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Women Across Switzerland Share in 'Mass Scream' to Denounce Wage Inequality and Domestic Violence

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/15/women-across-switzerland-share-mass-scream-denounce-wage-inequality-and-domestic

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Sorry to see no comments regarding this issue which is right up there with racism and it is global.

I would say it is “systemic” but that implies if we change systems it will be eliminated. System change will help and is necessary but we need to look at the psychological issues of men, power, control, violence and objectification.

Those like Epstein, Weinstein were wealthy yet still committed acts of violence daily . … in some cases hourly.

Will humans ever figure out how to reduce violence that men perpetrate against other humans and the natural world?

The numbers are clear that men commit more acts of violence.

More men should be addressing this issue, very few do. Fragmentation of the root causes of violence may be counterproductive. Reminds me of working on control of invasive species like goldenrod (Canada), garlic mustard or honeysuckle. If you don’t get to the whole root where it starts, it comes back even more forcefully.

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“Sorry to see no comments regarding this issue which is right up there with racism and it is global.”

To be fair Caroline, the story posting is fairly new, but your right about the size and scope of the problem. I’m thinking how do we incorporate all of these protests and problems around the world into one giant faction TPTB would be seriously afraid of to effect real change? There’s many here at CD smarter than me, perhaps someone has an idea how to do this?

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Yay----thanks for responding ReconFire! Yes, the story is relatively new but these stories don’t seem to gain the instant traction/ # of comments as many of the stories featuring front and center pictures of Trump, Mnuchin, Mitch McConnell or Barr’s ghastly faces!
(Edit: just read the article featuring another ghastly face: Larry Kudlow who I will add to the aforementioned list of ghastly faces)

I feel the same way as you do about many here at CD smarter than me which is why I’ve been repeatedly putting out that question.

Have gotten some excellent, thought provoking replies including from posters Bardamu and manysummits. (I think you can easily look up their comments?)


But have you noticed Caroline that the two posters you mentioned have not been here for a while? Manysummits has maybe escaped to the mountains in the view of covid19. Bardamu?
But as you say, both responsible and interesting commenters.

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The only way to effect change is to stop buying into the propaganda of all these corporations/msm and politicians.

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Most of us here have stopped buying into it, but that’s not enough. IMO the only way to effect real change is for TPTB are generally afraid of the amount of people who have woken up and are out in the streets. My point, and I think Caroline’s point, is how do we bring all of these different factions that are protesting, not just here in the US, but worldwide, together to effect enough fear in those in power, so everyone’s issues are addressed and corrected.

As far as posters who haven’t posted in a while, there are many reasons for it. Sometimes they are temporarily banned by the MOD, sometimes they have computer problems, sometimes they have other things going on in their lives, etc., doesn’t mean they won’t be back.


Now that you mention it, yes.
It was nice to hear from them recently---- their posts could have been featured articles!

Sometimes it feels like there is not much to say anymore, maybe that is part of some not commenting much these days.

Along with the necessity for one’s mental health to check out from news periodically and take time to savor the beauty that remains on this earth while there is still time to savor . . . .
I am very grateful to be able to sit outside right now and watch the tiger swallowtails and monarchs getting nectar from a huge lilac bush in front of my house . . . getting into aerial silent squabbles now and then with each other. They work it out— we humans have a hard time doing that.

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Yes that is my point, thank you for reiterating it more clearly than I could!

I just watched an interview with Chris Hedges (per the suggestion of manysummits) who as usual brings up excellent points about what it takes to effect change.

He stated that the only reason Roosevelt did some decent things is because he feared the organized left.

He went on to say that there is no progressive leader right now and, he asks, “what are the demands”? And then goes on to state----" there is no clear ideology now".

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IMO, you can almost never go wrong paying attention to what Hedges is talking about. I think he’s right about Roosevelt, he hated most of the TPTB, but his actions were intended to save capitalism from it’s self. Most disturbing to me was he didn’t fight to keep Henny Wallace as his VP in his last term. Wallace was a socialist, and would have never allowed the things Truman allowed after Roosevelt died. Dropping the bomb and formation of the CIA, are just a few of those things Wallace wouldn’t have allowed IMO.

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Agree with your post ReconFire—well said!
You have inspired me to try to find articles on why FDR booted Wallace and how the world today might be different if Wallace had been on the ticket with him.
Going to start with this:

Excerpt from that article:
“In choosing his running mate, they were picking the next president. And the public had no idea.”

This is the case with Biden but I think most people do know this will most likely be the case. Sadly there are no Wallaces on the table for Biden and of course Bernie is not an option. I see no good options in Biden’s list of vp’s.

I learn so much here, thank you.