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Without Diplomacy, Million More Will Flee War Torn Syria by Year's End, UN Warns



Looking at the latest developments it might be a puppet of Moscow.


Sorry, never said i would. Don't really give a flying about Assad.

I was just bringing you up to date on the latest developments. You seem to be out of date with who is running things in Damascus.


Again Robert Parry puts things in perspective, and is one of only a few who has the guts to call it like it is, Putin is not to blame, our neocon infested administration is:



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ISIS could not continue this fight were it not for the lavish support it receiving in the way of arms and supplies. Recently their fighters displayed with an arsenal of newly arrived US made weaponry. In Iraq yet another airdrop was made to ISIS members in "error" by a US air mission .

The US continues to press the notion of no fly zones in Syria when ISIS does not have aircraft and the Syrian government uses air strikes against ISIS.

The Clean break strategy picked up on the Yinon strategy as to its underlying premises. In order to ensure dominance in the region , ethnic tensions were to be stoked in various nation states in order to force them to break up into smaller states.

The first state this was to be used against was Iraq hoping to break it up into three smaller states . One would be Sunni , one Shiite and one Kurdish.

After this the same would be used in Syria hoping to break that up into smaller rump states and then the target was to of been Egypt.

The biggest fly in the ointment here would be the presence of Iran which is not Arabic and which is more coherent as a nation thus the attempts to neutralize Iran via sanctions or take Iran out with direct military action.

All goes according to plan.


Abby Martin's new show, "The Empire Files", on telesurtv.net is off to a great start. Friday evenigs at 9:30, with all previous shows available to view; I recommend it.


Thanks for that! I am a big fan of Abby Martin.


??What are you trying to say?? Inchoate at best, but more likely total befuddlement. Are you taking a stab at irony, and I'm being generous in asking that question? Let me suggest this. In the world of the Imperial USA, everything that that nation touches eventually turns to shit. You can count on that.


Actually, the place I've been they were speaking it with a Russian accent. I know you guys would like to to be like that again but it's not happening right now.

On the other hand, I gotta admire your Mr.Putin, waiting until the right moment and then swooping in. That's how it's done, if you ask me.


What I am trying to say is that the US might have missed the boat with regards to Syria. There are now officially Russian troops and equipment on the ground there.


pretty sure i saw Assad feted on Charlie Rose once, you know, a friend of the govt. and all.

been a long time since i've seen pbs.


unfortunately, there is no real need to supply ISIS on the sly. All one has to do is supply the ridiculous Iraqi army and they will surrender it directly to ISIS. Reminds me of the American Civil War general Nathan "Commissary" Banks, named that by the confederates who -whenever they needed supplies- attacked General Banks. The general then fled leaving all the supplies they needed. Heck, ISIS got 40 brand new M1A2 Abrams tanks by defeating an Iraqi army of 30,000 men with less than 1000. May as well cut out the middleman and send it to ISIS directly...would save time. ha


Correct me if I'm wrong...didn't the "ethnic Tensions" surrounding the world of Islam begin almost immediately after its inception? The succession of power within Islam was riven by plots that were hatched by the supporters of Mohammad's son-in-law (Ali) as the caliph and those in (wait for it...) present day Saudi who, successfully, supported Abu Bakr.

For example, a power struggle began at the death of Mohammed (635), continued through the Battle of Karbala (9th century) and the creation of the Shia states (900) which were located in N.W. Africa and present-day Iran. BTW, the ruling Sunni leadership issued their first fatwa calling for the execution of all Shia (and other non-Muslims) in 1035.

So IMHO, no, this isn't a recent event. Not to put too fine a point on it, the U.S. didn't even exist until 1141 years later. Just sayin...


Sad, but true. So much for Dubya and Cheney getting in and out in 2 years and requiring the Iraq "government/oil interests repay the war costs. Bush broke it, we bought it?


Ethnic tensions also formed between rival Christian groups shortly after founding. Ethnic tensions exist in virtually every region on thise globe between differrent groups.

What happens in the Middle East is AN OUTSIDE player is stoking these tensions so as to create conflict.

This is how the British conquered India. It how they ruled much of their Empire with a relatively small military. Left on their own these tensions over time wane until another Empire comes around to fire them up again.


Not sure where that came from, but FYI, Nazis, Soviet Union, same crap different smell. The latter did more damage just cuz they had a lot more time to do it.


The United States of Empire has no secrets and she been using the same old playbook since her independence. The US of A is responsible for this whole mess, and to keep it successful there is a whole industry in this country to keep the American people ignorant and shaking in their boots and all of this will keep happening over, and over again.

This most recent episode started with George W. Bush’s lies and the hysterical American people hid under beds letting big daddy take care of everything.

Since then the world has suffered and the resources for these wars will keep being sucked from our lives until we will have a civil war that comes home to these shores. Capitalist are warmongers, and crave global conflicts because it is so lucrative for them and they make sure they never have to pay for it. They make you and me pay for it and thus our country and its people suffer as we allow the suffering of others around the world. Who wants to live, love and raise a family in a war torn land.

Weren’t any of you listening when the call went out for more funding for multiple wars? Not enough of us got out in the streets to say HELL NO! What will it take because now all I see is people buying guns to protect themselves in their own homes. I know a retired married couple who are so accident prone that it is not funny and now they are telling me that they are taking gun lessons. Any day now, I expect a phone call telling me that one of them has accidently shot the other or a neighbor.

For those of you challenged by history….may I recommend you get the 150 Th year anniversary issue of THE NATION magazine.


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