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Without Once Mentioning the Word 'Torture,' Democrat Joe Donnelly Declares Support for Gina Haspel


Without Once Mentioning the Word 'Torture,' Democrat Joe Donnelly Declares Support for Gina Haspel

Jake Johnson, staff writer

With a statement on Saturday that doesn't once mention the word "torture," Sen. Joe Donnelly (D-Ind.) became the second Democrat to announce his support for Gina Haspel, President Donald Trump's pick to head the CIA, significantly increasing her chances of being confirmed.


This a nothing to see here story. He’s doing this for the cia and they’ll cover for him the future elections with cash and whatever. Demodogs will put her in office because just enough them vote Yes and others that might be running for high office in the future will vote No. C. Harris is one.

Sad little minded country we’ve become.

I do believe she belongs in jail but since obomber wouldn’t look back this how it ends up. There’s is about 22 demodogs running office that come from the intell world. They no longer have to hide behind the curtain:-(


And yet one more reason why we cannot have anything nice in America.


So damn predictable it is a wonder that time and time again people get worked up like they have some ability to influence the outcome. If you didn’t know exactly how this would go down, you need to hang up your prognosticator spurs forever.


There are rivers of nice in America…if you are rich.


Being dirt poor I’m in a dried up creek bed without a paddle :-(((


Odds are against this one getting bought by RawStory. They like their Democrats bought and paid for without anyone pointing it out.


I hit-up rawstory years ago and am band from the site :-)))


At least you have a paddle:):):slight_smile:


Me Too!!! It didn’t take long either:)


They showed great promise in the beginning, what happened? Oh well, too bad.


That is one of the favorites of the fascists playbook…co-opting the opposition. Its easy with unlimited money and resources…and very effective. They do it constantly on the left, never letting any movement actually start to grow roots.


I recommend the new government has six branches with the sixth as portal to autonomous democracy operating safely outside of government.


He’s doing this because he’s running for re-election in Indiana against millions of Koch dollars. It sucks.


Joe Donnelly is a coward…he is also not a democrat.


Stop the bs…both corrupt parties D and R support torture as well as killing innocent civilians around the world. No one called for the prosecution of the war criminals Cheney,Bush , Condasleaza, Rummy et al when they LIED America into war. The evil Empire is the militarized USA.


“Joe Donnelly is a coward.”


Actually makes him worse than the Koch brothers. If one gets to the point in their political life, where one feels muzzled on the issue of torture, such that one will vote to confirm a torturer to run the CIA, then one has chosen the darkest political expedience possible.

There is no excuse for this. It more than sucks.


aka The Military Industrial Complex


No one?