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'Without Sufficient Intelligence,' Trump Raid Kills Yemeni Children, US Service Member


'Without Sufficient Intelligence,' Trump Raid Kills Yemeni Children, US Service Member

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Fears over what the United States' expansive War on Terror looks like with President Donald Trump at the helm were confirmed this week after a hastily-approved, dangerous ground assault resulted in the deaths of one U.S soldier and dozens of Yemeni civilians, including women and children.


Trump seems to be off to a good start at catching up to "Obomber", but he has a long way to go.

The fact that this bungled mission has made it to the press so quickly just goes to show how loathed the President is within his inner circle and has nothing to do with the war crimes he has inherited from the prior Administration.


Should we expect 33 Congressional investigations into this now? At the cost of millions of dollars? What would the Republican response be if Clinton had done this?

Rejected by Obama, approved by Trump, an absolute disaster.


That's Trump saluting, isn't it ?



What we doing in Yemen again? They have oil. Of course, silly me.


Meanwhile no news ( well, just a bit) of increased fighting in Ukraine


" Despite the significant loss of life, it appears that Trump's circle is taking steps to make it easier to approve such raids."

Oh lovely, so the corporations so beloved by Trump pass GO, collect billions and make the decisions instead of a nation ?


'Without Sufficient Intelligence..." what a gargantuan understatement. T-dump is devoid of intellect and motivated by a deep-rooted insecurity fomenting explosive, angry vengeance. And he is the new demagogue. Tragic!


What are the consequences when a delusional sociopath whose only life experience has been as a "businessman" criminal gains the power to effect radical change on society and the world, and hires a right-wing neofascist as "counselor"?
He makes everything into the pathetic image of himself, and it is now up to every other person of conscience to challenge his extremist crimes and insane actions by whatever, by every means possible - it appears there is no mechanism of government or law left to stop this destructive madman!


and how many innocents were killed under Obama? Let's not go nuts here we will loose our credibility. I can barely no I can't tolerate Trump but Obama was a war monger.


Obviously I'm far from knowing anything that happened at the dinner where Trump apparently made his decision, but I bet the conversation went something like this:

"Mr. President, Mr. Obama held off on this mission until further intelligence could be developed."

"Weak. Pathetic. Soft. Bad hombres, we need to get tough. Get them" (finger in the air).


No statement from the WH on it, either.

Trump also has lifted some sanctions on the FSB. Yes, you read that correctly. After Rosneft sold a 19.5% stake, as per the Steele dossier. While Chaffetz blocks an investigatoin into Russiabn hacking. While Democrats demand an explanation of Russian payments to Flynn. And Trump turned off the recorder when he talked to Putin, so there's no record of what was said. Just sayin'.


He wasn't in the situation room when it happened, either.


Just to be fair...prior Administration's.


It was odd that this story took so long to appear on Commondreams. I heard about it on the MSM on Monday.

And where did this wild idea that the president is "loathed by his inner circle" come from?


Wow. Even when Trump does it, it is still blamed on Obama here...


The deaths of the children is an outrage and an atrocity.

But sorry; I really can't get too upset about the dead US soldier. It was a very preventable death in an age of a purely volunteer US military - simply don't enlist, go to the academies or ROTC, or have anything to do with the military and you will be fine.


Remember "what if they gave a war and nobody came?" Now, those are the kind of people who deserve thanks for their service.


Trump has to keep his tough guy image up. A lot of people in foreign countries are going to pay the price as well as some Americans who signed up for the military. The Trump supporters wanted a strongman, both here and abroad. One thing Trump tries to avoid at all costs is appearing weak.


Wait a minute. This has been standard operating procedure for quite some time now. Obama never sought authorization from the nation for his novel attacks, and his beneficiaries were the corporate and investment sectors. This kind of behavior goes back probably more than a hundred years.