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"Wolf in Sheep's Clothing": Rights Groups Sue Indiana Over Abortion Law


"Wolf in Sheep's Clothing": Rights Groups Sue Indiana Over Abortion Law

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

The ACLU and Planned Parenthood have filed a lawsuit against Indiana over its restrictive new abortion law, signed in March by Governor Mike Pence, which bans abortions in cases of fetal abnormalities and imposes a litany of other restrictions and requirements.


Will the Republicans ever find something useful to do? They seem to have a fixation on issues that divide and destroy rather than issues to bring us together and improve our lives. It's like some kind of mass mental health disorder.


Smell test? Not applied. These laws defeat the republic, obviously unconstitutional from the get-go but have to be fought out in court. This defeats the whole idea of democracy and equalities among citizens. Control freaks and their freaky laws. Shame on them.


killing unborn children is a sin, yet democrats are okay with the 56 million unborn children who have been brutally slaughtered in america since roe v wade in 1973

shame on democrats


I'm hoping this heinous assault on women's rights will be overthrown. But if it isn't, a question for Governor Pence-Sir, if a woman is forced to have a severely disabled child because you denied her an abortion for fetal abnormality, is your state prepared to financially support that child for the rest of its life? See that it has a good quality of life? And education, if possible?

That would be the proper and fitting thing to do. But it would cost money, lots of money, and we know how hypocritical, fetus-worshipping Republicans are about actually spending money on living, breathing children.


Have you personally adopted an unwanted child?


the issue is the slaughter of unborn children... not your deceptive attempt to deflect from that