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Without Urgent Action, Warn Wildlife Experts, One-Third of US Species at Risk of Extinction


Without Urgent Action, Warn Wildlife Experts, One-Third of US Species at Risk of Extinction

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

On the heels of a U.N.-funded study that warned about the massive consequences of a worldwide decline in biodiversity, U.S. conservation groups are raising alarms about new estimates that as many as one-third of American species are vulnerable to extinction.


The generic term " pollution " is a poor substitute for not saying pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, et al. And, acid rain comes from what sources, exactly? Come on, here, we’ve known for decades who the bad actors are.
We know what’s killing our wild things and shrinking our wild places, generally speaking, it’s past time to start pointing out the criminal elements who are enabling this coming mass extinction. Starting with the captured regulatory bodies in our Federal and State Governments.


From the article:

“We owe it to our children and grandchildren to prevent these species from vanishing from the earth…”

These species wouldn’t be in such imminent danger of vanishing if we didn’t have so damn many children and grandchildren—the major cause of habitat destruction and degradation, acid rain, and other forms of pollution.

If we want to preserve the species that remain, we’re going to have to make room for them.


Couldn’t agree more.


Too bad humans didn’t make the list. We will do nothing, the 6th extinction has got us in it’s grip. This warning is stale and this bell should have been rung long, long ago, in a land far, far away, when we were of mind to do something about it and all of our other ills.


Unfortunately people of limited moral compass and those that believe other life forms are put on earth for humans to kill and use are the people with the ill-educated minds, shallow spirit, corrupt ambition, and wealth to run for public and/or be appointed by other depraved swine (apologies to our porcine cousins). to positions of power.

"I am convinced that if we are to get on the right side of the world revolution, we as a nation must undergo a radical revolution of values. We must rapidly begin the shift from a “thing-oriented” society to a “person-oriented” society. When machines and computers, profit motives and property rights are considered more important than people, the giant triplets of racism, materialism, and militarism are incapable of being conquered" – Dr martin Luther King Jr

I would like to believe Dr King included other life forms - our animal cousins - in his thinking…

The days when I was young are gone forever and with them the lives of near countless animals, great and small as well as educated and moral persons of integrity attaining leadership positions - the utter ignorance and arrogance and uncaring of people now in power and influence is very hard to fathom…


In 1996 a group of scientists from woods hole met with the president and laid out the entire scope of global warming and climate change. It was to warn the president that we were facing the 6th extinction event and unless we acted now we would reach a point where we could not stop it.

Being hard to grasp, the president went with a young staffer into another room where they shared a cigar.


I keep going back and forth, Trump is pathetic versus Trump is a sociopath. Trump’s fixation every day is “I-me-mine.” He has no capacity to care about the wildlife or non White Americans. There is only one guarantee, that Trump will not be voted back into office in 2020 but will leave office after exploiting the White House for every penny he could get. He is a sociopath slob that is sexist and racist. If you can’t serve all Americans as president, then you are not qualified to be president.


At age 78, I look back on life and feel a great upwelling of gladness and joy when I contemplate the wildlife I have observed and watched on TV. I much prefer to live out of the way because of my love of wildlife. And the earth itself, the oceans, salt marshes, the mountains, the deserts, the jungles. The Trump administration doesn’t give a damn – they don’t even notice. And this is one of many reasons I despise them and Republicans. I have always taught my kids to love wildlife, too. Politicians want to be remembered as honorable people, but they won’t in my book. Damn them.


degradation of nature over the past few decades…are you kidding??? this has been
going on…destruction of biodiversity since humans crawled out of the water eons ago…
invention of agriculture changed, and not always in good ways, the planet…
I care about this …but until the powers that be care…and they do not,
nothing will change, but the extinction of many species will go on…you hear any discussion of this
in any great detail? in any mass media, or in alternate media, except once in awhile?
until people stop thinking about themselves and extensions of themselves only,
nothing will change…
I beg to differ when Stephen Hawkings said humans were “special”…
different, I suppose, because of human brains, but that does not always make you “special”…
more like an abnormalty, if you ask me…and not necessarily a good one…


I agree with you…however, truth be told, Republicans of old used to be concerned about the
environment and wildlife, believe it or not, i.e. Nixon and creation of the E.P.A…
I never supported Republicans, but Republicans of yore, would be absolutely appalled by the
thugs running the place now…
and in Lincoln’s time, Republicans were the “liberals”…and the Democrats the slave owner party…
…but it is disgusting what is going on now, unfortunately I don’t think many of the
demoRATs care either…we are completely leaderless and rudderless…very sad.


Yes, I think Dr. King was including all sentient beings on this planet, he had the depth, vision and heart to do so…
unlike what we are left with today…
a sociopath in the White House, and a narcissistic shell of a human being on a non-ending pity party tour,
boring everyone (fooled enough to listen) on how everyone and his mother is to blame for
“her, she, herself” Hillary not sitting at the Oval Office desk…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Right on! I never had kids for that reason- sick of hearing the old " for our children and grandchildren."


It isn’t just that- google population connection. It is just a partly political issue- but we just have too many damn humans!


There are always a few that know things, some share, most hide. Now there is no place to hide.