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Witnessing Coal's Death March

Witnessing Coal's Death March

Vernon Haltom

The U.S. House Subcommittee on Energy and Mineral Resources, chaired by Tea Party Republican Rep.

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If only, we could infect everyone in this administration with Black Lung just by pure will alone.

The “Long Death” of Coal shows us what we can expect in the future when it comes to Oil and Natural Gas.

Capitalist systems are run by the Oligarchs and this small group of peoples has billions invested in Oil and Gas. They will do EVERYTHING in their power to ensure Oil and Gas used as long as possible even if it kills us all. This one reason (among many) I remain so fundamentally opposed to that Pipeline that was proposed here in British Columbia to take Tarsands oil to market. In order to turn a profit this thing has to run for 50 years and in order to ensure the pipeline used Tarsands oil will have to be used for 50 years. Given everything in the Capitalist system is “profit driven” and even Governments work to ensure those profits are made destructive behaviour is incentivized.

Even as it KILLS us and life around us it turns a profit for the one percent and PROFIT is the Holy Grail of the entire system our economies built around.


Sadly true.

I think I’ll spark up a bowl and play John Prine’s “Paradise.”


The late Larry Gibson, who it was my pleasure to briefly meet, was a committed opponent of mountaintop removal of coal. I don’t know whether or not he would approve of my suggestion that only enough be removed, but not polished, for use as suppositories for the advocates of mountaintop removal.

I know and admire Vernon Haltom. Wonder if his testimony had any impact, though. he probably failed to give each legislator who listened several thousand dollars.

Couldn’t give a rat’s ass about these crackers.