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Without Illusions, the Left Should Vote for Biden

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/11/03/without-illusions-left-should-vote-biden


what’s most depressing about this media outlet is that there are good arguments against this constant barrage of voting agit prop that will never see the light of day here. you cannot make the claim to media independence if your only editorial stance happens to favor the same political organization time and time again.

some 501 c 3 statuses need to be revisited on the internet, frankly.


The Need for a strong 3rd Party in the US:

The following quote pulled from this article makes the case for why one should vote for a 3rd party, such as the Greens, or Libertarians, so forth:…
For Biden will be another Obama Presidency, spawning another Trumpian candidate in the future…

“Obama’s economic policies favored Wall St. and produced great income inequality. Desperation and frustration created conditions for strengthening fascist and racist ideas in segments of the working class and rural poor. It tilled the soil for Trump.
So, if Biden is elected and continues Clinton-Obama-era pro-banker economic policies, he will set the table for a more dangerous version of Trump in 2024”…

The Green Party will pull voters from both the Trump camp, the Biden camp and from people who would not vote for either one of these guys.


Obama was voted in to cure Bush and

He extended tax cuts for the 1%.

He expanded wars to 7

He bailed out the banks and threw out the people

He open the arctic to drilling.

He invested in Nuclear weapons.

He allowed torturers to go free.

He droned killed thousands upon thousands on women in children in Yemen.

He allowed the bankers that cause the 2008 crash to walk free.

He hired the same bankers that caused the crash to his cabinet.

He failed to restore habeas corpus.

He signed NDA that allow indefinite detention of U.S. citizens.

He pushed massive pipelines and fracking.

Obama freely referred to BLM protesters as “Thugs” and didn’t back away from it.

Obama betrayed the citizens of Flint and used them for his glass of water stunt.

He allowed and pushed for off shore drilling after a massive gulf disaster.

He oversaw the brutal clamp down and destruction of Occupy movement.

He yes he, separated children from their families at the border and put them in cages until a lawsuit Judge forced him to quit.

And all the liberals like yourself Paul, and the corporate media went to Brunch for the those 8 years and their lives were just fine and they were happy about Obama being President.

So yeah, Paul that really worked well last time and BTW, Biden is far more right wing worse than Obama.

The sooner we realize that we don’t live in anywhere near a democracy the sooner we can organize and Revolt against the Authoritarian Fascist Oligarchy.

But we won’t wake up if our supposed “left journalists” keep telling us to vote “lesser evil” to “save our democracy” Their capitulation to the grand lie that some how we live in a Democracy is yet a further illusion that keeps us from seeing reality and organizing to ultimately revolting against the ENTIRE SYSTEM.

Good luck!


I’ll be honest - I started reading this because I like Paul Jay from when I used to listen to The Real News a few years ago, but after a few paragraphs, I had to give up. I can’t view this contest through the lens that these people are using.

If anyone wants to see a brief comment by another person who used to be on Real News, Aaron Mate, which for me was the most effective recommendation to vote Biden in swing states that I’ve heard yet, check out ~https://youtu.be/CH7GYTOM_q4 from 10:00 to the end (just a few min). If I lived in a swing state, I think he might have convinced me.


I am so tired of this barrage of zombies chanting, MUST … VOTE … BIDEN.

Looking forward to either being ignored because they didn’t need me anyway, or venomous anger because it was all my fault.


Progressive aspirations were killed and replaced by the Dem leadership during the primary with more neo-con/neo-lib evil. Today we need to get rid of Trump - so that we can immediately bring all of the progressive pressure to bear onto Biden as soon as the votes are counted for maximal effect BEFORE he ever assumes office.

A system which provides us with only the choice between two evils is itself evil, and MUST be replaced. Massive displays of rebellion, denunciation and non-cooperation against populating the coming administration with the same old hacks MUST begin no later that this weekend to have the desired effect before inauguration day.

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The really important election, the one that could really shake things up is not Biden vs Trump but instead it is Pelosi vs Buttar. Putting Pelosi out to pasture would be a major progressive victory. Come on San Francisco, do the right thing!


Please let us know if you come across a site that lists all the races in House and Senate that are worth watching (meaning a true progressive is running either as a D or in an election with RCV, as an I or G). In addition to the Buttar/Pelosi race, I would love if Swearengin would defeat Capito in WV but I’m afraid both of these races will end with the incumbent keeping power. Still, I’m excited for Bowman who has a lock on his race. There must be at least 20 other races worth following.

This is only for the House, but looks like a good article:


Sorry to see their attitude on Greenwald’s article, but I’ll still read them occasionally.

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You mean voters, right? I seem to remember them playing a role.

It’s absurd how much energy and time is put into convincing relatively tiny numbers of political progressives to vote for the designated Democrat. It feels like there has been little else in the way of mental process going on at CD for the past several months. I like Paul Jay. His analysis is generally spot-on, and the Real News is a treasure. But how many dozens of articles just like this one have been written since May? It’s well past time to move on.

We’re not going to save the bulk of humanity solely through electoral politics. If we were, some fraction of the world’s liberal democracies would actually be meeting their Paris goals and not turning on climate refugees and people of the global South.

Perhaps after today we can dedicate some thought to figuring out how we will save humanity.


adding on to your list

He persecuted more whistleblowers than all previous presidents combined. (civil liberties)
He downed a sovereign country’s president airplane in Vienna, to chase after Snowden. (international law)
He expanded the drone killing machine program. (international law)
He engaged in extra-judicial killing of an innocent 16 years old American Citizen (domestic, international law).


Mate is a good journalist with integrity.

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This is beautiful quality writing. And there are several, many good arguments in this article that make a lot of sense. I don’t think Jay has a wrong intention or an agenda. I believe he is sincere in his analysis. But, the issue that I have is that his entire framework is very narrow and pragmatic. His arguments are limited to the mediocre US reality, not to a vision of what it ought to be or what it can be, or what it already is in so many other industrialized rich nations. I see Hedges as the one wtih a much broader framework and so is West - who had a good interview in Jacobin today or yesterday. But I ask too much of him. He is a journalist, not a thinker.

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Yes, thank you Lulemali

How could I forget?! Ugghhhh…

Those crimes I listed were just off the top of my head… There are so so many more.

#RevolutionNow because the ENTIRE system is corrupted and our lives and the lives of innocents in other countries depend on it.

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STOP CALLING US “left”! Thank you!

I’m not sure those Lincoln republicans came through for you Joe. I wouldn’t worry about the left and take a hard look at the moderate Clinton strategy.

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Recall how Biden spent most of the early primary season telling people, most of them young progressives, to vote for someone else if they didn’t like his reactionary policies? Surprise!


The Democratic Party candidate voted for the Iraq war, NAFTA, the destruction of welfare, helped instigate the war on drugs, wrote federal crime laws that incarcerated two generations of young black & brown Americans and has preached austerity his entire political career. I’m not surprised by the inconclusive results of an election which should have been a sure thing.