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Within Healthcare USA, Risk and Reward Have Never Been More Out of Kilter

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/08/10/within-healthcare-usa-risk-and-reward-have-never-been-more-out-kilter

Hey, I’ve got an idea:

Let’s settle for the crumbs provided by Romneycare, the biggest d-party “achievement” of the last 30 years. Then let’s pretend that incremental change is anything but a way to preserve the status quo. Then let’s ice that cake by whining about having nowhere else to go except the LOTE.


You just won today’s internets. It comes with co-pays, a high deductible, and a bonus for the owners.


But actualIy, if America did have medicare 4 AII---------there would be enough jobs in aII the IeveIs of administration and paperwork and dietitians and bI ood pressure takers and on and on, that aII of the jobs created would pay for themselves in taxes. and create moe jobs at the same time.
And, by the way, what does Congress pay for its heath care----because in a real democratic republic-everyone would have healthcare paid for by their taxes.

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Nothing against Sam Pizzigati, but we don’t need articles convincing us for the need for EIM4A, it’s already wildly popular across all political spectrums. We need articles explaining how to force congress to implement it.

Members of Congress and congressional staff have been purchasing coverage through DC Health Link’s SHOP exchange since 2014. DC Health Link is the health insurance exchange for the District of Columbia. In other words, they get Obamacare.

Hi SkepticTank:
Congress gerts Obamacare? I thought that was set up for peopIe with very Iow income!
If Congress is Iow income—what income IeveI are the of us? :0

ObamaCare was set up for anyone looking for health insurance on the open market.

I believe Congress gets – as do many workers – an employer-paid amount with which to purchase their plan from the SHOP Exchange. That amount covers at least a silver level coverage. Worth mentioning: Chuck Grassley wrote the amendment that mandates ObamaCare exchange coverage for Congress.