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With World at 'Edge of Abyss,' New Manifesto Urges Action on Nukes and Climate


With World at 'Edge of Abyss,' New Manifesto Urges Action on Nukes and Climate

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Sixty years after philosopher Bertrand Russell and physicist Albert Einstein convened a group of leading intellectuals in London to draft and sign a manifesto in which they highlighted the perils posed by nuclear weapons, this generation's forward-looking thinkers have released an updated version of the document—one that puts the looming climate crisis on par with the threat of nukes and calls for "the creation of a new sustainable civilization on a global scale."


It is encouraging to see that the world is awakening to the awesome danger that rapidly approaches us all. We’ve gotten this far at least.

Hopefully a new ‘sixties’ style people’s movement to save planet Earth will be in the streets protesting until the powers that be have no other choice but to change things for the better. It happened in the sixties and change will happen again… they call it people’s power.

When millions march on Washington… it is hard to brush that kind of thing aside.


Despite the way our ever conservative media likes to portray the sixties era - great change occurred because people demanded it. The conservative element wants to make the sixties about unwashed hippies and LSD and no bras but history records the real sixties - civil rights, women’s rights, anti-war, gay rights and so on. Those who remember those days also remember what America was like before the sixties too and why they were necessary.

I have seen those heady days of change back then and have always been proud to have been part of them. I see the beginnings of people’s power once again. God bless us one and all.

There’s hope for the species yet… We might just stand a chance after all!

Power of the people, for the people and by the people…

And it’s - one, two, three, four…what’re we fighting’ for?

Survival!!! So give a damn!


They said the same thing back then in the sixties but that song and dance didn’t work and nobody believed it would. In fact they kept on saying it wouldn’t work even after it had already worked. to some extent they still say it didn’t work and will keep saying that even in the face of civil rights and women’s rights etc.

They want to make it seem like it won’t work and always did what they could to make it seem like it wouldn’t work… but it did. We ended segregation, we ended overt gender discrimination and all the rest.

What do you expect from them but to say it won’t work? They hope that will quash it early on but there is no escaping global warming and that means there will be no way to escape people marching in the streets.

People’s power is reemerging again. Look at the news. Humanity is waking up to the dangers of unchecked greed.

Don’t count us out… How do you say that in Greek?

We can choose our fate. Not just submit to someone powerful choosing our fate for us. I don’t care how deaf and blind they want to be… I’ve seen differently and these many decades later, I have seen that it worked.


As a nuclear veteran that almost died from my exposure, (Operation Redwing, Bikini, 1956) I have fought for peace and an end to nuclear anything. Chernobyl, TMI, the Fermi breeder reactor, Fukushima, and no doubt more to come.

  • We are riding a train into an unlighted, unfinished tunnel and there is nowhere to jump. The only possible solution is to get to the engineer, shut off the power and hit the brakes. Perhaps, but only perhaps, we will stop the train before we hit the wall of rock at the end.
  • Then, perhaps, we can put the train into reverse and carefully back out of the tunnel.
  • What really worries me at this point is that a massive ecological rockslide may cover the mouth of the tunnel before we can exit.


Here in the USA our government does the right thing every time we leave them no alternative.

Why are we still leaving them so many alternatives?


Heads of State worldwide have been playing russian roulette with the future of humanity for too long and our luck may run out soon. The day I see Bush, Cheney, Wolfowitz, Rice, and Rumsfeld before The Hague will be the day I believe authorities in power will listen to our collective voice.


It’s too late for the Pacific Ocean. It appears that the Triple China Syndrome of Fukushima is killing off most species in the ocean except jellyfish:

Massive Sealife dieoffs never before seen


Yeah, I just had salmon shushimi for my heart problem from a Korean Restaurant. It tasted like chalk. Wish I had a tester, but everything gets stolen on this island. Mail never makes it. And people with new digital rad detectors report that they are biased low.

How have you been Cindy? We missed you!