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Without Climate Action, Number of Low-Income Homes Affected by Flooding Projected to Triple By 2050, Study Shows

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/01/without-climate-action-number-low-income-homes-affected-flooding-projected-triple

“A rising tide lifts all boats”, that meme is dead. Killed when “trickle down economics” was implemented in 1980. Greed is the new meme, “All for one, and nothing for all”.

Without climate action?
How about saying, even with climate action?


more likely to get climate action if we emphasized all humans are at risk from climate change effects instead of highlighting low income people in the headline and within the article. Its hard enough to get people to act in their own interest, never mind act in the interest of low income folks. And indeed, risk from flooding includes wealthy shoreline property owners, middle class people living alongside streams and rivers, tourism areas, farmers…