a CAUSE and that cause is patriarchy and its suppression of females.

THAT is the story. Whether the smaller financially affluent group obtains abortions is NOT the real problem.

YOU use the "class warfare" item in order to pivot one woman against another.

Rianne Eisler wrote the best book I've ever read on what happens when societies become Male Dominant. They always demean the value of women, circumscribe women's rights (especially over their own bodies), and devalue anything that could be considered feminine--like open feelings of compassion and caring.

After all, the ultimate patriarchal society is that of male warriors exerting dominance, control, and power over others. And since the U.S. has been morphing from a Democratic Republic into a Military State since the demise of W.W. II... it's ESSENTIAL to do all those things that make for a society of ready warriors.

I find it sad, but not unexpected, that the card-carrying "leftists" would give your post a like. There is tremendous misogyny shown in this forum and a repugnant lack of insight into what Feminism means, and why the premise of gender equality is so important.

Most males are FAR more comfortable keeping every discussion within the parameters of Marx and the class war. However, as I've stated MANY times before, sexism and turning women into chattel began WAY before Marx was born and the term capitalism came into use.

The cleaving of genders into unequal ranks created an asymmetric template upon which have been laid the various sins ... enslavement of conquered tribes and later millions of Black persons from Africa, the subjugation of the Indigenous tribes across the Americas, the control of Asians in India and other regions, etc.

Before capitalism, the patriarchal imperialistic mindset became common practice. Only when the quintessential root of inequality is dug up and replaced by something more just and humane can the problem of capitalism begin to be countered.


Did you know that the U.S. military passed out Viagra to some of the Taliban leaders, the guys who typically rape 7 year old boys and "marry" 10 year old girls?

As usual, the smug sexism that passes itself off as sexual savvy shows a complete tunnel vision for HOW Viagra is used against many women's wills!


You said:

"It is superficial because both parties are essentially the same; the same devotion to the same financial overseers, the same devotion to the same imperial imperative for hegemony, and the same fealty to the further propagation of that economic aberration that is late capitalism."

In the limited scope you mention, both parties' positions are relatively the same BECAUSE both answer to the Big Money masters and in a nation where 50% of its income is earmarked for war, soldiers, and the maintenance of about 1000 bases, worldwide, the War Profiteers call a LOT of shots, as do the bankers, their loan sharks.

But the parties also differ, and sometimes in dramatic ways.

Democrats do not deny global warming.

Democrats do not wish to Christianize the nation and control women's wombs.

Democrats (with Obama being a shape-shifter) do not typically show hostility to immigrant workers, the Black community, or Muslims.

Democrats do not foam at the mouth over gay marriage or liberal cultural norms.

Democrats are not intent on cancelling Head Start, blocking funding for Planned Parenthood, or eroding Social Security.

Democrats are not interested in getting rid of the EPA.

On War, corporations, and banking... both parties largely answer to their Big Ticket Donors; but on domestic issues they definitely don't align.

The Koch Brothers, think tanks funded by their ilk, and corporate lobbyists are writing policy in this nation.


As one of the smartest people who post here, your naivete is striking on this issue.

I have gone on record to say that Pat Robertson is probably CIA funded. Why? Because his 700 club--the first major Tel-evangelical network to reach millions of persons--also works as a major political tool.

Don't you remember Bush calling the Christian Right his base?

Did you miss John Dean's excellent book, "Conservatives Without Conscience," and Barry Lynn's book, "God and Government"?

Hedges wrote on this topic, too.

There are about 60 million Evangelical Christians in this nation, and the nature of this beast is obedience to a patriarchal authority figure. That's a very easy way to gain a HUGE voting base. Toss this group the red meat it needs in the form of opposing abortion (as the ONLY mortal sin), and the Right Wing candidate can advocate for war, diminished domestic spending on infrastructure, closing Head Start centers, and even poisoning entire cities' water systems.

The belief in SIN has been the #1 way to control people for many centuries. And it's used reliably and efficaciously by Church hierarchies.

Rianne Eisler chronicles the parallel between increased militarism and suppression of women's rights. The two go together as reliably as DNA's double strands.

I've also mentioned the role of Christian chaplains INSIDE the U.S. military. Truthout had a story on how these individuals were being recruited largely to anesthetize the consciences of young drone pilots, those reluctant to just drop DEATH on anonymous civilians.

For a long time, I could pull up a fabulous Abby Martin clip (from You Tube) which explained this very thing. Apparently, that clip has been taken down or disabled.


I am fully aware of all of those Televangelists that are prevalent in the USA. They hardly get the same traction in other Countries.

This is hardly naivete. It is trying to get to the underlying reason as to WHY it works so well as a system of control in some Countries and does not in others. It very much a chicken and egg thing. Does that Christian Right exist because of those Televangelists or do the Televangelists prosper because of the Christian right.? What is it in history that is different that allows this Christian Right to flourish and grow in The USA and not elsewhere ? In the USA itself why does it have a greater appeal in States called part of the Bible belt and not in others? For that matter what was it in history that created that Bible Belt.?

You are describing symptoms of the underlying Patriarchy and of Militarism. I am fully cognizant of the symptoms. I am more interested in why it is the mechanisms of control work differently or to varying degrees against a given target population. I understand that as individuals we all respond differently to our environment but what is it that make groups respond differently to the same outside influences.?

In the USA about 35 percent of the population identify themselves as Evangelical while here in Canada it around 8 percent. That a huge difference. Further to that nearly half the people who claim they evangelical in Canada would vote Liberal or NDP. In other words even those who call themselves Evangelical in Canada are not necessarily "right wing Christians". In summary I am much more interested in what got us TO there rather then describing what is there.

As I recall the Evangelical movement started in the UK. Why did it take a different course in the USA one which started before there a CIA or television?


Canada has just been through a terrible decade of a Conservative party ruling on the basis of ideology instead of reality. I'm deeply sorry that Americans continue to suffer from the same kind of ideologically-based miss-government.

I hope Americans can elect a more reasonable government this November. But with the world-wide turn to the radical right that is happening, I am very fearful.