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Without Proof or Cause or Consent, 'Impetuous' Trump Bombs Syria


Without Proof or Cause or Consent, 'Impetuous' Trump Bombs Syria

Jon Queally, staff writer

Without consent of the U.S. Congress or presenting a credible case for its necessity or offering verifiable evidence of charges levied against the government of President Bashar al-Assad, President Donald Trump on Thursday night launched more than 50 cruise missiles against Syria in what he said was retaliation for a deadly chemical weapons attack earlier this week.


WWIII here at last?


Can we scream now?


I have to admit that as much as the evil bastard that is Assad gets under my skin, I would have been very happy to have seen those 59 missiles dropped on his head in his palace in Damascus. The SOB deserves to die a horrible death for what he, and his late father, have done to his own people for nearly 50 years. However, his death should come from a Syrian citizen, someone who can get close enough to him to blow his ass to Hell with a bomb vest, and hopefully take a bunch of his henchmen with him. I generally believe in "Death to dictators". They have no legitimacy in the 21st Century, and efforts to assassinate them to replace them with leaders who are for the common people are totally proper, as far as I'm concerned. I see no reason to let these a-holes bring death and ruin to their countries for decades, just to avoid using violence to remove them. I'm generally a peace-loving person, but dictators and juntas are my exception to that rule. Violent revolution and overthrow is sometimes the only solution when they cannot be removed any other way.


This is right out of Catch -22. The scene were M & M Enterprises bombs its own airbase in a deal with the Germans. Since it's reported Trump gave advance notice to the Russians so no Russians got killed or Russian planes got damaged or destroyed it was essentially just what it was a demo showing how tough our BIGLY President is. Take notice everyone and stop paying attention to anything but ME is the message. No more Mr. Nice guy.


The winner here Raytheon,,, according to the navy 500,000 bucks a pop ,, huffington post sez 1.4million apiece ,, I want to say something snarky but am at a loss ,,


Go back to your TV.


This is clearly an issue for the UN to deal with, not an impulsive real estate developer. And how does this fit into a strategy? During the Democratic primary debates both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders said the goals in Syria should be to defeat ISIS and have a negotiated settlement to bring stability to the country. This attack ordered by Trump does not seem to make any progress toward those goals and may be a step backward. Trump needs to realize he is in way over his head by being president avoid military actions whenever possible since he has no idea what he doing. His grand delusions about his knowledge and ability to make decisions are very dangerous in this situation.


It provides Trump with a distraction from the ongoing investigations, one that will stay in the news longer than any previous attempts.


For once I agree with you.


Over 700 children, little, little children, killed by American air strikes in Syria alone not to mention Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Libya and all those killed by proxy rebels and Saudi Arabia with American armaments along with the Clinton embargo of Iraq and America claims the moral high road? What have we allowed ourselves to become. Why are we killing and destroying so much.


Yep - I would guess that his favorability with the public will go up about 5 percentage points - unless convincing evidence comes out very soon that the Assad regime was not responsible for the chemical attack.


Go buy something or go on vacation.


America needs to wake up, The glorification of everything military from toys, guns, games, clothing, songs etc. is manufacturing cannon fodder and that fodder will be our sons and daughters and their sons and daughters. The world is littered with the graves of those who believed they could control the world, buried right next to their collateral damage


Can those who actually launched the missiles be held accountable for this unconstitutional action, or does the responsibility lie solely with Drumpf? Does anyone know the answer to this question?


Eugene Linden, in his 1979 Affluence and Discontent, presented a perspective on human history that argued, in effect, that millennia ago we started on a course that would eventuate in "apocalypse." I find that thesis persuasive, and only wonder if (1) we chose that path, (2) got on that path accidentally, or (3) were put on that path by Gaia--which had "determined" that our species would become a cancer, and needed to be excised. (I got that idea from Ed McGaa--Eagle Man) Whichever explanation is correct, the important point is that we seem to be on a path that WILL lead to our demise, as a species, within a matter of years (e.g., by 2026, per the scientists at the Arctic News Blog).


This is true as far as it goes, but it is well-documented that Obama was arming anti-Assad jihadists, and Clinton was calling for a no-fly zone - which would have required an air war against the Syrian government. Neoliberals have always been more interested in regime change in Syria than fighting ISIS.

This is just a ham-fisted continuation of the same policy as before.


The 30 million bucks they made is peanuts compared to the money the oil companies will make when actions like this drive up the price of oil. The higher price of oil will also make all that junk flowing through the newly approved Keystone Pipeline suddenly profitable to move on down to Texas.


America is at war with Humanity, Earth and God.


I'm deeply afraid that indeed this attack was entirely impetuous. Listen to how many times and in what weepy tone he says the word "babies." There's no logic about how many babies have been killed by conventional weapons (by any side), or about the Syrian babies who've died trying to flee and running up against iron doors, including his own (oh, sorry, American steel!). But something touched him (I noted on the arrival in Palm Beach yesterday, he was followed off AFOne by Ivanka and 3 of his own grandbabies) and he's learned that he has it in his power to pull the trigger cocked and readied by Mad Dog Mattis and the other generals with whom he's surrounded himself.

I'm amazed only that the Chinese president didn't leave under djt's demonstrated threat to bring it to China's neighborhood if he chooses.

And I have a small bet with myself that what got Bannon demoted was that he said something cavalier about the Syrian babies.

I hoped, when I heard him weeping for the babies, that djt's humanity had finally come out. Unfortunately, he still has zero understanding of what babies mean to the world.