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'Without Question A Murder': Ohio Cop Indicted for Killing Black Man During Traffic Stop


'Without Question A Murder': Ohio Cop Indicted for Killing Black Man During Traffic Stop

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

A white University of Cincinnati police officer was indicted Wednesday on a murder charge for fatally shooting Samuel DuBose, who is black, during a traffic stop on July 19.

"This is without question a murder," Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters said at a news conference announcing the charges against Officer Ray Tensing. "He purposefully killed him... He should never have been a police officer."


So again to those that suggest these killings not racially motivated.

Would the officer in question have done the same were the person pulled over white? I am going to suggest the reason that there more and more of these killings is because of the relative impunity offered other police officers after such murders especially when the victim black.

I am also going to suggest that as in “clockwork orange” as society breaks down in the USA , Police forces attract less of the people who see themselves as Public Servants with a desire to help their communities , while attracting more of the Sociopathic types that see it as a means by which they can freely brutalize fellow citizens.


There is NO reason why a college should have it’s own police force in the first place. We do not need hundreds of separate police forces, especially ones that have little or no training.


“Black culture is very different than white culture.” You don’t even know how racist that statement is! My white culture is very different from other white peoples’ culture, just like some black peoples’ is very different than other “black culture.” Lumping all whites and all blacks into single cultures is not only ludicrous, it’s a huge part of the problem of racism in America.

“Most police officers are involved in sports and know first hand how
quick and strong most young black men are so yes, they do feel
Herein, lies more of the problem. Young men of all races are “quick and strong,” but as this person points out, only young black men present a problem of being threatening. I call racist BS on that one too!

People are individuals and should be respected and treated as such. I am a white person, but I do NOT identify with most white people I know because they’re ignorant, arrogant, and totally self-involved. They are not my “culture,” even though they’re the same race.