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Without One Mention of Climate Change, Scott Pruitt Greets EPA Employees


Without One Mention of Climate Change, Scott Pruitt Greets EPA Employees

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Newly sworn-in EPA administrator Scott Pruitt, whose nomination was ardently opposed by environmentalists and who is poised to roll back major climate and clean water regulations, addressed his employees for the first time Tuesday afternoon.


This guy sounds like Anne Gorsuch Burford on steroids. Expect a lot of law suits to enforce the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, etc. The Sierra Club, Earth Justice, etc who really are on John Muir's side will not go down without a fight. Donate! Donate! Donate!


Young people wake up! These grey haired douche bags guys are going to sell your future for good times for themselves today. Either vote these troglodytes out or suffer the consequences. Don't count on us old people to do what is right for your future because we won't.


"We ought to be able to get together and wrestle through some issues in a civil manner.": Not going to happen and no amount of mendacity and obliquity will change that. We will fight the likes of you Pruitt. The First Nations and allies march on March 10 in D.C. and on April 29 will see massive movement for the Earth, and scientist will march on Earth Day, April 22. Get ready for the General Strike--yes total, non cooperation is what we got left to fight with.


this guy talks about the rule of law, what a jackass


"Rule of law" is a coded catch-phrase. Dead giveaway, every time as to nefarious intent. One of 43's favorite terms.


Remember that the rule of law often has little to do with justice.


"Justice" in Murka is a commodity for sale to the highest bidder.

Did Pruitt hand out resume writing workshop schedules to EPA employees so they can start searching for and hopefully find another job before he eliminates the EPA ?


Folks might want to think twice before getting behind Big Environment groups like the Sierra Club which have made dubious deals with corporate interests.


Without one mention? One mention would help so much. Could we have one mention? The Dims would mention climate change at least one, right?


Don't donate. Do. They can't undo Do so easily. The cash cows of the environmental movement must be replaced by direct action.


Your vote doesn't count. Don't waste your time. But could someone please mention global warming? I would feel so much better just to hear it. Maybe Justin Trudeau could do a handstand while mentioning it?


Given that the EPA has been prevented from speaking out...

just who does Pruitt plan to listen to?? Certainly not anyone with opposing views.