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Woe to You Who Legislate Evil and Rob the Poor of Their Rights

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/08/02/woe-you-who-legislate-evil-and-rob-poor-their-rights


While Revs. Barber and Theoharis are obvious exceptions, way too many organized religions have gotten away with co-opting the Bible and the teachings of Christ for centuries.

More recently, since Newt’s contract on America a quarter century ago, the organized crime syndicate disguised as the GOP has compounded co-opting, claimed Christianity to be theirs exclusively. To date the syndicate has not been challenged by any organized religion. On the contrary GOP evils have been overtly sanctioned by many organized religions, and tacitly condoned by many more.


As you say, “Sen. Mitch McConnell was all too willing to quickly push through stimulus packages that prioritized hundreds of billions of for the wealthy, corporations and the military”

Actually Sen McConnell has no power to push through anything through the lower House (which is supposed to be the primary controller of the purse). His preference for the wealthy, corporations, and the military was readily signed onto by the corporate democrats, euphemistically called moderates

This is what moderation from democrats gets you – lavish socialism for the wealthy, parsimonious left-overs (if any) reluctantly doled out for the masses.


Its ironic because I could not think of anything less Christian (as in Jesus’s teachings) than the GOP’s agenda.

As I recall he taought people to help one another and the poor, as well as respect the lives of all living things.

“Do unto others as you would like others to do unto you”.


It’s called Christian Nationalism and is a form of fascism.


Actually I think the 3 trillion house plan is not enough. We need a UBI and universal health coverage. They need to go big really big to get us through this. Don’t listen to the corporate whores who are just interested in their stock prices, instead go really big and maybe declare a year of Jubilee and debt forgiveness around the world.


At the root of this shift lies the creation of the WTO particularly its “General Agreement on Trade in Services” which amounts to a global war on the poor and public services and decent jobs.

There, I said it. It does. I have a web site on this which you can find by following the URL in my profile. Its whats REALLY blocking our ability to get change of any kind.

Trump is deregulating - treaties like these lock in deregulation in a one way manner, something thats new and which we have never been told about. Its like a one way ratchet. Thats actually what it is called. There are also now procurement deals that make New Deal like jobs programs and also potentially existing safety net programs FTA-illegal. It seems politicians are trying to trigger those traps which will destroy them.
GATS was signed in 1994 and became effective Jan 1 1995, the financial service parts became effective in 1998. all its traps which were already there and were meant to capture policy over time, more and more, and every movement often has the effect of locking in those deregulations, which people should know about) They also are capturing immigration and turning it into a huge scheme to undermine the value of all labor, creating a race to the bottom on wages. The “movement of natural persons” scheme as its called will also - its intended to result in the outsourcing and offshoring of potentially millions of jobs here in the US. It will be like NAFTA for the rest of the decent jobs. This has been the plan for 25-30 yrs, and they are not about to abandon it now. We the people just never got the memo. To ever get things like single payer and college loan forgiveness and really any expansion in social service programs we need to get out of this deal via its Art. 21 - which is a lot like a divorce, we have to announce we are leaving the deal, settle up with any other country thats making claims against us - and then do it.

Unless we do we’re walking into a grave danger - a trap that could destroy safety net programs like Social Security and Medicare. (which is - part of our retirement programs or it would not be allowed, its not allowed to compete with commercial firms offerings) I read this fro the Annex on Financial Services (but am not a lawyer, so this is speculation, but based on the writings of experts, very few of whom have written about this mess here in the US. ) And it really is a mess.

Oh what a tangled web we weave, when we practice to deceive.

This is why the ACA was so convoluted. Something we never were told thats also likely important is the ACA itself (which is seen outside the US as a protecionist measure, holding back the globalization of skilled professional jobs in healthcare, and perhaps even of care for the patients themselves.) may have only been allowed because of the 2008 fincial emergency. In any case it seems to me that it itself is limited to only being for a finite time, because it vilates a 'standstill" clause in a 1998 WTO “Understanding.on Cmmitments in Financial Services” Maybe 10 years. I dont know but that seems like the best f not only explanation. because it breaks rules we ourselves, the US, was behind and very inflexible on.

We need people to know about this huge mess, and know it well because otherwise we’re walking into a trap, literally. We need to know it because its why bait and switch non single payer schemes with tiers are traps and can only make things worse, thats burned into the deal.

So we need expert advice, from experts outside the US with no vested interests in protecting politicians, who may have been goilty of rigging healthcare for a period of time within which more than a million people died unnecessary deaths.

Once trusted people who either dont know about these deals (highly highly unlikely) or who are deliberately pretending they dont exist for some other reason, are NOT being helpful by failing to explain them. Particularly issues like the two line “governmental authority excusion” and the alternative version in the Annex on Financial Services and its implications for soon to be once public services. It could be an absolute disaster beyond description for millons of Americans to have Social Security and Medicare privatized just on the eve of this huge job shift. When millions of people could lose jobs and never get good jobs again. Why? because others are less expensive. Thats why they are doing it. Its not to help poor people, in fact it helps the richest people in poor countries and undermines remittances because existing immigrants will lose big just like Americans will. A decision against us here wll then also be binding on many other countries, throwing the world of work into turmoil, globally.

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As I wrote in a local letter to the editor (which they likely won’t publish), the McConnell plan is less a Covid-19 relief plan than a Covid-19 explosion plan. Cut unemployment so people can’t pay their rent or feed their families. With unemployed people out on the streets or living in cars where they lack access to water for pandemic hygiene, and also are starving because they can’t afford food-- send these kids back to school where kids can share whatever infectious agents they have with one another, the teachers, cafeteria workers, and bus drivers – and then bring it home to the cars or the streets.

This is both insane and inhumane. I’ll do my best to call McConnell on Monday!

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Why is it that when the rich are in need they’re never told they’re asking for too much, but when the poor ask for the right to survive, they’re met with denigration cloaked in the language of sober pragmatism?

Good fricking question. And don’t rely on the bangers to answer it. Those that have the most in that quarter feel the big man in the sky singled them out due to their superiority. Hog wash.


Thank you for this explanation, zed. Your intense and serious studies of the legalese of this issue of Medicare for All are both commendable and appreciated. Your studies are at least a day’s worth of reading.
There is hope, as you indicate: “To ever get things like single payer and college loan forgiveness and really any expansion in social service programs we need to get out of this deal via its Art. 21 - which is a lot like a divorce, we have to announce we are leaving the deal, settle up with any other country thats making claims against us - and then do it.”

Treaties can be amended,and at times are broken. While he is not admired, Trump broke a global treaty, JCPOA, engineered by the nations, US, UK, China, Russia, France, Germany, and the European Union, and Iran, on his personal whim, and it was brash and unexplained. Well, that’s the worst case scenario.

At least M4A has the support of a large majority, and it works successfully in the other developed nations. It needs to be demanded, “and then do it.”

The ones to whom “woe” should be sent are nihilists. They do not believe in anything. They have no ethic, no sense of right and wrong. Since they have no ethic, it is useless to send “woe” to them. They have torn up the social contract, they have abandoned all morality, they have gleefully embraced nihilism. They are deliberately destroying society in order to consolidate their wealth and power in perpetuity. Everything that is bad for the People is good for their pursuit of wealth and power. They are desperately ill in their souls, and we must recognize this.

The conservative Christian would reply that, yes, Jesus does exhort us to help one another and the poor; yes, Jesus does exhort us to share… However, the acts of charity that Jesus urges must be adopted freely and voluntarily, not through government coercion. It would seem that, for a conservative Christian, the beloved community that Jesus leads us to can only be realized through the freely-chosen acts of sovereign individuals. Any hint of government coercion spoils the entire movement. For the conservative Christian, individual freedom is more important than healing the sick, feeding the hungry, or doing any of the things that Jesus talked about in the Sermon on the Mount.

Hence the painfully wise observation:
all that is necessary for evil to win is for good folk to do nothing

Throughout human history the delusion generated by haughty focus on material acquisition and denial of awareness of the sheer evil of imbalance in the “chains” of production has produced the the puppets of its architecture. They have rehearsed with coaches in an attempt to manifest an acceptable (in marketing statistical terms) shell.

How many politicians opposing COVID-19 help need to join this group?

Some COVID-19 survivors are losing the ability to walk and need to relearn motor skills — these patients are proof