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Without Prosecution of Bush Officials, Obama Legacy 'Forever Poisoned'


Without Prosecution of Bush Officials, Obama Legacy 'Forever Poisoned'

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

With just a year left in office, President Barack Obama must launch a full criminal investigation of former President George W. Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney, and all U.S. officials behind the CIA torture program—and provide redress to its victims—Human Rights Watch (HRW) demanded Tuesday.


Bush, Cheney, and EVERY senior official of that administration deserve to be sentenced to death and hanged publicly for war crimes and crimes against humanity. Anything less is not justice for what they did.

On a similar note, if it turns out that Obama knew of, or signed off on the attack on the Doctors Without Borders hospital in Kundzu, Afghanistan by the AC-130 gunship, he also is guilty of a war crime and an impeachable offense. Of course nothing like any of this is EVER going to happen. All will be allowed to die peaceful, natural deaths at a ripe old age.


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President Obama must launch a full criminal investigation of former President Bush and vice ( what an appropriate name!) President Cheney?

PLEEEAASE! If Obama did that the only way he could do it is if the drone slaughterer of so many innocent people which sadly includes wedding parties, launched a full criminal investigation of himself!


These war crimes go way back through virtually every administration one can name so I really do not understand the point of the headline.

The war crimes committed against peoples of the world have continued through this administration as well.

The only legacy is the one there has been as long as I have been alive on this Earth. The US government is the greatest purveyor of violence on the globe.


Right - just ask Kissinger.


Agreed. I wonder though, is there an institution or agency anywhere in the world with the jurisdiction and authority to prosecute?


Building upon Eisenhower's 1953 enabling the replacement of the democratically elected government in Iran with the Shah, Kissinger became the 20th century's number one terrorist. Enabled by Congressional Democrats and Republicans, Dubya Regime operatives almost outdid him. Recall that Joe Biden first introduced the Patriot Act in 1995, so it was ready to roll when Dubya's war chief John Ashcroft launched it.


It's a little hard to take HRW seriously, they got caught pushing a war against Assad, who may qualify as a dictator, but the other side makes him look like Gandhi.


Methinks an online petition in support of HRW's challenge would garner...millions of votes. I mention this because I suspect HRW does not have stature with this administration. If anyone knows who can create a petition like this, please get in contact w them on everyone's behalf.


U.S. officials are only too happy to hold other nations accountable for war crimes but place our elected officials above international law. To think that an administration could take us into an illegal war against another nation resulting in about 1.4 million Iraqi people dying without being prosecuted is unbelievable! It convinces me that our leaders are untouchable.


The thing is, I don't understand why they may have purposefully bombed that hospital, unless, they thought there was a target in their.... I did hear that there were injured from both sides of the fight, in there.


Published on Jan 2, 2015
“If the Nuremberg laws were applied, then every post-war American president would have been hanged.” ― Noam Chomsky


The punishment will die, but the memories of these crimes and the shame of this country never will.


Such crimes must absolutely be prosecuted.Sadly our nation could fall in defeat from such wars if we are unable to prosecute our own leaders.
It took total defeat in Germany before the Nazi's were prosecuted.
We must prosecute those responsible & named for this war of choice so our country won't fall in defeat. Dare I say ----these wars could be the end of the US.
Would Germany have allowed themselves to be railroaded into war knowing that it would be their demise???
Why are we risking everything by allowing the US to be forced into war by our leaders??We must not allow them to get away with this!!


When has Bernie Sanders called for criminal investigations into torture, or called for Bush Administration officials to be held accountable for war crimes? He has not made such a plea, in fact on many occasions he made the argument supporting Pelosi and Obama not pursuing such criminal investigations and potential prosecutions.

Bernie Sanders is one of many lawmakers who these war criminals owe thanks.

I'm barely able to vote for someone of such tainted integrity on this issue.


" It took total defeat in Germany before the Nazi's were prosecuted."

One has to wonder if the US will suffer a similar fate. I love the America that is a fairy tale of idealism, but what if sometime in the future, Russia or China prosecute our war criminals! My fervent hope is that could happen non-violently and the US could be spared the devastating defeat and perdition similar to Nazi Germany because of the nuclear option, like Albert Einstein said: THE FOURTH WORLD WAR WILL BE FOUGHT WITH STICKS AND STONES!.


Sorry, but keep your more cynical-than-thou negativity up there in Canuck-land - what does this matter have to do with you or any other Canadian anyway? Are you suggesting that we do nothing then?

The Iraq was a war of aggression and the proud admissions of torture by the Bush regime were bald-faced crimes to a qualitative, if not quantitative magnitude that was different than Vietnam or other US covert and proxy actions. They others need a reckoning too (most except Kissinger are dead though). But for now, let's just start by working to get Bush, Cheney, Rice, Powell, Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld and the rest of them into prison for the rest of their lives.


Watch what you say about Sanders.or you may be disappeared.


I feel like a hypocrite stating that I'll vote for him anyway. Pretty pathetic actually I admit. Thanks for the warning.