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Without Climate Protections, the Ex-Im Bank Shouldn't Continue


Without Climate Protections, the Ex-Im Bank Shouldn't Continue

Doug Norlen

The Export-Import Bank is set to expire on June 30, and concerns for its reauthorization have sparked one of the hottest debates in Congress. In a desperate attempt to reauthorize the agency, some Ex-Im Bank proponents are threatening to change the Bank’s policies in a way that would throw the environment and communities under the bus. In particular, Ex-Im Bank reauthorization legislation proposed by Senators Kirk and Heitkamp and Representative Fincher contains provisions that undercut the Ex-Im Bank’s climate policies. Ongoing House Appropriations Committee provisions by Rep.


Thank you for the informative article, Mr. Norlen. The ongoing crimes against nature are so hard to fathom; and while this initiative sounds wise and fair in practice, it may well be pre-empted by the TPP and other treaties. Just as military courts get to try their own “wrong doers” within a culture that itself exalts violence, the upcoming trade courts will try cases where the rights of Mother Earth (along with the sustainability of ecosystems) mean nothing to them. They only recognize the temporal glow of gold (or its paper would-be equivalent).