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Witnesses Says US Military Killed Fleeing Yemeni Child in Latest Botched Raid


Witnesses Says US Military Killed Fleeing Yemeni Child in Latest Botched Raid

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

The Pentagon said last week that there were "no credible indications of civilian casualties" from the latest U.S. Navy SEALs raid on a village in Yemen.


Reading this, I realize that the words ‘despicable’ and ‘craven’ have been wanting their definitions and examples. Now, thanks to the US government, they have found a permanent home.

How these actions can go on over there while we go on with our ordinary lives, and pretend it isn’t happening or that we are powerless to stop it, is truly mind-boggling. And I wish I had the answers. I can only keep searching and talking and hoping together we can come up with new directions for this seemingly doomed, even to the extent of planetary-wide suicide, species.


Mad dog, Mattis: " civilian casualties are a fact of life in this sort of situation."

We are being led by the most insane! Only a truly insane and mad person could rationalize the cold blooded murders of innocent children as a " fact of life".


It is in keeping with Trumps policy to “go after their families”. They are not collateral damage. They are the target.


The US is making illegal war on Yemen, along with Saudi Arabia, in the name of ant-terrorism. Yet the US and Saudi Arabia are the terrorists.


The US military has turned into a squad of assassins and professional killers they aren’t honorable soldiers they kill first and answer questions later. The degree of Arab hatred is extreme in the US thanks to Zionist propaganda,


The world is littered with the graves of those who believed they could control the world, buried right next to their collateral damage.


But do we want to stop it? It is easier for us to pretend this is not happening and we know nothing about it, because if we confront it we are required to react morally. And, frankly, if we do so and deplore this bestiality, we face the prospect of being attacked as “unpatriotic”, “terrorist-lovers”, not supporters of our troops - and so on. The nationalistic requirement is that we back our “boys” without question, whatever they do, and if we don’t we “other” ourselves and make ourselves outsiders. It’s a tough challenge - it takes someone with the moral and intellectual fortitude of Jeremy Corbyn to face it, and look at how the despicable MSM in England treat him.


I think you over emphasize Trump. Hillary Clinton got a $25 million donation to the Clinton Foundation in return for selling arms to Saudi Arabia, who then proceeded to mercilessly bomb Yemen with those arms- including Doctors without Borders hospitals.

This is independent of Party. This is the Military Industrial Complex along with most members of Congress cashing in on death, weapons sales, and oil pipelines all over the Middle East.

But you are ever the defender of the Democrats-good, Republicans-bad false dichotomy.


Yeah, to the USA I say, “It is a ponderous chain you are building”…

And today of all days, Memorial Day, time to make this an anti-War day!


Crash the White House Lines with protest:

(202) 456-1111

Next, get ready to strike.

I will use this article with the White House Comment Line # as a flyer to give out this Thursday Peace Vigil in Northern Vermont.


The US, Saudi Arabia, Israel, are the biggest terrorist networks in the world, no one else is even close. Until more than a smattering odd Americans realize the extent of the genocide carried out in the name of…you-fil-in-the-blank, the sooner the slaughter will stop. But alas I don’t expect that to happen, in my lifetime anyway.


Like someone said: too bad there is not some way to make peace profitable. JFK invented the Peace Corps. to no avail, but nevertheless good idea.


The funny thing is that peace actually might be profitable because it would create the so-called stability we always here about that capitalist businesses seek. Unfortunately, the corporatists have found that war and extreme instability are even more profitable (i.e., "shock doctrine:) and so having peace is out of the question.


Also from the foaming mouth of “Mad Dog”, this: “…the U.S. military will begin to use annihilation tactics…”. They do not hate us for our “freedoms”. They justifiably hate us for our actions. And way too many Ameicans don’t seem to care!

Fifteen years and counting, this perpetual “war” is withering our country’s soul. It has, and is, changing us in fundamental ways that are warping us morally and spiritually. You can see this in every aspect of our daily lives, if you just look.


Any criticism of Trump gets an argument here.


With timebr it’s always the Jews.


Oppose this with as much power and forte as you can. We must resist this administrations war mongering, support of the Saudis, bombing of foreign countries, and escalation of war.

We must work to make a statement that the US should not be waging war in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, and Yemen or anywhere else.

Let us take to the streets. Let us make sure that the Trump administration doesn’t think this war mongering is something the country approves of.


Is “annihilation tactics” the same thing as " kill’em all an let God sort 'em out"?


Peace is out of the question? Unfortunately, yes!