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Without Tax Hikes on Corporations and the Rich, Critics Warn, $2 Trillion Infrastructure Plan 'Another Empty Promise' From Trump

Without Tax Hikes on Corporations and the Rich, Critics Warn, $2 Trillion Infrastructure Plan 'Another Empty Promise' From Trump

Jake Johnson, staff writer

With President Donald Trump and Democratic leaders set to meet Wednesday to discuss a possible $2 trillion infrastructure package, a progressive advocacy group on Monday warned that any proposal that doesn't include significant tax hikes on the rich and corporations "will be meaningless and doomed to failure."

I wish articles like this brought out some of the insights from MMT economists, because not challenging how that is framed is harmful to the left. Saying that it adds to the debt is, again, a framing that benefits the powerful and is not a real issue. We could use this as a means to change how money is created and injected into the economy by the federal government. The federal government does not borrow or tax in order to spend. As has been said many times, that public “debt” is not supposed to be paid back and is different than the debt you take out to go to school (horrible) or get a house. If the government did want to pay it back, for whatever reason, it could be paid back, and it would ultimately involve changing numbers on a computer screen. That private does have to be paid back, and thanks to Biden student loan debt cannot be written off even with bankruptcy. Because of the rules created by the politicians in power, spending increases have to be offset by cuts elsewhere or tax increases. However, things don’t have to be that way. This infrastructure plan was not created by a progressive or in order to benefit working people, but I don’t think critiquing it because it isn’t fiscally hawkish is a good framing. That entire framing needs to be challenged, or at least needs to be modified to incorporate the insights from the MMT economists.


Ike’s 1956 Interstate Highway Project was the last GOP launched “infrastructure” project that wasn’t a military industrial media infotainment complex (MIMIC) corporate welfare case, or a private/public partnership where risk is public and profit is private.

Although Congress passed the Interstate Highway Act only after it was framed as a “defense” project, it hurt the railroad system, and accelerated urban flight and blight, the Highway Act did improve the US transportation network for many Amricans.

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Nancy “Pay Go” Pelosi is a chief culprit in tricking gullible Americas into believing that our federal budget is somehow akin to a household budget.

But that’s the story of her party over 4 decades: Cowed into fear by effective framing from the right.

Wanna watch Nancy pee her drawers? Just say the words:
weak on crime
tax and spend
weak on defense


Wanna watch Nancy poop her pants, just say: "AOC, AOC, AOC, AOC."


She doesn’t need any help either peeing or pooping herself. Those things occur ala nature at her prehistoric age. As for republicans and blue dog Dems that are afraid to ask their super rich donars to contribute to society like the rest of us with far less to contribute do then I have a solution for your cowardice. Simply rescind all laws that prevent we the people from taking their fair share whether the rich and their corporations like it or not. I know plenty of folks that would thoroughly enjoy “collecting” what is due and past due by the rich filth. Of course bear in mind Ms. Pelosi and Mr. Schumer, we don’t NEED your permission to collect what’s due.

Please. There is no discussion needed on this subject. It’s never going to happen.
Besides, two trillion is on the low end of what the army Corp of engineers estimated just to repair our current infrastructure (and that estimate was some ten years ago) you would have to at least triple that number in order to build a 21st century infrastructure.
No, you’ll sooner see Santa Clause riding the Loch Ness monster through the gates of Shangri-la than you would witness even an insignificant infrastructure plan from this current government.

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In case there is anyone who hasn’t noticed, the administration has been cutting one program after another. I don’t know if they are lining their pockets, trying to ease the pain of the 1-2 trillion in tax cuts, or diverting it to the military.
I would warn folks of the Scott Walker scenario. Just before election time tell the state (country) that they have to support a badly needed infrastructure plan. As though they were saying it all along. Talk about opaque and transparent at the same time. They have words for that, and most are unpleasant.

Wanna watch Nancy put her knee pads on, just say: Lobbyist, Lobbyist

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Ewwwww. That image gives me the creeps.

Yep. Besides, the companys that would do the building for the government are so corrupt, the projects would need repair in 2 months. We need a WPA, to put skilled labor to work building state of the art rail, solar farms, broadband service, etc, not adding more highways to vanishing farm land so that we can ride our fossil fueled chariots into the smog. God I hate Baloney and Schekle.

Her face gives me the creeps. Those wide hysterical eyes–just what does she do in her off-hours

I believe she lies in a coffin in the dark.

Her face looks like skin stretched over a bony skull, with hair.

Hysterical. But I think that hair is stolen horse tail. To go with a horse face. Thus her preference for the dark. Think she canoodles with the Dark Side Corpse, Dick the Chainer?

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