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With Youth Climate Actions Backed by Leading Experts, Latest Round of Protests Highlights Call for Bold and Urgent Action


With Youth Climate Actions Backed by Leading Experts, Latest Round of Protests Highlights Call for Bold and Urgent Action

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

The latest round of weekly climate strikes took places in cities across the globe on Friday as a group of experts said that the youthful protesters deserve the support of the international community, and backed their call for "rapid and forceful action."



It took the kids to save us from the Unelected Government’s Vietnam atrocities. Let’s hope these kids remember the awareness of their youth instead of buying into the big lies like my generation did.



The young people are correct. Generations since the industrial revolution are responsible for the current climatic dilemma. It’s not due solely to capitalism. The Soviet Union and now Russia and China have all made their contributions. Industrialization is the culprit. Moreover, militarization and war have been enormous culprits. It follows that we must reduce the amount of armaments and warfare if there is any hope of saving the planet.



My SIGN on a stick is a basketball size planet Earth,
in black and white radiating heat waves.
A knife hilt labelled “Generals Motors”,
hundreds of miles wide and high, metal dagger,
plunging into Earth’s heart and core a tip erupting miles high above the Pacific Islands.
The knife the Generals and the General Motors plunge into our mother earth.
Moratorium: Air Vacations Honolulu Moratorium 2021.

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What an intelligent generation!




Younger folks and many of us older folks are tired of the GOP demanding the agenda move a hundred miles to the right while Democrats demand the agenda move an inch to the left as they shrug their shoulders watching the agenda move fifty miles to the right.

If you don’t demand it all you will end up with nothing. Witness the demise of the left during the past four decades !



Capitalism is to climate change as a catalyst is to a chemical reaction.



Yes it all has contributed to the current climate disaster but let’s be honest here it is a combination of our capitalist high standard of living and over population that has brought us to this point. It is now imperative that we radically change our consumption especially of fossil fuels immediately and learn how to change our economy that is still based on growth as well as how to keep our human population at a sustainable level. Unfortunately I don’t see that happening with our current leadersheep.



Same age here and was proud to grow up in those times that the Young will never get to experience. Ever!! The amazing Art, Music, And life was much simpler and better compared to this insanity. Laws were in place to protect us, A family could exist on one salary. Going to the doctor was a breeze. No comparison from back then to now. A downhill decline in people’s attitudes and rampant corruption, leading to the death of our society. I feel sorry for anyone growing up now. In all my life I never could have imagined such horror. Glad my young days were spent backbthen when the people had pride in this country.

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Asking permission to survive is Idiotic - direct and extremely aggressive action must be taken, Rights are rights - not privileges to be requested



It is probably too late to turn this around - nonetheless immediate, focused, unified, determined and worldwide action must be taken without regard to results but with the simple understanding it is what we must do. Maybe this way some will survive and that will make our efforts worthwhile.



Smokers just don’t want to deal with the possibility of lung cancer. “Not now!”

The Arctic meltdown is going to deal with us if we don’t deal with it soon. Humanity may have set it off, but now we’re looking at an automatic 1200 ppm of greenhouse gases. Calling it an act of God in retrospect isn’t going to make it better.



We were a bit naive back then. We trusted in most situations. That truly was a different time. It should be, it’s a half a century later now. And today we have a much larger information pool.
Back then three networks and no internet keeps a lot of people in the dark compared to today’s news offerings.

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Sorry, too many people living inside their smart phones, working on getting diabetes, and being bombarded with different forms of microwaves.
I’m afraid no action will be taken this week. Aren’t we all on hold until this Mueller report thing is settled. Nobody is willing to move until that is done.



And the same unelected government agencies were committing war crimes
in the dark, ginning up wars, and propagandizing the public even
then.What was done back then is known now, and some still say the
current false flag we’re oppressed under couldn’t possible be another
in an unbroken chain. War after false flag after war after slander
campaign after war after false flag after war over lies…



Nobody is willing to do what it’s going to take no matter what happens. We are headed directly to the place we belong, and there is no changing course - nobody left smart enough to see that we’re out of options.



“We refuse to recognize that we are a species that perfectly fits the definition of a disease, freeing itself (very temporarily) from the constraints of natural selection and the limitations of natural resources only to wreak havoc on ourselves and our fellow species in a massive assault on the host that we parasitize - the planet.” –John Glad



Yes, many of these millennials are a lot sharper than many of us old-timers give them credit for.