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Without Reciprocity, Ayahuasca Consumption is Extractive

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/07/28/without-reciprocity-ayahuasca-consumption-extractive

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Good piece, glad to see the young MS. Rokhlin has been educated on the destruction of capitalism, beyond her formal education.


Thanks for this and shining a light on the critical threats to Amazonia and its First peoples - especially by the Brazilian trump criminal clone bolsonaro and global vulture capitalism/greed!
The use of psycho-active herbs/plants has been a large part of my life as well as millions of others; Psilocybin, peyote, San Pedro/mescalin, LSD/DMT, and ayahuasca are all links to the spirit world, and self-healing.

I very highly recommend the excellent treatise on ayahuasca, Amazonian tribes/culture, and much more, by Jeremy Narby: The Cosmic Serpent - DNA and the Origins of Knowledge1998. Narby lived in Amazonia with native tribes for years, studying native culture and the Natural World as well as Shamanic teachings and ayahuasca - truly a revealing eye-opener!.


I read a few books on Shamanism in my lifetime and what always fascinated be was the ceremonies and processes that the Shamans go through to ingest ayahuasca without it killing you. I was wondering how they ever came upon those rituals and processes as “trial end error” would end up with the Shaman dead or incapacitated and unable to pass that knowledge on. What prompted those first peoples to ingest that drug?

The books i read outlined how this done as the Shamans described that history.

According to them (and I have no reason to doubt their word) the “spirit people” would visit the persons dreams when they took a less dangerous drug and would instruct them as to how to treat the higher level plants and ones that were more dangerous so they could delve yet deeper into the spirit world.

There then entire chapters on how “Animal kind” started as plants and how acted as bridges to the spirit world. It was all fascinating.


Similar to referencing the Akashic Records?

Yes, I also read that sequence of books and there a lot that was similar.

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Have you ever consulted the Akashic records?

Not that I’m consciously aware of, but I have at times “known” a few facts, that I have no idea how I knew them. Example, when I was a young child in the early 60’s, I used to argue with my parents about eating the fat that accompanied red meat. They would tell me it was good for me, I would argue it was not healthy, but had no idea why or how I knew that. 10 years later science proved I was correct. I have a few other examples like this, is this related to those records, I don’t know, but I can’t rule it out.

Ok, that was pretty cool. Yeah, there are classes if you are interested, usually in combination with meditation because it is spiritual information. A lot of times people access it indirectly through prayer or meditation. (maybe day dreaming too) Some folks think that meditation is an alinement that allows that level of communication and interesting that the 60s was a time when there was a lot of growth in that area. I took a class that included it.

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A few years back, I became fascinated with the Edgar Cayce book collection. If your not familiar, he used to go into “sleeping trances” to predict the future or introduce health remedies for people, and claimed what he was doing was referencing these records. His predictions weren’t 100% accurate, but way more often than not, he would be correct. The books were an interesting read, and included some information on healing, reincarnation, Atlantis, dreams, etc.

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Edgar Cayce is pretty interesting, I’m not all that familiar with him but I have read some of his information. I think for many he is an introduction to a different way of thinking about interrelationships. I would agree that his practice had value as a healer too.

I think things like Ayahuasca are a bit harsh in some respects. Maybe if it is part of your evolution it would be ok. All very interesting.

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How are you doing with the Corvid-19 restrictions in your state? In CA we are experiencing increases, with Southern CA being at greatest risk. I notice there is much better compliance for people wearing masks which is good. There are a lot of things that are still off limits so I think people are starting to go a little nuts here. Hope all is well.

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Well it (compliance) started out bad here, the southern mentality kicked in I guess. But as the cases and deaths have climbed, their starting to get it now. The state itself (republican gov.) was late to shut down, and early to open, but even the gov. now is putting mask requirements on counties where the rates are surging, so that’s a good thing. Everything is open here, but the traffic is way down. I’m lucky living in a mostly rural area, compared to people living in cities, but mostly stay on my families property because I interact with my sister-in-law quite frequently, and she’s in the “high risk group” X 3.
If I remember correctly your in CA., I thought they had it beaten, then became shocked when the numbers started going up again. I afraid we’re in for a very long ride with this virus, you guys hang in there as well.

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