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Women and Men Worldwide Cringe After Trump's Latest Sexist Behavior


Women and Men Worldwide Cringe After Trump's Latest Sexist Behavior

Julia Conley, staff writer

With President Donald Trump in Paris on Friday for his second day being hosted by French President Emmanuel Macron on Bastille Day, people across the world are collectively cringing—and expressing outrage—after a widely-circulated video showed Trump objectifying the French First Lady.

Trump was seen Thursday telling Brigitte Macron, "You're in such good shape," before turning to her husband and saying, "She's in such good physical shape. Beautiful."


Boy, is he going to in for a surprise when the fat lady sings.


Ok, enough. I would like to see the women that interact with Trump giving him doses of his own medicine. Close enough to shake his hand? Look him straight in the eyes (SMILE!!) and say "gosh, I thought you were in better shape", or "heck, that must be hard on you carrying all of that weight around", or some such thing. Can't bring yourself to say that to the president? Shake his hand, walk away and tweet it!! Heck, this should be done to all of the men that are in his circle of supporters (legislators, etc). What would a tweet look like? "OMG, bad haircut. So sad."


My thoughts exactly. I would just turn it around and tell him he needs to diet and go to a gym.


Such a fargin asshole................


I have to admit that, I believe like most men, I appreciate when a woman keeps herself in good shape and looks attractive.
But that goes for a man too.
Therefore I can for the life of me not understand how a man for whom physical appearance appears so important lets himself go so out of shape as Trump does.


Do you live in a district represented by a republican congressperson? If so have you contacted that person to express your outrage towards trump's embarrassing behavior? Remind the rep that not to criticize trump condones his actions and so makes them complicit in those actions, all the way to the level of treason. They really hate to hear that. So take a minute, go to your republican rep's homepage, click on the contact me icon and let them know how you see no daylight between them and the fat slob they are enabling. They'll hate hearing that and you'll be on your way to another nice day.


While many people are offended by these type of remarks they fit perfectly with Trump's political base. Even since Trump became a candidate for president he hasn't cared what anyone other than his political base thinks of him. Trump is not going to change. Whether he could change or not is anybody's guess but he has no reason to change because it shores up his political support. The rest of us should consider this as not normal for a president and completely unacceptable. We need to fight to protect the entire US culture from glorifying ignorant jerks like Trump. I think anyone with a grain of sense would not want to go in the direction that Trump is trying to pull this country.


Appreciating publicly like a sleaze bag or appreciating silently are two different things...we all appreciate beauty and health. We're not all walking around looking people up and down, focusing on specific body parts, and making remarks about their bodies.


Well, methinks he can use some plastic surgery himself along with liposuction. Sad.


He will just sign an executive order sending her to the nearest liposuction clinic. Sad.


that's not a hair cut, it's a sculpture. he uses an algorithm every morning to create it.


Invite all Members of Congress to sign onto H.Res.438, Bills of Impeachment:


I think it's more likely we pay for a hairdresser to follow him around the world to sculpt it. Maybe we get to double up and let the same person do Melania's dos when she doesn't leave it down.


you completely misunderstand trump's personality disorder. he sees himself as perfect in every way. when he looks in the mirror he sees Adonis.


He once complained, that a cartoonist showed him having a double chin. (Very important!)

I believe the cartoonist showed it, because it was there. :rofl:


I think your comments are unfair. Mr. Trump was merely expressing his astonishment that Madame Macron wasn't dressed in black and riding a broomstick.


Supposedly Trump is thinking of getting yet another Communications Director/Press Director.
Why doesn't he just do his daily press briefings live from the Howard Stern Show, and kill two little woodpeckers with one stone, so to speak?
Just wonderin'.


Man, aren't we sensitive. can't even compliment a woman on her looks these days.

Had he said she's "top of the line", now that would be misogynistic.


No, you should not turn a woman or a man or a human child into an object. How Mdme Macron looks is no achievement of her husband's any more than how Melania looks is an achievement of djt's. Grow up.