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#WithFewExceptions Everyone Has Something to Say About Trump's Terrible Presidency

#WithFewExceptions Everyone Has Something to Say About Trump's Terrible Presidency

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Poking fun at what many saw as an insufficient attempt by President Donald Trump to placate calls for the release of his tax returns, observers have gleefully responded to Trump's attorneys' claim that his tax returns show no income from Russia sources "with few exceptions" by pointing out other major shortcomings of his presidency.

and what happened to the CBO scoring on the Trump so called healhcare bill???
Did Trump intimidate them? Too many frickin distraction from Trump boychild antics.
I would like to see an artist rendition of Trump in diapers sucking his thumb.

My time is short and he list is very long so I end with #resist!!

Couldn’t happen to a more deserving person, no, really, it couldn’t.

One good thing from all of this–the long battle of who is the worst President appears to be settled with certainty.

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It is very important that Trump finish his first term in office. These fools that voted for him must be required to pay the price of their stupidity. As for the rest of the voters, maybe they will start to take voting seriously enough to get out and vote for their candidate. Yes, I know that the Democrats are to blame for their loss but even so what the US ended up with is even worse.

If any one is still curious about why Trump still enjoys any support at all tune into Fox and bat sh*t cuckoo Jeanine Pariro and brain dead Tucker Carson. If that’s all you get for actual news yu wonder what all the fuss is about, oh and don’t forget to pick up a copy of the Inquirer at Wall Mart

Actually we have a flawed electoral system designed to keep the loyalist at bay during the early 19th century. There aren’t that many of them left. Consider this: TRUMP’S popular vote: 62,985,106… CLINTON’S popular vote 65,853,625 add the other vote of 8,261,498 and 74,115,123 voted for someone else that’s 11 million more people who voted for someone else. We at least need a run-off system., that would eliminate the spoilers. No the Stein and Johnson people would not have voted for Trump. I have read article 11 section 1 of the constitution over and over again and it is meant to confuse the most ardent supporter of the constitution. It is so convoluted as to make the best constitutional lawyer dizzy. I suspect that was intentional so that voters would not realize they were being scammed.

Don’t forget the Bushes. Daddy Shrub started the drug war on Americans and Boy Shrub started the invasion of the Middle East, for which we’re all still paying the price of. Both wars have cost and continue to cost the American taxpayers trillions of dollars and have done nothing to help either “problem.”