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With Writing on Wall for Fossil Fuels, Renewables 'Poised for Take-Off'


With Writing on Wall for Fossil Fuels, Renewables 'Poised for Take-Off'

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

"The arguments against divestment are all quickly falling away," said Jamie Henn, communications director for 350.org, after United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon urged financial leaders to double their clean energy investments by 2020 at a global investor summit on Wednesday.


Fact: As we use more and more solar power, we are in danger of running down the Sun.
Fact: As we construct more and more windmills, we are in danger of blowing the Earth right out of its orbit.
Fact: If God had wanted us to use solar power, he would have given us green skin.
Fact: There are actually people who may believe the above three "facts".
Fact: Internet Trolls depend upon the fossil fuel and nuclear industries for their livelihood. If renewable energy sources take off, the Trolls may become endangered.


"Sustainable clean energy is growing but not nearly fast enough to meet energy demand of what science says. The investor community is of critical importance if we are going to move from aspiration to action."
- UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon

Except, "what science says" according to Ki-moon, is actually based on assumptions and projections of "future energy demand."

i will go to my grave, not comprehending, why so many humans in "developed world" consumer societies, business enterprises, and political institutions, do not immediately grasp the obvious: MOST products that are used and produced, and MOST energy that is generated for MOST purposes, are NOT NECESSARY.

Especially when compared to the near-omnicidal ecological dis-integration and chaos that has been unleashed by the human industrial economy. But hey, what's more important?


Critical warning: Don't become complacent with "innovation".

Yes, innovation is driving down the cost of sunny day electricity.

No, innovation is not really driving down the cost of nighttime electricity, precisely because you aren't demanding it. Your state's public utilities commission isn't directly working to make electrical supply meet electrical demand 100%. So, if the market isn't there, zero progress is being made. Understand? We have needs. They aren't getting met. They won't get met next year either. Ultimately you're politically responsible for Eaarth's recovery or demise, because nobody else is going to do it.

Next, innovation is going nowhere on heating buildings at night, where heating is about 50% of fossil fuel use. 0.00% of all buildings have solar heat storage, almost nothing's being prototyped either, we need to get to, say, 80% pretty fast, and I'm telling you that the job is going to be easy! You! Care!

Daylighting is a great substitute for a part of our electric grid. If your building has a selective daylighting system then your building is light and warm in January but fairly cool in July.

Next, we need a transit system that takes 90% less lifetime energy use than our current freeway system. Boston's Big Dig, a couple of miles of freeway, cost taxpayers $14 billion and then it started to fall down on people. If your elected official were real and not imaginary, she would give a year's worth of lab space and a year's salary to any innovator who made the transit system 0.1% more efficient. After 500 such innovations the Eaarth's savings would really start to add up.

Next, we have to assume that as a consequence of a class action suit, the fossil fuel industry will have to pay the big bucks to prevent a massive Arctic methane bomb from releasing out of the Arctic permafrost and ocean floor. Real tinkerers, not some hallucinatory labs in a centrist Democrat's mind, have to come up with the snow making machines to coat the permafrost with a layer of white in early fall and in late spring. We also have to drain more heat out of the Arctic Ocean in winter.

Also on the list, we need cost-effective carbon sequestration. I suspect that it will involve growing algae and burying the algae cell husks for 2500 years. Algae cell walls are made of cellulose. If your plan is better, I hope that you get your own lab space. If your plan is equal to mine, I hope that we both get our own lab spaces until one idea proves out to be better than the other.