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Without Government Intervention, Economists Warn Renters Across US Could Soon Face 'Avalanche of Evictions'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/27/without-government-intervention-economists-warn-renters-across-us-could-soon-face

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Many of these renters will also be MAGA hatters.

Can’t wait to start seeing them burn their hats in protest.

Will make for some good MSM news.

Oy gevalt. The rentier class are unable to realize that their existence depends on “rent”. They’re caught in a pit of quicksand. They look on their means of income as Not Our Kind, Dear, while happily taking the monthly money. What happens when the well goes dry? Sure, they can evict the tenants, but then what. Are there foreign investors ready with cash to buy the property? Maybe. But having hordes of homeless people without income, maybe getting some food from food banks, leads real fast to rebellion. Yeah, people keep saying the US has no history of such civil unrest. I say they’ve not been reading the history written by unauthorized sources. Even during the Dirty 30’s, workers went on strike for decent working conditions, and defied FDR in WW2 by going on strike for higher wages on a par with the war profits made by their employers.
While I’ve not done the math(sorry), I have seen a good many folks who loathed Trump and have problems paying their rent. I know it’s sneered on, but I helped out as many as I could. Just $20 a month plus some groceries made a large difference in their quality of life.
Stay tuned. Greed versus desperate hungry people never ends well for the rentier class, regardless of how many police forces they call in.

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It is doubtful they will burn their hats in protest. They will double down with Trump and blame anyone but him (GOP) and themselves. It will be the same old MSM news.
MAGA Hatters reminds me of the Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland.

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No MAGA hats will burn.

When I worked in Germany three decades after Hitler’s demise, a significant minority of Germans’ only beef with Hitler was that he lost the war, reconfirming that few cult members EVER leave a cult.

Considering that the GOP has operated as a cult at least since Newt’s contract on America a quarter century ago and with Trump taking the cult to new heights when he became the leader of the birther movement, you can safely bet your last nickle that most of the Trump/GOP cult is committed until the bitter end.

Seeing how the cult has never been based on anything real, something like COVID-19 that IS real will never resonate with those who joined the cult to escape reality.


Delusional disorder is a mental illness very difficult to correct.

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About 5 years ago I listened to a lecture in which the speaker stated. We need to start a transition towards socialism creating a secure personal physical and economical system for all our citizens or we would transition into barbarianism. It seems the latter has prevailed as the credit holders, landlords and power elite ask our parents and grandparents to sacrifice their life for the economic good, while workers, now called essential, to possible sickness, physical injury and bankruptcy. At the same time the billionaire class has increased its wealth by 15% since the pandemic began, yet they continue to refuse single-payer health plans and a living wage for those essential workers. We have entered a radical American capitalism that retains all the cruelties of the free market for those who live and work in the real world, but turns the paper economy into a state protectorate that is designed to keep the investor class safe from the possible loss of their investment wealth. Something seriously has to change.

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Agreed! I know a lot of the Trump acolytes and none I know of pay rent! Many of my wealthy relatives live on ranches or like me; live in rural areas with a lot of acreage. And most of the MAGA hatters I know will blame Obama or the Democratic Party because they seem to be thoroughly hypnotized by Trump.


Thanks for the German post war history, I’ve often wondered how the German people dealt with the atrocities committed by their government pre/post WWII. Very telling, as America endures it’s current fascist uprising, and the evil common people who support it.

I propose we stop this incremental support for those economically affected by our present situation, by doing so, there will always be people “falling through the cracks” with this type of support. We must (IMHO) collectively demand UBI for ALL in this country, until the economy has 100% recovered. This approach means no one is left behind.

Looking at the post COVID-19 economic “downturn” (euphemism), note that many renters live in houses owned by banks to whom the “titled” owners pay a mortgage. Many of those “owners” whose tenants fail to pay rent to will lose those houses. They will be sold to people like Trump who claimed during the 2016 that “after the 2008 crash I bought real estate for 10 cents on the dollar, it was a great opportunity”. Mnuchin and other GOP mobsters profited way more than Trump did from 2008 crash foreclosures.

Not to mention even more owner occupied houses whose owners will be foreclosed upon.

I think the only way things are going to change will be violence in the streets. Bread riots, parents doing anything to feed starving children and homeless people tearing stuff down. We are in a downward spiral that has been long coming. Covid19 has torn the curtain and made the disparity a cruel reality for 30%- 60% of the population. We haven’t seen anything yet. This is going to get very ugly. And I say, GOOD! We cannot continue as we are. The center will not hold as the top level takes everything and sees nothing wrong with what it is doing.

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I think the only way things are going to change will be violence in the streets. Bread riots, parents doing anything to feed starving children and homeless people tearing stuff down. We are in a downward spiral that has been long coming. Covid19 has torn the curtain and made the disparity a cruel reality for 30%- 60% of the population. We haven’t seen anything yet. This is going to get very ugly. And I say, GOOD! We cannot continue as we are. The center will not hold as the top level takes everything and sees nothing wrong with what it is doing.

With unemployment statistics’ trajectory headed into record territory, beyond that seen after the 1929 crash and reaching highs within months, not the two years we witnessed after the 2008 crash, or the three or four years after 1929, unprecedented economic impacts on “30% to 60% of the population” are likely to be a low estimate.

Put yourself in the position of somebody who grows up in some rural area. We all have to evolve beyond the poltics of division in order to get our country back from the thieves who have stolen it with their undemocratic trade deals, that sell off the cheap energy . They would like nothing better than to clear cities of their working people. So that their scheme to steal the country could be blamed on COVID-19.

Lots of Americans of all backrounds will all be impoverished together, and soon all will be facing the loss of everything they own as they fail to find new jobs, due to widepread outsourcing and offshoring of the remaining jobs because of the loss of customers cutting into profits, employees will see employers in the blood bank lines, as they attempt to get the money to buy a meal, the poor will find they are unable to pay rents on storage spaces while living in their cars, even losing losing them to unpaid parking tickets, or because they failed to move their car to the oppoisite side of the street because it was out of gas, when they tried to start it.

So much more will be lost - not just the right losing rights to live in urban areas grown too expensive for them at the wages they earn today, the right to live near ones family or in a neghborhood one is not beaten up in for being different. Even histories and huge amounts of priceless books, the histories of lives and communities, scattered to the four winds.

Of course this is what they want, the scattering of Democrats to the four winds, many will be forced to move to cheaper countries, by this war from all directions, but they wont be allowed unless they are young have needed skills or large investments.

They will die in the desert, pressed up against Trumps wall, hands banging at the steel in futility. Let us out, they say with their last breaths! Democrats and Republicans united in futility.

Most importantly, people who are not wealthyand have never been rich people - all in communities all across the nation, but especially cities, will lose the “right” to live in affordable apartments- or their apartment buildings will be redeveloped by eminent domain, because of a sudden jump in energy prices, blamed on Green New Deals, when it actually was predicted by the EIA years ago due to LNG export. How naive we are!.

in a world where GATS forbids the building of any new public housing or homeless shelters. The granting of any Medicare for all - the provision of free higher or eventually even primary education, time and eventually even water and air will be metered in advance. Go to the pod hotels, they will be told.

Where hot beds are rented, by the hour or shift.

Millions of people will likely never have another place to live. maybe you live in a city, everything you buy will double in price because everybody who is left will be paying $4000 a month for their two bedroom.

Ehnically and economically diverse communities will be razed as if they were Hiroshima or Nagasaki replaced by the ugliest NeoGothic highrise buldings you have ever seen. families scattered to the four winds.

You yourselves may lose your rented homes and have to move back in with aging parents, then be thrown out onto the streets when they die and their home is seized to repay Medicaid.

Of course it’s unjust. Was it ever just? Debt and rent and interest have been cornerstones of injustice since times unrecorded.

  • You are not entitled to remain at some location on the surface of the planet
  • You are not (always or automatically) entitled to access water
  • You are not entitled to use of the soil that would support you
  • You are denied care when in need
  • You are criticized for ignorance, but heavily propagandized and variously denied education and uncontaminated discourse

What part of that was ever acceptable, really?

Is there any suggestion whatsoever that the current House, the current Senate, or the current President will consider anything beyond the farcical?

It is easy for me to call for a rent strike, honestly, since I am not renting, not in the difficulty, and not planning to return to it. But if people are not organizing now, they ought to be.

People who are organizing and coordinating groups ought to consider the history of squatting in England–though the laws against the unpropertied are harsher in the USA, so there will be some harsh adjustments. When I briefly stepped through these circumstances (not quite at the time of the Brixton riots, in the mid-80s), I found the organization in the borough of Southwark, in London, to be particularly well organized, perhaps because it was at the point of the gun (metaphorically, since this was England) as far as evictions went.

What I saw in Southwark was a near-unfurnished flat with folding chairs and desks built out of crates and so forth taking phone calls on land lines and tracking evictions and opening residences and building-spaces across the borough. They would get the date of eviction, which was determined by court process, then move one group out and one group in in the middle of the night. When the bailiffs arrived at the door in the morning, none of the people that they found present matched the people for whom they had eviction orders.

I suspect that the same does not work so easily in the States in '20, since there will be fewer abandoned properties per capita in most places and because the matter of not being able to move out just any warm body is a nicety of UK law.

There will be differences, and I do not know them with sufficient exactitude. But a whole awful lot of people are going to know within a very few months.

As a tangentially related point, for those who might be able to do it, some people have lived in relative comfort without residence. The elements, where I have seen this done, include these:

  • A vehicle that can be closed up and curtained or otherwise set up so that one cannot be inspected visually–a truck camper, a van, a VW bus, or a covered boat for which dock space can be rented on calm waters. Pre-2000 or so cars are probably better, since before some point, these did not register their GPS locations. I am not sure what years this started.
  • Of course, if you are going to be in a vehicle, it helps to be in some benign climate–towards the coasts and south, in the US. If food becomes a problem as well. If, for whatever reason, you cannot eat or sleep reasonably for a few days, your resistance to cold will plummet.
  • A cell phone, preferably one that can be completely disabled when desired so that it is not emitting GPS signals.
  • A notebook computer with wifi. You can usually access wifi connections from outside an emporium that provides these services for customers if you are too hard up at the moment for the cup of coffee or just do not want to bother. Sometimes they do no turn these off at night; one eventually works out where.
  • A place to shower, shave, and so forth. it is nice if the vehicle has this. A gym membership is usually adequate if it does not. A fresh shave may mean that you are not automatically suspect for each and every thing under the sun.
  • A reliable source of water is crucial, especially if you are not young and healthy. but even so.
  • A well sealed and organized bathroom system. It’s nice if the vehicle has this. You want to know something about compost toilets and covers if it does not, but the solution probably involves carbon, garbage bags, a sealed bucket, and some store of water for washing at least hands. It is helpful if this is a dedicated storage apart from anything that you will be drinking, since some handling of the storage is necessary before hands are washed.
  • You will usually attract attention when you cook. Be wary. Back packing stoves, can openers, and so forth may be of interest.

If you cannot stay clean and sharp enough for a job application, your status changes very fast. A broad hat and good polarized shades may be useful, too, since homeless people are much marked by being wind-chapped and sunburnt. One becomes a pariah to anyone with resources very quickly in such cases. If you know them otherwise, their judgments vary; if you meet them fresh, their judgments are almost invariably utterly superficial at best, and self-servingly aggressive at worst.

My best to each and all trapped in any of this, whatever you manage to give or receive. I was young and strong at the time, walked into it unknowing, and would never do it again by choice. But I have since met people who managed to arrange things more easily, and to have more resources–with a bit of thought.

They share one thing above all others, hatred of others.

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Pretty stark future, for a “futurist” Zed.

Its nothing compared to what people in the DPRK have gone through. We should pay attention to what has been happening there because it could easily happen here. It’s what happens when you have a tiny group of people with absolutely no moral compass running a country.

“Oh what a tangled web we weave, when we practice to deceive” We should have compassion for everybody who is being fucked over by these creeps. That includes the poor Trump supporters. I just feel sorry for them. And us. We’re both in the same boat. We’re all the people being conned, the marks.

I think they realize that they are no longer on top of the dogpile simply because of the fact that they are white. Quite the opposite, now all that matters is wealth. Trump is trying to fool them into thinking they still are special. Just like Obama was trying to do the same thing to Democrats, both while screwing the whole country behind our backs in trade deals, which are the real world, not the made for TV world reality TV star Trump and the spin doctors in the GOP and DNC cooperate to create. Bernies job was the same thing, try to convince progressives like us that all the things taken away in trade deals like single payer are just a few votes away. I bet they all have a great laugh over a beer about this.

We deserve better but it wont be possible soon, unless we wise up. No, its not how they say, we’ve been sold out bigtime.

It’s been one of those forever sales, going back 40 years.

Some of us saw it happening, most didn’t, or refused to see.

Pride and all that stupid shit that clouds men and women’s minds.

The labels we put on ourselves at the earliest adult moments of our lives, cause many to buy into the “us against them” mentality that permeates their lives and enables them to be swayed easily by the lies of corrupt politicians, who play on their fears.

Most people we know are like that old 1960’s futuristic TV show, “Lost in Space.”

Never to be reached again by another human.

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