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'Without Urgent Govt Intervention,' Koalas Face Extinction in New South Wales by 2050

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/01/without-urgent-govt-intervention-koalas-face-extinction-new-south-wales-2050


The current Government of Australia under one Scott Morrison , recently announced they will increase Military spending by 20 bullion over 10 years , improving their Navy and Air Force in order to better deal with the threat of a rising China and with added global instability. (It seems to escape his notice that a lot of this instability due to Global Warming)

He does that at the same time Australia is in a rising crisis with mass forest fires , rising temperatures and increased drought conditions.

He does this as he promotes more and more Coal mining , that Coal destined for export.

He does this as most of that coal goes to China . The this same China that is seen as such a threat to Australia needs to spend 270 billion on its Military.

This in the same country that burning down around them.

Is this thing we call “intelligence” which it claimed the species Homo-sapiens has the most of in fact just another word for lunacy?


There is a good chance that we will all be extinct before 2050.

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That was my thought.

Change the name to “homo stupidus”:


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New climate modeling suggests planetary crisis is coming much sooner than previously thought----


"We are witnessing the unthinkable. Facing the unimaginable.

Psychologically, many people already sense it’s the beginning of the end. But is this the end of the era of fossil fuels, or life as we know it? As the planetary crisis accelerates, we must confront the reality that what we do now will forever alter the course of humanity and all life on Earth.

My dreams are warning me that a metaphorical tsunami is approaching, threatening to destroy all that we hold dear."

The Hunter Biden Ukraine appointment deserves some explainations from Ukraine and Hunter himself.
If the payment checks were made out to his law firm in Chicago - the amount covers travel, meetings, lobbying in USA and EU, negotiating with fuel suppliers, advice on international laws, and administration costs. The $50,000 per month is a reasonable amount.

DC lobbying firms often start at $2 million per year. Yes, they have lawyers, ex elected as gophers.

No mention of the maimed, painfully dying, and already dead koalas resulting from the wanton harvesting of blue gum trees in Victoria. This slaughter is an atrocity by cold-blooded murderers with no empathy whatsoever. Harsh words to describe much harsher actions.


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Some of the same culprits fueling the mass extinction globally. “This is fact, the experts have told us the decline in koala numbers in NSW is a result of habitat destruction due to logging, agriculture, and coastal development.”

Growth/business as usual will not save us. Or our beautiful brothers and sisters. Change is coming way too slowly.

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Lindaann, absoluetly dead right. It’s all about greed. Recnetly the NSW Govt was caught red handed clear felling forest whilst people were forbidden to go outside. Thus no one would know what was going on until it was too late and all cleared. This demonstrates clearly for all to see the complicity and double standards of our Governments today. These people could give a rat’s butt for the Koalas. I’m also pepared to state, a lot of the folks claiming to be concerned for them are anything but, when you look at their homes and the size of same, which all stand on recently cleared land where the poor Koala lived. There is a far more lucrative profitable venture in clearing land, subdividing it and building upon it, the income stream derived from all that is tremendous and thousands of people stand to profit handsomely from it. Then the folks living in those very same homes, go around carrying tins and claiming to collect funds to save the very same Koalas they made homeless in the first place ??? What a twisted World we live in today.

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I was unawares that Koalas survived on Blue Gums.

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Eucalyptus. Same thing. That’s all they eat.

Happy anniversary.

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Thank you. A real pleasure to among the caring and concerned.