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With Workers Under Attack, Labor Leaders Say Only 'Full-Throated Economic Populism' Can Defeat Corporate Elites

With Workers Under Attack, Labor Leaders Say Only 'Full-Throated Economic Populism' Can Defeat Corporate Elites

Jake Johnson, staff writer

BURLINGTON, VT - With the American labor movement under relentless assault by the right-wing Supreme Court, the Republican Party at both the state and federal level, and President Donald Trump's plutocratic administration, prominent union leaders convened during the final day of The Sanders Institute Gathering on Saturday to confront the existential threat facing


The UAW, AFL-CIO and Teamsters have no one to blame but themselves for their current predicament. Instead of calling for nationwide strikes against corporate power, they sold out their members by accepting tiered wage structures, reduced benefits, and longer working hours pushing it as the only way for members to keep their jobs. Eugene Debs wouldn’t pee on the current union leadership if they were on fire.


I don’t know how many times I have to say this in these forums; I retired at age 54 with a $2800 per month pension after 30 yrs with the Teamsters union. Today with this pension, my & my wife’s S/S we can live a relatively comfortable life. I have always said, “as long as I can pay all my bills and have a little left over I am as happy as shit”. I ain’t greedy, I just want to live out the rest of my life in a modest bit of comfort, and I believe EVERYBODY deserves the same.


Dimondstein is spot on shining the light on the duopoly that continues to enrich the 1% at the expense of the 99%.


The irony of the decisive SCOTUS decision bearing the name “Janus” ruling seems to resonate in a chilling karma.

Why are we not looking at labor owned industry? How can it be that work, necessary to administration of governance is not, as a fundamental component, funded in a manner that does not create adversarial frictions?


“Political parties have failed, absolutely failed the working class.”

Many have known this for decades, yet 95% of the voting electorate continue to vote for the same two political parties that have decimated the working class.

Talk is cheap.

We need Revolution leading to mass resignations or prison for the elites most responsible.

There may not be much left of a Congress after We clean out all of the thieves and liars, however, another single day under their representation is another day lost in establishing a new state of equality for all.


NO! We need to inflict physical harm to all of our said Rulers, one by one. Why have we become so complacent? We’ve tried everything with no real results. We have given this job to the new Progressives to do what we are afraid to do. we’ve learned nothing about past civilizations and slavery. We have the right to defend ourselves in self defense. Who is John Galt?

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Yup… Talk is the only thing that’s cheap at this time!

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That’s kinda what Bernie has been saying since 2015.


Read Debs



I took $1100/month in Social Security at age 62 because I was broke and could not find work at that age. My wife, who had the very demanding job of raising kids and taking care of a household, gets no SS for her labors. We are surviving, not really living, our retirement years and are one unplanned bill away from economic disaster. Being ineligible for Medicare, I can only hope for sudden death from something not too painful. This is the reality of way too many people I know.


Bernie is still Bernie.


Upgrade needed. Compulsory voting fixes the low voter turnouts problem.

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Pretty sure the UAW just sold out their membership again.

Corporations rule the earth. You want to topple that power? You need to end them. And stop with this ridiculous “have my cake and eat it to” half-assism that defines liberalism in the 21st century.

Regulations don’t work. They haven’t so far. Sure, you get a week or so before the subjects of the regulation start chewing their way off the leash again by showering people with cash.

Voting doesn’t work. Same policies, different letters. Americans haven’t had a wage raise in nearly 30 years on average. More war. Less housing. Less healthcare. Less food. Had enough yet? At least for our less affluent posters. College is a punchline for debt jokes.

Our middle class posters ain’t gonna get this. They’ve benefited from this system which is why they defend it so strongly. So I’m not talking to them. They’re not your allies or friends. I’m talking to the people that aren’t sure they’re making it to next week. Or the week after that.

You need to decide what you’re willing to pony in to get those chains off.


Yes Eugene V Debs is still very relevant today. Much more relevant than Senator Sellout Sanders who while he occasionally shows up at a strike was too afraid to risk his own job or freedom over the 2016, New Democrat Party Rigged and Stolen Presidential Primary. Growing up I saw ordinary men proud of their scars for the line beatings they endured when on strike or the harassment by the Sheriff’s Office over phony traffic stops, being roughed up by deputies and spending a day or two in the country jail on trumped up charges that were usually dropped before the date of appearance to answer them. That is the commitment to the greater good of We, The Rabble that I was taught to admire and still do. Anybody who cannot stand up to power despite the temporary pain that they will endure for the greater gain in my book is a parasite feeding off of the system. My father was a union president in Texas during the 1950s and 60s before a heart attack gave the company the perfect excuse to “medically retire” him and get his opposition to their labor shenanigans silenced. Between the County Sheriff and the Texas Rangers it was tough to be a union member on strike but not as tough as it frequently has been throughout the struggle of workers to claim our fair share in this Parisistic Capitalist system of economic governance we are ALL oppressed by.

The first thing labor has to do is cut all ties with the New Democrat Party and especially stop providing votes and money for them at the federal level. The damaging anti-labor laws and decisions are already in place and the New Democrat Party provided immeasurable help to make it so. There are lots of things that can be done to help labor at the state level to pressure even multinational, exploitive corporations to change their relationships with their employees. The New Democrat and The Republican Parties as conjoined wings of the Wall Street Owned One Party System (WOOPS) are not going to lift a finger to enhance the positions of working people - not one iota!

We also must remember that Eugene Debs ran his last presidential campaign from a federal prison cell for violating the Espionage Act. An Act that was written to put Debs and a few other notable individuals in jail for criticizing the US entering into World War I - a war that the Piggy Princes Of American Capitalism wanted solely to generate profits for the Military Industrial Complex. And yes the MIC existed then and has existed since the Civil War. The ironic part of holding this conference at an institute named after the junior New Democrat Senator from Vermont is that it was Democratic President Woodrow Wilson who jailed Debs on behalf of the Wall Street Owned MIC!

I was a small business owner for most of my adult working life. I am a Anti-Capitalist because it is the modern, socially acceptable incarnation of Monarchial Capitalism or rule by a strongman and/or Repressive Central Authority. I am not a Socialist because, like capitalism they function around a planned economy and no planned economy allows the prosperity and economic freedom We, The Rabble are entitled to. I do support the vast majority of their other economic and social principles I advocate well regulated Barter And Trade, the natural economy of Peoplekind, as the best system to provide for all of our needs and wants that we cannot individually provide through our own labor.

They say that those who are ignorant of history are condemned to repeat it! And this conference is a quintessential example of that little gem of mind expansion!


If this initiative comes with the formation of a Labor Party in America, I’m in. If it’s a way to promote a few Democrats fuhgetaboutit. Enough people are already convinced but have no way of expressing our political will at the national level. Leaving the democratic party in the way is building failure in. Habitation degradation and global wars can’t wait for school board members to grow up to be senators.


Inflicting physical violence is to be considered as a last resort. Such as when the coming economic collapse drives us out of house and home (See Great Recession) and sends the majority of us to the streets looking for food for our children, other members of our families and ourselves. The quintessential “Let Them Eat Cake.” moment and it is surely coming at lot faster than most of us think. It was none other than President John F. Kennedy who said: (pp) “When peaceful revolution is made impossible then violent revolution becomes inevitable.” Since political change is now virtually impossible we should all be prepared for the worst and work for a better outcome.


As evil of a man that Joseph Stalin was he once made a political observation that we should all remember today: “It does not matter who votes. It only matters who counts the votes.”

And damn it, Senator Sellout Sanders if even meant half of the political garbage he said to con those of us who supported him out of more than $200,000,000 freaking dollars to massage his disingenuous public image should be shouting that from the porch of his new lakehouse like Eugene V. Debs would have from his jail cell.


See the Second American Revolution also known as The US Constitution. The best Capitalist Constitution in the history of Peoplekind - of the 1%, By the 1% and for the 1%.


It’s socialism or barbarism. “Full-throated economic populism” is just another inchoate metaphorical jumble of words.