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Woke Up This Morning With My Mind Stayed on Freedom

Woke Up This Morning With My Mind Stayed on Freedom

Philip Lederer MD

My patient, a pregnant young woman, lay in her hospital bed breathing quickly and moaning. For years she had suffered from mental illness and addiction, and now was desperately ill with MRSA endocarditis, a bacterial infection of her heart.

As I examined her, listening with my stethoscope, I wondered if she and her baby would survive.

American society is desperately ill. How else can we consider the sickness of our nation’s spirit, where people would rather sell guns than provide health care and education to our children?

Freedom from Hatred can never be achieved if we continue to enable the Military Industrial Complex.

Disabling the Military Industrial Complex will require dismantling the Duopoly.

The history of our land is one of horror----but there is another side to this horror—the belief in individual freedom. We hear the names of Adams and Jefferson but the common people were fighting for individual freedom. The Constitution could not pass until the Bill of Rights was added and even then people were not happy with this outcome. And of course when this vote occurred women could not vote, and people were enslaved. We need to question the system of nation states and how this serves the individual<wars and the stealing of resources. Individual freedom is about political,social,and ECONOMIC freedom<there needs to be a real discussion of how to get there. And my HERO-Martin Luther King truly helps us understand how to get there. Individual freedom will happen through non-violent action.
We need a world agreement—every person on this earth has a right to INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM. SUPPORT THE COMMONS.