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With Zero Accountability, Big Oil Wringing Profit from Developing Countries


With Zero Accountability, Big Oil Wringing Profit from Developing Countries

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Thanks to "foot dragging by the Securities and Exchange Commission" combined with "aggressive lobbying and legal challenges by oil industry laggards," a U.S. law meant to increase transparency around fossil fuel operations in developing countries has been stalled for nearly five years, charges a new report from Oxfam America.


Stalled for five years, and now they’ll look into formulating a plan to perhaps implement it in 2016?

  • Probably to give time for Big Oil and its various government lackeys to hide their ill gotten gains and destroy the evidence.
  • The smell of rot emanating from the 0.001% makes a cesspool seem like a perfume factory!
  • And yet, We the People of the World let them continue to get away with it, putting more and more of the world into poverty, hunger, disease; no water to call their own, nor anything else. For existence, everyone must pay the 0.001%.
  • Time for change!


In law enforcement, the emphasis is on “the broken window,” aka attack people for petty violations such as jaywalking. Meanwhile, in the top echelons, organized crime is siphoning off billions from public coffers and living in gated communities…


Spot on! The most depressing part is that in order to “let them continue to get away with it” all we have to do is go about our lives, slave away for thin paychecks while overlooking the churning gears of DC, but rest assured our “activism” is fulfilled if we sign the occasional petition and “vote”. I don’t remember approving this illicit behavior but my citizenship says otherwise. It’s a sad, privileged trip to be a US citizen and I would fully wish the whole nasty, imperialist structure would crumble if only it didn’t mean everyone I know and love would suffer :confused:


Sadly, oil rules…