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Without Urgent Action, Study Warns, Climate Crisis Could Kill as Many People as All Infectious Diseases Combined by 2100

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/04/without-urgent-action-study-warns-climate-crisis-could-kill-many-people-all


This risk is preventable! We need the political will to stop it!

Only if we find some way to eliminate the corporate greed that owns the political will.


Bolsonaro they look like tiny mud flaps.

I’m no climate scientist, but some that I have followed say that we will likely all be extinct long before 2100. And if some are still alive by then, they will wish they were dead. And I have been seeing these same headlines about needing urgent action for quite a few years now and nothing has changed to reduce fossil fuel use in any meaningful manner.


It’s not just the fossil fuels TTofB.

Why isn’t the ‘News’ following the daily or at least weekly/monthly graphs on climate crisis? Why isn’t the ‘News’ showing and talking about the increase in deaths due to pollution!!! Could it be because capitalism is a false promise and the capitalists don’t want their bubble to be popped? Hmm! “No Time Left For You …”

How humans drive speciation as well as extinction

The antidote is knowledge which is sorely lacking in the general population.
What to do?

  • Nothing will change until people are in the street demanding that their elected representatives take the steps necessary to combat climate change. It isn’t ‘rocket science’ folks. The fossil fuel companies have been lying to us for decades. Climate change is real and people have been the main driver of that change.
  • The resources exist to make the necessary changes. We have to be willing to be part of that change and to demand that those we’ve elected to represent us use the power given to them in the Constitution to create the necessary funding. Again, this isn’t ‘rocket science’. We just have to get informed.
  • The main stream press is no longer serving the function of informing the public so we have to turn to other sources of information. They exist but we have to look for them.
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I agree with ttob.Slim chance of making 2100.We are consuming beings, and there’s not much left.

I agree.

This is why I read Jem Bendell and follow the Deep Adaptation movement both of which unfortunately have been under attack of late—

The Deep Adaptation movement hones in on two questions: “firstly, how to live with recurrent bad news of these mega threats? And secondly, how do we organize in order to respond to catastrophic risks and events?”


Just as there was a strong backlash against the movie Planet of the Humans, there is a recent backlash against those that feel global collapse could happen in our lifetime.

Many people refuse to believe that global collapse (environmental/civilizational) could happen in our lifetime. In my (very humble) opinion this is another form of anthropocentric exceptionalism -----which (imo) is harmful---- similar to American exceptionalism.

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Not to take away from the climate emergency, but this study is essentially projecting 74 million dead by 2100.

Significantly more than 74 million people have died from infectious diseases in human history. The Spanish Flu on its own is estimated to have killed 50 million. The 2nd Bubonic plague killed as many as 60% the world population - over 200 million.

Must have been a typo, PSwanee! They meant to put 7.4 billion dead by 2100 and nobody caught the mistake. And bluntly, the way we are going, those left won’t be a surprisingly high number. Rather the opposite.

You can read back postings on this climate site, 32 scientists including Wadhams and Glickson, and all posting together as ‘Sam Carena’ and separately with their research, but I guarantee you aren’t going to sleep well after you do. I’ve got Caroline’s Jim Bendell’s site bookmarked too along with a bunch of other science sites:


Honestly, when I first saw the headline I had to look twice that the publishing date wasn’t 1997 or so. That’s how far behind this article is. Talk about living in a freaking bubble! Why even bother to post something so outdated as this? CD should know better!

I’ve got a general sciences degree attached to my Bach, am a serious contributor to Kevin Hester’s climate site out of New Zealand, and this headline is a joke. I teach snowboarding in winter, martial arts yr round, and when the teens and young adults ask me about climate collapse the first thing I tell them is to NOT have children until they are 30 because by then they’ll know…

This is not at all funny.