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With World on Fire, No Time to Lose on 'Loss and Damage' for Climate Chaos


With World on Fire, No Time to Lose on 'Loss and Damage' for Climate Chaos

Joe Solomon

Earlier this month, on Nov 3rd, the French government opened up applications for $60 million in reparations for American and other non-French Holocaust survivors who were transported by French trains to concentration camps during World War II.

This celebrated "measure of justice" was decades in the making—seven decades to be exact.


A good place to start is in taxing the wealth of the very wealthy and a stock market transaction tax would be a viable starting strategy. Cutting off subsidies to Big Energy would be another.

This is a short video that shows what the wealth disparities LOOK like and it's this imbalance that determines too much of national and international policy.

Poor countries deserve compensation from WHERE wealth has been artificially stored:


Perhaps someone in the Philippines should sue the Vatican for its condemnation of family planning and the use of contraceptives. Plus also successive Philippino governments for corruption and creating the abject poverty that forces a great many people to live in buildings that can get destroyed by any strong wind.

It is the poor that deserve the compensation. Not the "poor country" that is usually run by a bunch of pigs with their snouts in the trough.